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Chapter 1197

Elder Lin and Lin Fengxian detected Levi’s breath, and Elder Lin told her a fact that she had to accept——

“Child, he is gone!”


Hearing this, Sarah dyed his head as if he was about to explode.

She can’t accept it!

A moment ago, Levi gave her the most perfect explanation.

Let her know that her man reigns over the world.

A moment later, something like this happened.


But everyone in the Garrison family was happy.

Long Aoqing laughed and said, “Retribution, this is retribution!”

“Ollie, my son is dead, don’t even think of your son alive!”

Garrison Long’s family cheered collectively.

Earlier, Levi punished them for kneeling for three days and three nights.

“Heaven has reincarnation, who has been spared by the heavens!”

Garrison Kuanglan laughed.

Long Zhanye even said: “Levi did you end badly, right? After your failure, not only the position of God of War was gone, but all your subordinates were transferred away. You are dead! Hahaha …”

Everyone thought about it, Levi’s fate was really miserable.

Now even some small families are bullied.

What is even more frightening is that Woodrow then sent Wesley and others to the border to guard the country, and will not be able to return to Morendam within ten years.

Woodrow cut off any contact between them and Levi.

But this is an order.

Everyone must accept it!

In addition, Woodrow also ordered Frank Feng, the king of military doctors in the field, not to come to rescue Levi.

Gufeng was also trapped.

Woodrow is determined not to give Levi a way out.

If you lose, you have to die.

This is his creed!

For Sarah, this is like riding a roller coaster.

It’s too thrilling.

If it weren’t for the Lin family to protect her, I’m afraid it’s going to suffer this time.

“Levi is really dead?”

Someone asked.

“It’s impossible to live! Now it’s too late to rescue!”

But Sarah didn’t believe in evil, so he just took Levi to the hospital and snatched him away.

No one noticed that several people in the crowd left quietly.

Their presence and departure did not attract any attention at all.

Just like a ghost…

Obviously these are the people who just secretly calculated!

They stayed until this point in time to make sure that Levi was not dead.

Woodrow’s appointment as the God of War spread throughout Morendam and the entire world.

The whole world is like a fryer.

What happened to the God of War?

Was defeated?

That was the only one with the title of God of War in history.

But all this can only show that Bai Woodrow is stronger!

This position is also reserved for the strongest!

After Sarah sent Levi to the hospital, Qin Beishan received the news and went for treatment.

Rescue outside.

Sarah and others waited anxiously.

“Sarah Levi’s breath is gone, he can’t live anymore!”

“Even if Mr. Qin Beishan personally treats him, there is no possibility of survival!”

Lin Haotian said mercilessly.

After all, Levi and Woodrow were detached from ordinary people, and their first battle could not be imagined.

Levi was already dead just now.

It’s impossible to live anymore!

“No, I will wait as long as there is hope!”

Plum dyed his face firmly.

Time passed by every minute, a full dozen hours passed.

The warning light in the rescue room was still on.

This situation made Sarah’s heart getting colder and colder.

“No, no…”

She kept talking silently.


At this time, the door of the rescue room suddenly opened.

Chapter 1198

Qin Beishan walked out with a tired face.

Sarah and Ollie, who had just woke up, rushed up immediately.

“Mr. Qin, how is he?”

The two asked anxiously.

Qin Beishan pulled off his mask and bowed deeply to the two of them: “I’m sorry, I tried my best!”

“He never wakes up!”


This news was a bolt from the blue for Sarah and the others.

The two sat down on the ground with a puff.

“But he’s not dead!”

Qin Beishan’s words rekindled hope for everyone.

“What? Not dead yet? That means there is still hope of waking up?”

Sarah wiped his tears, his eyes shot ray of light.

“Yes, he is not dead! I have never seen a person with such a strong willpower! He is alive with willpower!”

Qin Beishan recalled: “I remember him telling me–as a Morendam fighter, even if the bones were broken, the stubble was directed at the sky! Probably this hard as steel willpower made him stop. living!”

“Then when can he wake up?”

Sarah looked worried.

“Not necessarily! According to the data, ninety-nine percent of him will not wake up! Only one percent may wake up, and I don’t know when he will wake up! Maybe a few years, maybe decades… “

Qin Beishan told a cruel fact.


Sarah did not expect the situation to be so serious.

Hope is so slim!

“Is there no other way, Mr. Qin?”

Ollie cried and asked.

“No! I can only rely on his luck at the moment…”

Qin Beishan seemed to be extremely reluctant to see this result.

Sarah’s face was firm: “It’s okay, just hope! I believe Levi will not abandon us, he will definitely wake up!”

“Sarah, let’s advise you to give up, he is dead!”

Lin Haotian persuaded.

He really didn’t want his goddaughter to waste so much time on a vegetable.

“No, my child and I have to wait for him to wake up!”

Plum dyed his face firmly.

Soon, the news that Levi became a vegetable spread like wildfire.

In the past, the God of War had a miserable end, and the possibility of waking up was only one percent…

The position was taken away, and all his subordinates were sent away.

He became a vegetable again.

The results are embarrassing…

“Huh? He didn’t die completely? Is it possible to wake up?”

“His vitality is really tenacious!”

After Woodrow heard the news, he was very surprised.

Immediately, he snorted coldly: “It’s just a defeated man, what does life and death have to do with me!”

“Is it possible for Levi to wake up? No, he must die thoroughly!”

There are voices like this in Morendam and even all over the world.

They finally spent a huge price to make Levi like this.

He is not dead yet!

How can you rest assured?

Even if Levi only took a breath, it was a potential threat.

They would not be relieved until they actually saw Levi’s body.

“Give my order, send a Lord to check Levi’s situation! No, whether it’s a corpse or a living person, kill!!!”

“Now all of Levi’s subordinates have been dispatched, and Woodrow won’t care about it. Let’s just kill him openly!”

Similar voices spread from all over the world.

A Lord is on the way to Morendam Capital.

The isolated and helpless Levi is facing great danger…

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