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Chapter 1189

Ollie also gradually reacted.

Is it? No, what her son said is true!

Can her extravagant hope be realized?

Am I dreaming?

Ollie was pinching herself hard.

Found it hurts…

“You don’t know the Garrison Family now… we all know it!”

The Rosen family shouted.

At this time, the Garrison family seemed to have been splashed with cold water, and they responded one by one.

Why did Levi dismiss the Garrison Family from beginning to end?

Why did Levi ignore the Garrison family and agree to the gambling contract?

In the past, everyone thought that Levi was stupid and ignorant.

From now on, it seems that the Garrison family is not regarded as a thing at all based on their strength and status!

The Garrison Family also understood a question instantly-no wonder the God of War’s surname is Garrison?

It turns out he is Levi Garrison!

Fortunately, they spent huge manpower and financial resources to find out which line the God of War came from the Garrison Clan…

Never thought it was in their line…

It was the wild species that Lawrence almost k!lled!

Lawrence also remembered what the Heavenly royal family Marshall had said before…

Warned him and Xavion.

At the time they disagreed.

Dare to love Marshall already knew his identity!

Lawrence’s face was pale.

Think of the scene where he and Levi met for the first time.

He suddenly understood.

Ollie didn’t tell Levi the secret, she was not like that.

Levi knew that he found it out himself!

It’s too easy to find this with his identity!

At that time, he was naive to think that Levi would use this to blackmail him…



Will he do this in his identity and position?

Others regard Levi as ignorant and arrogant.

As everyone knows, no one is in Levi’s eyes at all.

The Garrison family thought he was a reptile on the ground.

But he is above the real dragon…

Thinking of the various things that the Family had dealt with Levi easily and easily resolved, everyone, sucked in a cold breath.

Should have been alert…

He will not be so simple…

Only an Erick Group blinded everyone.

I think the Erick Group is nothing.

Little does it know that Erick Group is nothing at all.

God of War?

Levi turned out to be God of War!

Who said that the hard work of one person for more than ten years is not as good as the hard work of a family of thousands and dozens of generations and countless people?

absolutely okay!

The odds are one in a million, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

Levi happened to be that one millionth!

Son of Lawrence is the God of War?

With Levi here, what is Xavion?

Is he worthy?

such a pity!

What a pity!

If you bring Levi back to Garrison’s house sooner.

There is God of War!

Who is not convinced?

Does the Garrison Family’s strength have to rise rapidly?

Raising a level is absolutely not a problem!

At that time, it may be possible to dominate the entire Eastern Continent…

But there is no regret medicine in the world!

It was them who pushed Levi to the opposite side…

Xavion also went to ruin his wedding…

This is his end!

Levi looked at the tens of thousands of people kneeling in front of him, and shouted: “Get up!”


Thousands of people stood up all at once.

Levi pulled his mother over and walked to Lawrence. He laughed and said, “Have Lawrence thought of this day? I will hit the door of the Garrison family myself?”

“Is it difficult to enter the door of the Garrison Family? I’m flat on my feet!”

“Today, my mother and I came to you and asked you why? Give me an explanation!”

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