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Chapter 1193

Next, the battle between Levi and Woodrow began.

As soon as the two of them made a move, they were shocked and moved.

Everyone was forced back hundreds of meters in an instant, and there was no way to stand in the center of the field.

The swelling of air was enough to lift a few people away, and many people were injured as a result.

The battle was fought in darkness.

The square in front of the gate of the Garrison family collapsed completely.

The surrounding trees were directly destroyed.

Even the two stone lions at the gate burst open without knowing anything.

Everyone has never seen such a shocking battle.

After all, these two men are invincible against one hundred thousand troops on the battlefield.

According to the level of combat power, at least they are at the Lord level.

The battle between the two is definitely Mars hitting the earth.

In this battle, the God of War Shura had no reservations, and showed his brutal killing side to the fullest.

Once the Asura God of War killed all more than 8,000 people in a terrifying organization in the Western Dark World.

He is like Shura!

But what he met was Levi.

“Wonderful, really wonderful!”

Everyone couldn’t help but exclaimed.


But suddenly something happened, and Levi’s body suddenly flew out.

Spilled blood.

Woodrow didn’t give a chance at all, and bullied himself up.

The two are fighting again.


Levi flew out again.

Levi, lying on the ground, felt dizzy, and the poison in the Palace of the Blood King was too domineering.

It’s absolutely terrible!

Levi in front was holding on.

After a fierce battle with Woodrow, he couldn’t suppress the toxin at all.

He knew that Shura God of War was very strong before, and he probably knew about his strength in the first fight.


Strong outrageous, strong terrible!

But Levi has a way to beat him!

Even if Levi is currently poisoned, Woodrow will lose as long as he hits with all his strength.

At this moment, two voices appeared in his mind.

A voice was – Levi could not be defeated, he must defeat Woodrow with a full blow.

The other voice was—he had to get rid of everything and stay with his wife and daughter.

The two voices intertwined in his mind.

For so many years, Levi owed too much to Sarah.

He really wanted to let go of his identity as God of War, be an ordinary person, and spend time with his family.

Before Shura God of War protected Sarah and his parents, Levi really wanted to give up the position of God of War.

But then I thought about it wrong!

His position was witnessed by Morendam.

Woodrow can take it and must defeat him!

He is the God of War.

Definitely meet every challenge!

Must come up with undefeated faith!

Can’t put water!

Not to be defeated!


At this moment, Levi’s momentum suddenly rose.

It was as if an ancient beast had awakened.

The terrifying breath makes people fearful.

Everyone just felt short of breath and out of breath.


too frightening!

Is this Levi who is against the 100,000 army?

Owen and the others looked excited, as if seeing the invincible demon on the battlefield again.

Really terrifying!

Woodrow’s face changed.

The current Levi had risen to a level abruptly, making him feel fearful.

The smiles on the faces of his apprentice Seven Killers were gone.

They thought they were going to win just now.

The spies in the dark are going to be dumbfounded.

Levi is so strong?

Still immortal like this?

Can you fight?

Seeing that this is how you can defeat the God of War asura?

Where is his limit?

No way!

Never let Levi live, let alone let him win!

Chapter 1194

“Hiding for so long, is it true that no one has found it?”

Suddenly a few spies heard cold voices in their ears.

Ghost figures appeared around them.

It is the ghost army!


Soon the spies were all killed!

No one secretly messed up.

Levi can fight Woodrow dignifiedly.

“Well, well, you finally have your true strength!”

Woodrow exclaimed his cool.

His aura is also rising.

An overwhelming coercion swept around the Garrison Family’s ancestral home.

The heads of everyone’s hearts are overshadowed.

“Come on, fight!!!”

Levi slammed his eyes.

The God of War Iron Brigade’s belief is to charge, and you must die on the way to charge!

The two sides fought together again.

The speed of the two was too fast, and the others couldn’t see clearly.

But the air flow hit the surroundings one after another, and the destructive power was simply amazing.

The front of Garrison’s house has long since disappeared, and all the buildings have been destroyed.

“Is this the power of the Lord? Terrible!”

Everyone took a deep breath.


Levi forcibly endured the erosion of toxins and charged a blow forcibly.

With this blow, the Asura God of War is afraid that he will be defeated even if he has the ability to pass the sky.

But at this moment, the mutation happened.

Levi’s power was 90%, but he failed.

Not to mention being discouraged, but after all, it was a step behind.


Shura God of War hit Levi with a punch.


Levi’s body flew out.

It shot hundreds of meters away and hit the ground fiercely.

After landing, Levi looked incredulous…

Someone secretly targeted him?

At the moment of the fight against the God of War, he was suppressed by the invisible energy from four directions.

It was at this moment that Shura God of War defeated Levi.

It is the most deadly move!

It seems that some people don’t want me to be the god of war in God of War?

It can’t be overseas…

It is too difficult for overseas Lords to sneak in here.

Will soon be discovered by his people.

Then it can only be Morendam!

There are people in Morendam who don’t want to keep themselves in the position of God of War!!!

who is it?

Who will it be?

It can’t be Shura God of War.

Although this guy is ruthless and ruthless, he definitely uses this kind of indiscriminate means.

He would never fight himself if he was injured.

He wanted to beat himself upright.

Levi’s thoughts turned, and he quickly concluded that the person who had just secretly shot himself was definitely Morendam.

And it’s hidden in the surrounding capital families.


Just ask yourself who has been on the border for six years in the battle, and almost every one who has offended Morendam.

Did you touch someone’s cake yourself?

Do you have to kill yourself and pull him off the position of God of War?

At this time, Levi stood up again.

Asura God of War didn’t care, and continued to fight with Levi.


Soon, Levi was beaten out again.


Get up again and be beaten out again.

After several consecutive times, Levi fell to the ground and finally couldn’t get up.

The blood in my mouth keeps flowing…

Levi finally couldn’t suppress the poison.

The toxin spread across the board, eroding his body.

Adding to the trauma caused to him by the God of War of Asura and the Lord in the dark, he couldn’t do it anymore.

Today, let alone Shura God of War, even a child with a knife can kill him.

“You…you won…”

Levi feels his brain is getting heavier and heavier.


His head hit the ground fiercely, and there was no movement.

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