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Chapter 1221

“Meet the Lord!!!”

Thousands of people shouted together, the shouts shook the sky, and the clouds moved the mountains and rivers.

“The Lord orders it, let me kill them all!”

The short man who had just beaten the death god to death stepped forward, half-kneeled on the ground, and asked.

During this period of time, Levi’s encounter with them was clear.

It’s a pity they can’t make a move!

Without Levi’s order, they could only live in the shadows and would never show up.

“Ask the Lord to order!!!”

Thousands of people asked.

Who are they? ? ?

That’s right, it’s Levi’s person.

But nominally it has nothing to do with Morendam.

It was the organization that Levi left behind and quietly established overseas.

Named Zhentian Temple!

In order to prevent all kinds of unexpected situations that will be encountered in the future.

The responsibility of this organization is very clear-to defend Morendam.

It’s just in the dark, always ready.

If there is an emergency, the Zhentian Temple will surface.

If not, Zhentian Temple will never appear.

Of course, the Zhentian Temple does not belong to Levi’s private organization, but actually belongs to Morendam.

However, for the sake of confidentiality, this is independent, and there is no connection with Morendam.

At present, apart from Levi, only one person in Morendam knows…

Even Wesley and others didn’t even know the existence of such an organization.

The thousands of members of the Zhentian Temple have one characteristic-they have no name and no surname, and their files are blank. No information about them can be found in Morendam.

Unlike Levi’s confidential files, they just don’t have any information at all.

They are a group of people who have disappeared and evaporated.

In this world, there has never been the same.

It can be said that if there is no appearance of Levi, they can only live in the dark for their entire lives.

To activate the Zhentian Temple, the conditions are extremely harsh.

Two instructions are required.

Levi had one in his hand, and the other in that man’s hand.

Two commands must be issued at the same time to remotely start the Zhentian Temple.

But in Morendam, with Levi’s experience at that time, it was impossible to find another person, let alone get instructions.

The only way to activate the Zhentian Temple is for him to come to the Zhentian Temple in person.

But hope is slim.

A Yama war god would definitely not be able to escort him here.

At that time, Levi was almost desperate.

But Morendam’s daughters of Jianghu appeared.

With flesh and blood, escorted him here.

“Brothers, you will not die in vain, I will avenge you!”

Levi said coldly.

He wanted to pick out Mr. Fu one by one.

No one can escape.

At this time, three more people, two men and one woman, stepped forward and knelt before Levi.

“East Heavenly Kings, Western Heavenly Kings, and Southern Heavenly Kings in Zhentian Hall, meet the Lord!”

And which short one just now, he is the King of the North.

The composition of the Zhentian Temple is–

The Lord of the Palace and the Four Heavenly Kings are supreme.

The remaining members are divided according to strict rules.

The Eastern Heavenly King is in power.

The king of the west is in charge.

The Southern Heavenly King is in charge of wealth.

The Northern Heavenly King is in charge of martial arts.

In recent years, the Zhentian Temple has developed rapidly in private.

The Eastern Heavenly King controls countless organizational forces, and the resources he receives are comparable to those of a country.

The Western Heavenly King controls almost any intelligence and secrets in the world.

The wealth controlled by the Southern Heavenly King cannot be estimated, and it is even more exaggerated than the wealth of an enemy country.

The Northern Heavenly King controls the strongest force and is invincible in the world.

Much more exaggerated than the Blood King Palace!

“HallLord, do you open the Zhentian Temple?”

The four heavenly kings asked together.

“Turn on!”

Levi was expressionless.

Chapter 1222

Once the Zhentian Temple is opened, it will surface.

It will have a great impact on this world.

Therefore, it will not start until the moment of last resort.

Now, this moment has arrived.

Thousands of members of the Zhentian Temple showed excitement without exception.

They have been in the dark for too long!

I also want to see the light…

“HallLord, Zhentian Temple is officially opened!”

“Zhentian Temple obeys your orders from the lord!”

The four heavenly kings from southeast, northwest and northwest shouted together.

“Okay, let me arrange it next.”

Levi nodded.

“Hall Lord, your injury… I heard that you were hit by the poison of the Blood King Palace. It is the poison that the Blood King Palace has studied for decades.”

West Heavenly King asked.

She is a woman.

The mind is the most delicate.

So control the intelligence.

Levi said, “The poison on my body has been resolved!”


The Western Heavenly King showed an incredible expression.

Judging from the information she has collected-the poison that the Blood King Palace has studied for decades is too overbearing to be solved.

Even if it is removed, it is not clean.

Levi sighed; “I was lucky, and I met the eight major Chinese medicine doctors in Morendam, and they just happened to be together.

I have a great knowledge of Chinese medicine in Morendam, including several Chinese medicine doctors. Some are good at medication, some are good at acupuncture, and there is a poison doctor who is good at treating people with poison.

They saved me! So the poison on my body has been resolved! “

After seeing the Eight National Doctors that night, Levi discussed this with them all night.

Qin Beishan didn’t know this at first.

I didn’t understand until later.

It was each of the eight major Chinese medicine doctors who managed to detoxify Levi.

But it is a fact that Levi could not move.

After all, the toxins have spread completely, and have experienced so many setbacks continuously.

It would be nice to survive.

Immobility is the best result!

“I am still good at Morendam Chinese Medicine!”

“The treasure left by the ancestors is good!”

Everyone praised again and again.

The Northern Heavenly King observed Levi’s physical condition at this time.

He sighed and shook his head; “There is no way to recover! This is the only way in this life!”

The Northern Heavenly King is the Lord of the Zhentian Temple, and his strength completely beats the Death God and his like.

He said that Levi’s body could not be recovered, but that was really impossible to recover.


Everyone was stunned.

Does their owner want to lie in bed for the rest of their lives?

It’s just that the corner of Levi’s mouth raised an intriguing arc.

“Xiaodong, take care of this…”

“Xiaoxi, check this out…”

After Levi ordered several people to live in this town temporarily.

This town in the depths of the North Desert is desolate and desolate.

No one would know that this is where the Zhentian Temple is.

Thinking of something, Levi called Sarah.

Sarah over there was very excited.

“What can I do? When I’m settled, I’ll take you over!”

Levi smiled on the surface, but in fact there were stubborn faces in his mind.

“Well, yes, you’re fine.”

“But you have to be cautious in your words and deeds. A series of things may happen next. Don’t tell others what I call you.”

The other side.

In a city in North Desert.

Watanabe Ten and a group of people are gathering together.

“Huh? It stands to reason that Levi and his group have been resolved a long time ago, why can’t there be any news?”

However, Watanabe Tenner left this matter to the Shinigami and the others.

“Could it be that something happened?”


“No, quickly send someone to check it out.”

Watanabe Tianichi’s face was abnormal.

He faintly felt that something was going to happen.

At this moment, someone ran up: “There’s news!”

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