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Chapter 1195

be quiet!

Extremely quiet!

The field reached the point where the needle drop was audible.

When Levi stopped moving, everyone was petrified.

Including Shura God of War.

Also stood still.

“Cough cough cough…”

For half a minute, the God of War Shura vomited blood and his body trembled violently.

This brought everyone back to reality.

In this battle, although Levi fell, Woodrow also paid a painful price.

He also suffered serious injuries…

But wherever everyone can think of it, Levi, who has been subjected to repeated plots and battles, has become like this, and it can also cause Asura War God to be seriously injured…

How strong is he if he is healthy?

But the facts are here…

Some people don’t want Levi to live, or they don’t want him to sit on the position of God of War again.

Levi suffered a lot of calculations and lost…

He didn’t lose at all!

He was just calculated.



Levi’s guards knelt to the ground one after another, unwilling to believe the scene before him.

A few people from Wesley rushed up to check Levi’s situation.

“I won!!!”

“My Woodrow war god Levi is here!”

“The position of God of War was originally mine! I took it back with my own hands!”

Woodrow frantically looked up to the sky and screamed.

This is his highlight moment!

Or maybe it was the peak moment of his life!

Not only did he think that the entire Morendam, the entire family, would think that the God of War of Shura defeated the God of War of God of War!

Woodrow is better than Levi!

Everyone only cares about the result, not what happened in the process, or whether Levi was poisoned, injured, or calculated.

They only saw Levi fall…

“The Shura Army–“

“Seven Kills, I wish the God of War victory!”

“Baojun wish God of War victory!”

“The greedy wolf wishes the God of War victory!”

Shura’s guards knelt to the ground one after another, shouting together.

“Sura is invincible!”

“Sura is invincible!”

“Hahaha, it shouldn’t be called Shura, it should be called God of War!”

“Levi said, as long as he loses, he will give up the position of God of War!”

Seven kills said.

“I’m waiting to congratulate the new God of War of God of War and protect me from the great summer!”

At this time, hundreds of families in the capital, even the Garrison family, the Long family, and the Lin family all knelt down in front of Woodrow, shouting together.

Woodrow waved his hand: “Well, from now on, I will be the new God of War!”


On this day, he waited too long for too long.

Somewhere in Morendam.

Several people are drinking tea.

“Mr. Report, under our forcible interference, Levi was defeated. There is a high probability that he is dead!”

Someone came to report suddenly.

“Okay, hahaha, he finally fell down!”

A middle-aged man laughed.

There are also places overseas.

Watanabe Tenner, Boyd Guo, Hai Guo have received news of Levi’s failure and even death.

Almost many places are cheering.

This terrifying existence that had suppressed them for many years finally fell…

Celebrate the whole world!!!

How excited I was at this moment when I hated Levi.

In front of Garrison’s house.

Sarah and Ollie also rushed in front of Levi.


“King’s Landing…”


Everyone is cheering.

After shaking for a few times, Levi did not wake up.

And his body became stiff and cold.

Sarah tentatively put his fingers in front of his nose…

“Lost breath…”

Sarah was frightened.

Chapter 1196


Sarah shouted hysterically.

Jun Jun also began to cry.


Ollie couldn’t bear it and fainted directly.

Wesley and Alton also went crazy.


The Wesley people were screaming like crazy.

They began to try various methods to wake up Levi.

But the result is cruel!

Levi didn’t have any breath at all…

This is a fact that no one wants to accept…

Judging from the situation, Levi was already dead.

Heavenly Tribulation Eighteenth Cavalry is not calm anymore.

The Ghost Army is not calm anymore.

The four-character army of heaven, earth, black and yellow is not calm…

No one thought that Levi, who was originally in front of the Garrison family’s door, declared his identity and smashed the capital, but suffered such a change.

He was defeated, but he died…

This is a fact that Levi’s side cannot accept anyway…

Even Shura God of War felt a little curious.

He also noticed the strangeness just now, but he couldn’t tell what it was.

He didn’t think too much.

For a long time, he thought he was better than Levi.

Now that he is seriously injured like this, it is normal for Levi to die.

“No! Boss, you must never die!!!”

“I immediately called Gufeng to come back!”

Owen was going to get up like crazy.

“Five members of the Azure Dragon and Owen, the Ghost Army, the Dragon Cavalry Forbidden Army, the Eighteen Cavaliers of the Heavenly Tribulation, and the Four Armies of the Heaven and Earth Xuanhuang and the Four Armies!”

“I order you in the name of the God of War. From now on, leave with me without error! Those who violate the order, engage in military law!”

Woodrow suddenly ordered.

With his cruel and merciless temperament, he would not care about Levi’s life and death.

In his eyes, Levi was just a loser.

The loser is not worthy to live!

There is only one chance!

There is no such thing as a comeback here!

Therefore, seeing Wesley still struggling, he immediately ordered a recall.

It’s just that Levi’s guards are ignored!

“I’ll say it again! I can order all of you to follow me and evacuate with the order of the God of War! The consequences of angering me will be disastrous!”

Shura God of War roared wildly.

“Who is afraid of you! Come on, I’ll fight you!”

Owen couldn’t help it, and roared at the God of War asura.

“Owen, you are looking for death! You are the following crime!”

Qisha, Breaking Army, and Greedy Wolf stared at Owen.

“Woodrow, I am not afraid of you!”

Owen’s eyes were full of fighting spirit.


Heavenly Tribulation Eighteenth Cavalry, Ghost Army and others all looked at Asura God of War.

“Are you all disobeying the orders of the God of War?”

Shura God of War smiled.

The atmosphere of tension on both sides is on the verge of breaking out.

At this moment, Wesley, who was lying next to Levi, stood up suddenly and shouted, “All obey orders! He is the new God of War War God, we should all obey orders!”

Wesley was still quite prestigious. When he spoke, everyone immediately stopped.

“I’m not convinced!”

Owen looked stubborn.

Wesley came to Owen’s side and said a few words.

Owen’s face changed.

Afterwards, he drooped his head and nodded: “Owen is willing to obey orders, everyone listens to Wesley! Follow the new God of War War God to leave!”

Although everyone was unwilling to do so, they still obeyed the orders.

Woodrow doesn’t care about that much. He smiled and said, “Okay, follow me!”

Soon he took everyone away.

Only Levi, who was breathless, was left in the field…

Sarah was crying and fainted by the side.

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