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Chapter 1199

The commission of Levi, the first in the most terrible world assassination list, has not changed at all.

Even if you kill the vegetative, you will get so many commissions.

This made the killers and mercenaries of the dark family crazy.

Levi must be killed.

On the other hand, it also reflects how afraid everyone is about Levi.

Even if it becomes a vegetable.

Someone will kill him with a high commission.

After Levi’s accident, a lot of people fell into trouble.

The Garrison family and the Long family are the best.

They resumed the case of the past.

Especially the boy Long Kuangfeng, now threatening to take revenge.

But one by one was suppressed by the Lin family.

Otherwise, Levi would be very dangerous.

The only person whose attitude towards Levi has not changed is Jiang Yijun.

Regardless of the opposition of her family, she came to see Levi.

Of course Xiao Qin who heard the news also came.

Even Natalie ran all the way.

They can be regarded as Levi not falling behind, following the few people around him.

Jiang Yijun said with an ugly face: “I heard someone is going to target Mr. Garrison! There are many killers on the way! As long as you kill Mr. Garrison you will get a lot of commissions!”

Sarah has known such a thing once.

The time of her photo was the biggest fuse.

She understood how much enemies overseas hated Levi…

But Levi is fighting alone now, no, he can’t wake up.

Who will deal with these killer enemies?

Do you rely on the Lin family?


Levi’s enemies are much stronger than the Lin family…

She could only think of Woodrow who would solve this matter.

But no one knows where Woodrow is.

She couldn’t think of anyone who could deal with it…

Before, Levi was so beautiful, but he didn’t expect it to end in this way now.


Deep despair!

“I will also think of a way to ensure the safety of Mr. Garrison!”

Jiang Yijun left the hospital.

She is now the best hope.

the other side.

Logan and Mann’s family in the south.

Also got news-Levi was beaten as a vegetable by the Jingcheng Garrison Clan.

Although there was a lot of trouble in the Garrison family on that day, the specific details were blocked when it came to the fight for the position of the God of War.

So everyone can only hear all kinds of rumors.

Few people knew Levi’s identity before.

Rumors heard by Logan and Mann’s family-Levi went to Garrison’s house and was beaten as a vegetative.

“Explanation? Is this the explanation?”

“Is your brain sick? Dare to provoke the Garrison family!”

“Hahaha, I deserve it!”

The Logan and Mann families continued to insult.

When the Jianghai hundred people heard the news, they all looked excited.

Finally, there is no need to be oppressed by Levi.

After all, being pressed on the top of the head is not a comfortable thing.

Soon, countless Lords lurked around Levi.

Levi brings enough threats to everyone!

His breath is a nightmare.

Woodrow never thought of this.

No matter how Levi was, his threat was much bigger than Woodrow.

Although Woodrow won!

Sarah and Jiang Yijun didn’t think of a good solution.

The overseas Lords have already arrived.

Everyone’s speed is too fast…

There are even those who are not overseas, the fastest is Morendam’s Lord.

Someone in Morendam didn’t want Levi to live.

In the intensive care unit of the hospital.

The nurse had just given Levi liquid, and they left.

Sarah will be back in five minutes.

At this time, the three figures sneaked into the intensive care unit…

Chapter 1200

They were not eager to do it, but were observing Levi.

“I want to see if Levi has become a vegetative person?”

As soon as he spoke, he knew that this must be from Morendam.

They observed for a minute, and the three of them looked at each other in surprise and said: “Really!”

“He can’t wake up with the poison of the Blood King Palace! It’s the same whether we kill or not!”

One of them said.

“No, have you forgotten the task we received? Even if he dies, we will kill him again!”

“Yes, our purpose is very simple. Mr. Fu wants Levi’s head! We want to cut off Levi’s head and hang it on the highest point! Let the world know that he is dead!”


Another person flipped his wrist, and a sharp blade slipped off, glowing with a cold light.

The sharp blade pierced Levi’s neck fiercely.

Even though the tip of the knife was stuck on Levi’s skin, he was still lying down, his body was not abnormal at all.

“Die to me!!!”

The man snarled.

It’s just a matter of time.


This knife actually stabbed on a hard object.


The next moment, the three of them saw Levi suddenly open his eyes.

A pair of eyes were dazzling.

Shoot two cold light.

It was the ring on his hand that blocked the knife.


Levi got up suddenly and pushed it smoothly, inserting the knife into the person’s body in the opposite direction.


He jumped up instantly and slammed the heads of the other two together.

The three of them didn’t understand how Levi woke up.


At the same time, the windows suddenly burst and the door of the ward was blown open.

One by one, the super killers and Lords all poured in, killing Levi one after another.

They are only one step behind Morendam’s three Lords…

Next, there was a fight in the small space.

The blood arrow shot soaring, and the roar kept coming out.

The intensive care unit seems to be isolated from other places. No one knows about such a big movement.

Sarah doesn’t know where he went…

Levi faced hundreds of Lords alone, and was blushing.

Finally all fell…

Levi tried his best and fell.

This time I really tried my best.

In the previous battle with Woodrow, Levi actually took a sigh of relief.

Originally he could be undefeated.

The reason why he did this was to see who Morendam wanted to deal with him?

At first, Owen and Wesley withdrew because Levi gave Wesley a secret signal.

Otherwise, Owen’s character will definitely fight Woodrow to the end.

That’s why Levi used his tactics to deceive everyone with the state of death.

Including the old man Qin Beishan was also deceived by him.

He really thought Levi had become a vegetable…

The vegetative news led to the person who wanted to kill him.

Mr. Fu? ? ?

Just now, the three big summer Lords mentioned such a name.

Who is Mr. Fu?

Regardless of Levi being the god of war in God of War, he knows very little about the great figures of Morendam.

After all, he has been at the border.

But even if you know it, it’s useless.

Because he is dying.



Levi kept coughing up blood.

The breath he left was completely used up.

After all, I just killed a few hundred Lords…

It’s really to the last minute.

His body is at its limit…

He has already felt the vitality of his life passing rapidly…

He lost consciousness and even felt his consciousness gradually peeling away from his body.

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