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Chapter 1149

So far, Levi and Lawrence’s gambling agreement is over.

Levi is defeated!

It’s a mess!

From now on, there is no face at all!

He has become the greatest shame!

But Sarah is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

This is the first time Jiang Yijun has seen Sarah.

Levi said before that she was inferior to Sarah.

She has always wanted to see what Sarah looks like?

Sarah has just given birth to a child, and after a tiring month, she is still facing the sky, so in terms of appearance, there is a big gap between Jiang Yijun and Jiang Yijun.

Jiang Yijun was disappointed at first sight.

But when the follow-up happened, Jiang Yijun already knew why he lost.

In this life, she can’t even catch up with Sarah.

Levi, who was far in the north, had just received news that Sarah had gone to Garrison’s house.


He roared wildly, and the ice under his feet cracked densely, stretching for thousands of meters.

“Simply Shura God of War shot, they are all right!”

Suzaku said.

Levi took a deep breath: “It seems that I owe him another favor! After I go back, I am willing to give him the position of God of War! I just want to accompany Sarah and the child!”

Wesley several people immediately said: “That’s not good! Only you can sit in this position! He can’t!”

“Yes, even if his combat power is close! But this position is not for a reckless man to sit!”

Owen also said.

Levi smiled: “You don’t understand him at first glance. If I let him, he would rather not!”

“Scared me!”

The crowd patted their chests.

Levi really gave up this position.

I am afraid that the world will be in chaos.

“Brothers, we will work harder next, and strive to eliminate the Blood King Palace in the shortest time!”

Levi said loudly.

Owen raised a question: “God of War, I found a problem! Many of the Blood King Palace were killed by us three years ago! I remember clearly, but how did they survive? And the combat effectiveness increased by ten in just three years. Times!”

“Yes, we also found it. The Blood King Palace is weird! It seems to be blindly attacking us, and there is no purpose at all.”

“Yes, including the initiative to surface this time, attacking us is a problem!”

Others also looked confused.

A bloodthirsty killing intent flashed in Levi’s eyes: “I can’t control that much, first destroy the Blood King Palace, and the secret behind it will be solved!”


Everyone shouted.

Next, Levi gathered a lot of forces.

The purpose is to eradicate the Palace of the Blood King in one fell swoop.

Another full year has passed.

The new Palace of the Blood King was finally wiped out by Levi.

In order to prevent the Blood King Palace from returning again, this time, everyone was completely wiped out.

Levi gave up only when he was sure that it was impossible for them to even resurrect.

Despite the tug-of-war for a year and a half, he finally won.

According to expectations, it will take at least four years to eliminate the Blood King Palace this time.

Levi was eager to go home and shortened the time by more than half.

Eliminate the Palace of the Blood King again, let Levi become famous in the world again.

Summer is boiling!

The world trembles!

Especially the defeated men who always had ideas about Levi were completely convinced!

After all, only he can defeat the Blood King Palace!

No one else can!

He is still the God of War, even stronger than before!

“Finally I can go back!”

“Mother, Sarah, and children, I’m back!”

Levi was already back home.

I can’t wait to see my family…

Chapter 1150

This year, great changes have been made.

First of all, the Jingcheng Garrison Clan.

On the day of Sarah’s challenge, Lawrence established Garrison West as the next Garrison Clan’s heir.

In the past, as the first family of Morendam, the Garrison people were behind the scenes.

But after Lawrence and his son came to power, the Garrison Clan’s development strategy was different.

Firstly, it wins over the branches of the big Garrison clan, and controls the strongest power of the Morendam Garrison clan.

Later, a super consortium was created to keep the funds firmly in hand.

In addition, Garrison West also established a special fighting club.

Widely recruit Lords from Morendam and even the world.

Said it is a club, in fact, it is soliciting worship for the Garrison Clan.

This is what Lawrence and his son want to firmly grasp the power, wealth, and power.

In addition, the Garrison family is not only behind the scenes, but also expands to the entire Eastern Continent.

The forces have penetrated into the major countries of the Eastern Continent…

In one year, the Garrison Clan’s strength is stronger!

The position of Morendam’s first family was firmly seated.

What is even more frightening is that Lawrence, as the son-in-law of the Long Family of Morendam’s second family, is equivalent to integrating the resources of the two families to develop together.

Father and son control the two strongest families in their hands!

Who can rival Morendam?

Not even Dongfangzhou can compete…

Another person has changed greatly.

That is plum dye.

This year, she expanded the Erick Group to more than tenfold.

She is even more hailed as the “Queen of Southern Business Circle!”

Putting aside personal efforts, Sarah has an honorable person to help.

Although Morendam is like a forest, only eight can truly reach the rank of aristocratic family.

That day, Sarah challenged the Garrison family and moved countless people.

Even Lin Haotian, the head of the Lin family of Morendam’s third family, was moved, and specially accepted Sarah as his righteous daughter, and Logan Wangjun as his righteous granddaughter, hereby inform Morendam.

With the help of the Lin family, the Garrison Clan’s ban on the Erick Group was lifted, and Sarah’s career began to develop like a rocket.

It was completely different from Levi’s imagination.

The mother and daughter did not suffer at all, but lived well.

In Levi’s thoughts, Sarah must be suppressed by all parties and life is difficult.

The child Junjun is not liked by the Logan and Mann family. He may be picking up rubbish on the street to make a living, not even eating buns.

But I didn’t expect Logan Wangjun to be favored by all means, and he was the little princess that everyone loved.

After all, this is Lin Haotian’s righteous granddaughter.

Who dares to treat her badly?

Ollie also occasionally visits her children.

Everyone’s life is very good.

There is no Levi alone.

But I’m used to it.

Too long has passed, and he has been forgotten.

Rumor has it that Levi is dead!

He was secretly killed by the Garrison family.

Garrison Family can’t say it clearly, only that he has disappeared.

This news was even suspected by Sarah himself.

After all, it is very well-founded.

If he is alive?

Why hasn’t it appeared for a year and a half?

Most likely it is dead.

However, Sarah and Ollie still believed that he was alive.

These days, the entire Morendam has been in a boiling state.

Their hero, their god-God of War once again wiped out the Palace of the Blood King and once again raised the country’s prestige!

“Junjun, remember, I will use people like God of War as idols in the future!”

Natalie, who was holding the child, smiled.

She is scanning the news about God of War!

Sarah also smiled.

The child was blinking big innocent eyes, looking at the stalwart figure on the news picture, suddenly shouted: “Dad…Dad…Dad…”

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