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Chapter 1209

The overseas is completely boiling.

Lots of jokes.

Of course, there are a lot of people ready to do it.

On an island, Tenner and a group of people gathered.

“Levi, Levi, you have finally been kicked out of Velador!”

Tenner smiled triumphantly.

It turns out that everything is his conspiracy.

As said before, even a breath of Levi is a threat.

Now that he is still alive, it must be a thorn in the eyes of overseas enemies.

They must be removed before they can rest assured.

For Woodrow, the loser didn’t deserve to mention anything. He found out that Levi had “evidence” of colluding with the Blood King Palace and immediately took measures.

“Levi will leave Velador tomorrow. As long as we take a step towards Velador, we can do it, even honestly.”

Tenner sneered.

“Yeen, report to the military division, Mr. Sutton of Velador will soon pass on the road map for Levi to leave Velador tomorrow!”

“Hahaha, I can successfully get rid of him this time, Mr. Sutton really helped a lot!”

The corners of Tenner’s lips deepened and his smile was meaningful.

Immediately, he had a murderous expression on his face: “Go and prepare. When Levi takes a step out of Velador, he must be k!lled!”

Only when Levi’s body is truly crushed, they will be relieved.

Soon the next day came.

“Levi, don’t worry, I beg my foster father to send more than a dozen Lords to protect you! Besides, when you get there, when you settle down, take us over!”

Sarah asked.

Behind her were more than a dozen Lords sent by the Wright family.

In fact, she really wanted to leave with Levi.

But considering that the family followed, it was a burden, she gave up.

“In addition, when you get there, the Wright family has arranged for someone to receive you. Don’t worry, it’s okay!”

With tears in her eyes, Sarah sent Levi into the car.

As long as Levi settles down, she will take the child and hurried over.

“Mom, don’t worry, Sarah, I will be back soon! Take good care of the child!”

Levi smiled.

The seven k!llers who came to urge Levi to leave sneered and said, “You can’t come back to Velador in your life! Let your heart die!”

“It’s better to be able to come back. If we can’t, we’ll be fine for a lifetime overseas.”

Ollie and Sarah were already crying.

“The God of War was wronged…”

Alecia couldn’t help but roar.

Seven K!lls sneered, and he looked at Rodner War God: “If I remember correctly, this was once God of War of the Wolf Kingdom? Why do you protect him at this time? Doesn’t that explain the problem?”

“Levi’s heart is no longer in Velador, and he is colluding with these people overseas.”


The words of the seven k!lls all made Alecia and Rodner angry.

“Don’t make any noise!”

Levi stopped them.

At this time, even Rodner God of War had become evidence of his betrayal of Velador.

Finally, Levi left.

No one thought of this result…

Levi will have such a day!

The convoy went all the way north.

A long time later, the convoy crossed the northern border of Velador.

There is an endless wasteland ahead.

Cold and bleak.

The Seven k!lls were also personally delivered to the border.

“Levi, I’ll send you here, and I’m doing my best for you.”

“As long as you cross the border, it means that you will never be able to enter Velador again in this life, and you are not a Velador person! So do it yourself!”

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