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Chapter 1223

“What news? Hurry up!!!”

Asked Watanabe Tenner and the others.

“The news of Levi is here. He and the people who escorted him were wiped out. No one survived!”

“But we also suffered a heavy loss! Basically all the barbarians in Beimo Prison were dead, only one god of death survived!”

“What about Reaper?”

Asked Watanabe Tenner.


“It seems that this guy is a beast, even if he is poisoned, he can’t be controlled! Then let him go, and catch him when he is needed.

Watanabe Tian smiled.

After seeing the conclusive evidence, they concluded that Levi and his group were wiped out.

None of them survived!

“Hahaha, Levi, you are finally dead! Do you know how annoying it is to live? You are finally dead!”

“Come here, spread the news that Levi is dead!!!”

“In addition, we celebrate three days and three nights!”

When the news that the God of War died in the North Desert before the Great Xia Dynasty came out, the whole world was boiling.

Countless forces and organizations are dying of excitement.

The one who suppressed them for years is gone.

What will they do in the future?

No one can stop it!

Don’t be afraid of anyone.

Da Xia burst even more up and down!

At the beginning, the news of Levi’s betrayal was heard, some swearing, and some falling into trouble.

There are many that can be supported.

“Injustice! The biggest injustice in history! The death of the God of War is worthless!”

“He was killed by a b!tch! Can’t you see it?”

Countless people are praying for Levi.

Of course, there are countless people scolding–

“Good death!”

“The traitor should be this fate!”

“I set off firecrackers to celebrate his death!”

Hearing the news, the top 100 Jianghai giants burst into joy.

No one is their Lord now.

Many families in the capital are the same.

Especially after Garrison Family heard the news.


Laughter is everywhere.

Lawrence looked excited: “I was right? He left Morendam and died!”

“You ba5tard still want to fight with me? Still want to kill the family righteously? Impossible!”

Long Aoqing also looked excited: “Did you see my son? Levi is dead! Someone is revenge for you!”

The same is true for the Long Family.

“Levi, you abolished my limbs, but you lost your life, hahahaha…”

Long Kuangfeng laughed.

In a certain base.

Qishahui reported: “God of War, Levi is dead!”

Woodrow looked indifferent: “One subordinate is defeated. If he dies, he will die.”

When Sarah and Ollie heard the news, their bodies were shocked.

Sarah broke out in a cold sweat.

She resounded Levi’s words.

Let her not pass it on.

“Mom, we need to pretend for a while now.”

Sarah asked.

“Understood, it’s fortunate for King’s Landing to inform in advance, otherwise, I might have to jump off the building!”

Ollie breathed a sigh of relief.

Sarah smiled: “There is a reason for Jun Lin to do this, he will definitely come back! I will wait for him! We don’t have to leave Morendam!”

Originally, Sarah was quite worried.

Instead, she breathed a sigh of relief after such an accident.

Levi is definitely a prudent person.

He must have reason to do things.

“The world feels that my husband is dead. Only we know that he is alive. We must keep a secret!”

“I look forward to his return, he will surely rule the world!”

Sarah and Ollie looked at each other and laughed.

It feels so hopeful.

Chapter 1224

The news of Levi’s death spread all over the world.

As everyone knows, he let the Eastern Heavenly King pass the news of his death.

King Dongtian forged a series of false impressions, making Watanabe Tenner impossible to verify.

That night, the Nan Tian Wang, who is in charge of wealth, and the Northern Heavenly King, who is in charge of war, acted simultaneously.

The Southern Heavenly King has conquered dozens of top consortia around the world, and the business empire he built before has also surfaced, and funds have flooded into the account of Zhentian Temple.

As for the Northern Heavenly King, it swept across dozens of dark forces and organizations in the West overnight, almost crushing the entire dark world, making countless people frightened.

At the same time, many families, consortia, and organizations around the world have declared their surrender to the Zhentian Temple.

Overnight, the Zhentian Temple surfaced!

Formally entered everyone’s eyes.

Become the strongest organization in the dark world!

And this momentum is far beyond the blood king palace that was once incomparable!

After all, the Zhentian Temple meticulously planned for several years and developed at a crazy speed in private.

All the details are laid out, it is terrible.

Levi passed away one after another, and then Zhentiandian dominated!

The world is boiling again and again!

Everyone’s attention is on Zhentian Temple.

“The appearance of the Zhentian Temple is by no means accidental. In recent years, they have been working secretly in private!”

“They didn’t appear out of thin air, they planned for a long time!”

Everyone began to inquire about all the information about the Zhentian Temple.

Watanabe Tenner and the others also heard the news of Zhentiandian.

“Grand Sergeant, what do you think of the sudden appearance of Zhentian Temple?”

Someone asked.

Watanabe Tenner thought for a while and said: “The main reason for the appearance of Zhentian Temple is that Levi is dying!”

“Yeah, when Levi was alive, he suppressed the Hundred Kingdoms, and he was the nemesis of the major forces in the dark world. Even the Blood King Palace was wiped out twice. He wants to live, and Zhentian Palace will never dared to be exposed to the surface of the water. !”

Everyone was relieved.

The biggest reason for the appearance of Zhentian Temple is that Levi is dying.

“As for the information of the Zhentian Temple, we still have to check it. We can accept it if we can. If we can’t, we can at least cooperate.”

Watanabe Tenner already has a plan.

In this regard, he is still very confident.

At the beginning, the Blood King Palace could be controlled.

The news of the birth of Zhentian Temple also reached Morendam.

It even reached Woodrow’s ears.

“What? The Heaven Palace in this town is more terrifying than the Blood King Palace?”

Woodrow was surprised.

“Yes! Better than the Blood King Palace!”

Break the military road.

The corner of Woodrow’s mouth evoked a cold arc: “If I destroy the Zhentian Temple, wouldn’t it be greater than Levi’s feat in destroying the Blood King Palace?”

The three of Pojun said together; “That’s for sure!”

“At present, many people are still dissatisfied with you sitting on the position of God of War. I believe that after the Zhentian Temple is destroyed, everyone will be convinced!”

Woodrow snorted coldly: “Levi was right to wipe out the Palace of the Blood King twice, but is he really relying on himself? No! But his subordinates!

Needless to say, the King of the Five Great Wars, the Eighteen Knights of the Tribulation, the Ghost Army, and the four armies of the Heaven and Earth Xuanhuang are all too strong!

Most of the credit for Levi’s achievements should be given to them! Without them, Levi is nothing! “

The seven killers nodded again and again: “Of course, Levi is just your defeat!”

“Yes, in this life he was destined to be trampled underfoot and struggling! Now it has been proven! He just can’t do it!”

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