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Chapter 1211

Not a group of people yet!

Looking at the dust and traces swaying in the desert, there are at least seven or eight forces.

Yama God of War immediately became nervous: “Don’t worry, I will save you if I give my life!”

Levi smiled and said, “Maybe it’s not the enemy!”

Just left the border of Morendam.

The enemy would definitely not dare to do it.

Soon, the seven or eight forces came to Levi almost together.

Seeing the familiar face, Levi smiled.

“Marshall brought 19 people from Tang Sect to protect the God of War!”

Marshall and Tang Sect Lord knelt on the ground and said loudly.

“The four heavenly kings and six slaves of Nanhongmen came to escort the God of War!”

Graham Kouzhong, Porter Fisher, Ren Garrison, Garrison Canglang and the six great Lords knelt on the ground together.

“Jiang Hai Phillip and the three great heroes came to protect the God of War!”

Phillip, the three great heroes of Jianghai and Myron and Cary also knelt to the ground.

These were all Levi knew.

I don’t know the others.

“North Hongmen Tianlong, Sirius, Tianhu, and Tianbao are here to protect the God of War!”

“Forty men from the Eastern Border War League are here to escort the God of War!”

“The Eighty Nameless Clan from the West is here to escort the God of War!”

“The Northern Heavenly God Fighting Club is here to protect the God of War!”

“The Southern Territory Shenlong Wuguan came here to protect the God of War!”

“Twenty-eight people from the Qin family in the capital, came to escort the God of War on the order of the Patriarch!”

“Thirty people from the Jiang family in the capital, come here to escort the God of War of God of War on the order of the young lady!”

“Nineteen members of the Ling family in the capital, came to escort the God of War on the order of the young Lord!”

“God of War, you shed blood and tears for Da Xia, but you were framed by an adulterer! You ended up like this. This departure must be extremely dangerous. I’ll be here to escort you!”

“We are all vulgar people, we don’t know much, but we admire you in our hearts!”

“You have the prosperity and stability of my Morendam, you are the only God of War in our minds!”

Everyone shouted passionately.

Levi smiled.

In the end, it turned out to be a group of “rough people” who were immersed in the atmosphere of rivers and lakes to escort him.

“Then you know that the journey is extremely dangerous, and it is very likely to lose your life! It is very likely that no one can survive!”

Levi said.

“Haha, since we are here, we shall be prepared. Moreover, none of my Morendam boys are afraid of death!”

“I’ll wait, only one day-God of War, you can recover physically and rise again! Kill the enemy bandits! Kill the traitors! Protect my Morendam Mountains and Rivers!”

Everyone at the scene knelt on the ground, shouting together.

“Okay, I, Levi, thank you!”

“Come over there, as long as I go to the designated place, I’ll be fine!”

Levi said.

“I will do my best to escort the God of War to a safe place!”

Everyone shouted.

Marshall asked: “God of War, will we set off together for too much purpose?”

Levi shook his head: “It’s useless. When you show up here, everyone is being watched! It’s useless to disperse or change other routes!”

“Okay, then we will fight, and swear to the death to escort the God of War to the designated location!”

Marshall roared.

Levi was right.

Their every move is under Watanabe Tenner’s control.

No matter how you go, it is impossible to escape.

There is only a positive response.

“Okay, Levi and the others are here, everyone is ready, it’s time for him to take action!”

Watanabe Tianichi’s face became serious.

Mentioned this person, everyone in the room took a sigh of relief.

Chapter 1212

“Go, follow me to Beimo Prison!”

Watanabe Tian said together.

At this moment, they are located in the North Desert on the border with Morendam.

North Desert is the destination that Levi is coming to.

In the depths of the North Desert, in an inaccessible area, there is a mysterious prison.

There are many vicious existences in Beimo and even Brandon Continent.

Everyone slaughtered thousands of people at every turn.

The person Watanabe Tenner was looking for was the strongest prisoner in Beimo Prison, not one of them.

This guy killed tens of thousands of people without saying.

The real murderer.

It is said that he comes from an isolated race.

They eat all kinds of animals raw, even people…

I don’t know what his name is, but he has a nickname-Death.

Back then, dozens of countries including Stone Country, Star Country, and North Desert sent thousands of Lords to capture him by all means.

The most terrifying thing is his evaluation of combat power-Grand Lord!

God-level Lords are hard to encounter, let alone a powerful Lord-level expert.

Soon, Watanabe Tian and the people came to Beimo Prison.

The prison is heavily guarded, guarded by tens of thousands of soldiers, and heavy weapons…

In the deepest part of the prison, there is a single room where the god of death is held.

The special alloy door is two meters thick and weighs hundreds of tons.

As soon as they arrived here, everyone felt a sense of horror. The temperature here dropped suddenly, and many people fought a cold war.

Don’t even dare to move forward.

Everyone stopped thinking of the various legends of death.

Watanabe Tianyi glared at everyone: “Useless waste!”

He came to the single room alone and opened the alloy door.


A breath of horror and domineering spurted out, almost no one took off.

In a small single room, a person is locked with dozens of chains.

Do not.

He exudes the breath of wild beasts.

The man slowly raised his head, and his eyes shot out two cold glows from his messy long hair.

Watanabe Tianyi felt his throat pinched.

“What’s the matter with me?”

The man spoke hoarsely.

The sound was as dull as a beast.

“Give you a chance and give you freedom!”

Watanabe Tenner calmed down his emotions.


Reaper looked at Watanabe Tenner in surprise.

He has been locked in this dark place for four years.

Give him freedom?

“Kill someone, give you freedom!”

Watanabe Tenner looked at him calmly.

Hearing this, the god of death smiled: “Are you not afraid that I will bring you disasters after I go out?”

Once a god of death of this level returned him free, he would definitely not be able to control it.

It’s too difficult to catch it again.

Not to mention he will not be obedient.

“Don’t be afraid, first, I will let you drink the special poison; second, the killer is Morendam’s God of War!”

Watanabe Tian together.

When Levi was mentioned, the muddy eyes of Death suddenly lit up.

“I promise!”

He agreed without hesitation.

After Tenichi Watanabe gave him a special poison, he set him free.

Not just death.

The other vicious prisoners in the prison were all set free by Watanabe Tenner in the same way.

“Go, bring me back the head of the Great Xia God of War! Hahahaha…”

Watanabe Tian said with a big smile.

Grim Reaper left Beimo Prison with hundreds of wicked people.

This is a group of murderous demons.

Their appearance represents destruction and disaster.

Watanabe Tenner and the others did not hesitate to release such a group of murderers, they also wanted to kill Levi!

It shows how hateful Levi is!

Use all the prisoners in a Beimo prison to kill Levi.

It’s terrifying!

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