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Chapter 1191

“Actually, I want to tell you everything at the wedding, but Garrison West’s sudden intrusion disrupted my plan!”

“I can only show you everything when I solve the Garrison Family! I don’t know, something happened outside. Colin transferred me away with the highest level order to destroy the Blood King Palace.”

“I have been away for a year and a half. I missed the birth of my child, missed the gambling agreement with the Garrison family, and let you bear it alone…”

Levi explained why he disappeared for a year and a half.

Everyone then understood.

It turned out that he was going to destroy the Palace of the Blood King.

“In fact, all of this is a conspiracy of overseas enemies, in order to lead me away and deal with you and mother!”

Levi approached.

“Then why are we not in danger after you left? I went abroad…”

Sarah asked.

“That’s because Morendam sent someone to protect you. Asura God of War has always protected you. At the beginning, there were tens of thousands of Lords waiting for you at the Star Country Airport. Mother was protected by the Seven Kills, the Broken Army, and the Greedy Wolf! “

When Levi said this, Sarah understood it instantly.

No wonder she went smoothly along the way.

It has always been protected.

Last year, the gambling contract in front of the Garrison family failed, and Shura’s God of War shot.

It turned out that Levi really sent her to protect her.

“Sarah, I’m sorry for you and the child!”

“But I can say one thing now: Your husband has already ruled the world, he is Morendam’s God of War!”

Levi finally made up for the explanation that Levi owed money.

“Husband, I’m proud of you!”

Sarah hugged Levi tightly, crying with rain.

This is her husband!

Is her pride!

Is her hero!

The most powerful husband in the world!

“You kept it from me for a long time, why didn’t you tell me…”

Sarah kept crying.

Thinking of everything I have experienced over the past two years,

It turns out that everything is not accidental.

Everything is controlled by Levi!


Finally understand everything!

“This is the most perfect explanation! You are my great hero! We are all wrong!”

Mr. Lin took the initiative to apologize!

“I was wrong too!”

Lin Fengxian directly knelt to the ground.

“Everything from the Garrison family knelt for three days and three nights! Lawrence gave me a punch, and this matter is fine!”

This is the result of Levi’s handling of the Garrison Family.

From the overall point of view, the Garrison family cannot be destroyed.

In the end, Lawrence stood in front of Levi.


Levi punched out without reservation.

Lawrence’s body was shot and flew hundreds of meters.

Finally smashed a building…

Life and death are unknown.

The other Garrison family members all knelt on the square, and they had to kneel for three days and three nights to atone for their sins!

In fact, there are many people who are concerned about this matter.

A pair of gloomy eyes are watching everything in the dark.

They are not Morendam people.

It was sent by Tenichi Watanabe.

“Levi’s repeated battles have spurred the most poisonous attack in the Blood King Palace! Soon he will fight the God of War Asura again, and he will definitely die!”

The spy in the dark sneered.

It turned out that the poison of the Blood King Palace was the best weapon they used to kill Levi.

At this moment, Levi suddenly felt bad.

He felt that the sky was spinning, and his body was staggering even more.

He held it back strongly, not letting himself vomit blood.

He clearly felt that the attack of toxins this time was beyond the previous one.

After all, he first fought against the ancestors, and then against all the Lords of the Garrison Family, but among them were seventy-one god-level Lords.

He couldn’t control the poison this time? ? ?

Levi’s face changed drastically.

“God of War, the next thing is our engagement!”

Chapter 1192

When Levi felt that his body was unable to control the toxins, the God of War Asura actually stood up.

He came to fulfill his engagement with Levi.

At this time, Levi was really forcibly enduring it, otherwise he might faint.

Or vomit blood on the spot.

At the most critical moment, Shura God of War actually came to challenge.

“Are you OK?”

Woodrow saw a clue.

But Levi covered it up too well.

He didn’t see more.

“It’s okay, I’m just too excited!”

Levi smiled.

At this time, he exhausted his physical potential to fight against the poison of the Blood King Palace.

The surface is calm and the waves are calm, but the inside of the body has been overwhelmed.

“Hahaha, sure enough, the poison of the Blood King Palace is really overbearing! It can’t help being as strong as the God of War War God!”

“You may not know that the blood king palace took 40 years to develop the most poisonous, in order to deal with such superpowers!”

“There is no doubt that Levi will die this time! It can be regarded as the will of the Blood King Palace and the military division!”

Several spies were discussing in the dark.

They know the dominance of this toxin best.

In addition, Levi continued to fight against Lords, especially the Garrison Family ancestors and 71 god-level Lords, and Garrison West, whose strength increased by a hundredfold, causing the toxins to spread in an all-round way.

Even if Levi had control, it was too late.

The toxin has spread completely.

The most important feature of this toxin is the invisibly cannibalizing human essence and blood.

Immortals are hard to save!

What’s more, Levi will face a formidable opponent-Woodrow.

So he must die!

All this is in the calculations of the army division Tenichi Watanabe.

Although some details were beyond his expectation, such as Levi’s battle with the ancestors of the Garrison family in advance.

But it’s good for them.

Woodrow didn’t care much either.

After all, he and Levi were in this state.

Solving the Garrison Family didn’t take physical effort at all.

So I didn’t care much, I thought Levi could fight him.

The main reason was that he didn’t understand Levi’s physical condition.

Woodrow glanced at Levi and said, “Come on, take this opportunity to solve our two problems!”

“The world knows the God of War, but few people know Shura. Even anyone who knows will say that you are better than me! I don’t think I am worse than you! I challenged you dozens of times over the years but you have rejected it!”

“Today this opportunity has finally come. I want to prove to the world that I, Woodrow, is no worse than you!”

Asura’s God of War aura changed, and the whole person was like a Demon God of Asura who was reborn from hell.

“Okay, I accept your challenge! I have won, and you will be my hero! I have lost, and the position of God of War will be given to you!”

Levi also had the momentum, and he was tit-for-tat with Woodrow.

“No, this position originally belonged to me! I just took it back now!”

This is Woodrow’s obsession!

It is also the driving force for his crazy practice!

What is waiting is to defeat Levi on this day.

The war between the two sides is about to start.

Owen and Alton said: “I think there is something wrong with the boss! He seems to be injured!”

“I think so too!”

Zhuque Alton and several people knew Levi.

Others can’t see it, but they can.

Levi is probably in trouble.

It is likely to be injured.

Owen sighed, “Why don’t I go?”

He feels that he can fight Shura!

“No way, how can I change people at this time?”

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