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Chapter 1209

The overseas is completely boiling.

Lots of jokes.

Of course, there are a lot of people ready to do it.

On an island, Watanabe Tenner and a group of people gathered together.

“Levi, Levi, you have finally been kicked out of Morendam!”

Watanabe Tenner smiled triumphantly.

It turns out that everything is his conspiracy.

As I said before, even a breath of Levi is a threat.

Now that he is still alive, it must be a thorn in the eyes of overseas enemies.

They must be removed before they can rest assured.

For Woodrow, the loser didn’t deserve to mention anything. He found out that Levi had “evidence” of colluding with the Blood King Palace and immediately took measures.

“Levi will leave Morendam tomorrow. As long as we take a step towards Morendam, we can do it, even honestly.”

Watanabe Tenner sneered.

“Yeen, report to the military division, Mr. Fu of Morendam will soon pass on the road map for Levi to leave Morendam tomorrow!”

“Hahaha, I can successfully get rid of Levi this time, Mr. Fu really helped a lot!”

The corners of Watanabe Tenner’s lips deepened and his smile was meaningful.

Immediately, he had a murderous expression on his face: “Go and prepare. When Levi takes a step in Great Xia, he must be killed!”

Only when Levi’s body is truly crushed, they will be relieved.

Soon the next day came.

“King’s Landing, don’t worry, I beg my foster father to send more than a dozen Lords to protect you! Besides, when you get there, when you settle down, take us over!”

Sarah asked.

Behind her were more than a dozen Lords sent by the Lin family.

In fact, she really wanted to leave with Levi.

But considering that the family followed, it was a burden, she gave up.

“In addition, when you get there, the Lin family has arranged for someone to receive you. Don’t worry, it’s okay!”

With tears in his eyes, Sarah sent Levi into the car.

As long as Levi settles down, she will take the child and hurried over.

“Mom, don’t worry, Sarah, I will be back soon! Take good care of your children!”

Levi smiled.

The seven killers who came to urge Levi to leave sneered and said, “You can’t go back to Morendam in your life for Levi! Let your heart die!”

“It’s better to be able to come back. If we can’t, we’ll be fine for a lifetime overseas.”

Ollie and Sarah were already crying.

“The God of War was wronged…”

Boyd Xiaoqi couldn’t help but roar.

Qisha sneered, and he looked at Yama War God: “If I remember correctly, this was once the Yama War God of the Wolf Kingdom? Why do you protect him by Levi’s side at this time? Doesn’t that explain the problem?”

“Levi’s heart is no longer in Morendam, and he is colluding with these people overseas.”


The words of the seven kills all made Boyd Xiao and Bass Luo angry.

“Don’t make any noise!”

Levi stopped saying.

At this time, even Yama God of War had become evidence of his betrayal of Da Xia.

Finally, Levi left.

No one thought of this result…

Levi will have such a day!

The convoy went all the way north.

A long time later, the convoy crossed the northern border of Morendam and came to the border of Morendam.

There is an endless wasteland ahead.

Cold and bleak.

The Seven Kills were also personally delivered to the border.

“Levi, I’ll send you here, and I’m doing my best to you.”

“As long as you cross the border, it means that you will never be able to enter Morendam again in this life, and you are not a Morendam person! So do it yourself!”

Chapter 1210



The god of war of the dignified country has been expelled from Morendam…

Levi smiled and said, “Tell Woodrow and let him work hard for Morendam and the people! If you don’t do well, I will pull him off!”

When the Seven Kills heard it, he smiled directly: “Just you?”

“It’s just that the Lord’s men are defeated. Are you worthy? Get out of here!”

Seven kills seemed to hear the biggest joke in the world.

In your heyday, you weren’t my Lord’s opponent.

He has become a useless person, and want to pull him down?

How can it be!

Levi smiled at the corner of his mouth and let the team move on.

“Hold on!!!”

At this moment, several private jets arrived.

After the plane stopped, a few people got off.

One of them was in a wheelchair and was pushed.

It was Lawrence.

Several people followed him.

“Have Levi ever thought of this day? How was your majesty behind the gate of the Garrison family?”

Lawrence sneered.

“Even though I am in a wheelchair, I will stand up soon, what about you? You can only lie in bed for a lifetime!”

“No, I feel that as long as you take a step beyond the border, someone will come to kill you, and you won’t even have the chance to lie down on the bed!”

Everyone in the Garrison family sneered and said, “Retribution, it’s retribution!”

“Are you the Lords of the Lin family? You want to escort him? All back to me!”

When Lawrence saw the Lin family Lord, he scolded directly.

The dozen people said: “No, this is Miss Logan’s order, we must obey it!”

“If you don’t come back, I will arrest your family when I go back… You come back and each reward 10 million…”

Lawrence used both threats and temptations.

These dozen top Lords immediately withdrew.


Everyone in the Garrison family laughed.

Now Levi was almost helpless.

There is only one Yama war god around.

“And you, won’t you come back? What good is it to accompany a disabled person out of Morendam?”

“As long as you come back, I will give you 100 million directly!”

Lawrence said seductively.

Seeing Bass Luo God of War did not speak.

He continued: “One billion!”

“Three billion!”

“Five hundred million!”

Lawrence did not hesitate to spend high prices in order to drive Levi to a dead end.


The answer to him was the roar of engines.

The God of Bass Luo directly drove away, and instantly crossed the border of Morendam.

The God of Bass Luo chose to guard Levi at this time, so naturally he didn’t like this little money.


Lawrence immediately smiled.

The Garrison family also laughed together.

Levi was surrounded by a person to protect him, and then his path was perilous.

“Levi, Levi, have you ever thought of this day? You are worse than a stray dog!”

Lawrence exclaimed straightforwardly in his heart.

This is even more refreshing than killing Levi.

Seven Kills shook his head helplessly.

A generation of God of War has fallen!

Lying in the car, looking at the far away Morendam border.

Levi has many thoughts.

“God of War, don’t think too much, I understand your feelings! The feeling that you can never return home!”

Yama God of War smiled miserably.

“It’s okay with you, at least your wife, children and mother will come to accompany you. Wait for us to settle down first.”

Seeing Levi’s gloomy look, Yama God of War consoled again.

Levi smiled: “The next step is bound to be perilous, so how about stability?”

As soon as his voice fell, Yama God of War’s expression changed.

Because someone showed up right away.

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