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Chapter 1229

Now that the danger is coming, Junjun’s safety can only be guaranteed by her.

But it seems that there is no way.

Even the upright old man Lin chose to bow his head.

It is enough to show how powerful the people who came to kill Junjun are!

Not what she can handle…

The only hope now seems to be high-definition reputation.

Gao Qingyu smiled and said: “I will give you time to think about it, but it won’t be long! The assassination order is issued, and the other party will do it soon! My flight tomorrow at 11 o’clock, I will withdraw without waiting for anyone!”

Sarah and Ollie both sank.

Gao Qingyu left.

This was his method, and they did not ask Sarah to agree on the spot.

It is to give her a time limit, which can defeat people’s psychology more.

Sure enough, Sarah they were even more nervous.

On the other side, Levi was on the way back to Morendam when he received news from Zhentian Temple.

“Hall Lord, the Dark World has issued an assassination order and wants to hunt down the Young Lord!”

“The other party claims that your child must never live!”

The Western Heavenly King passed the news to Levi.

Levi’s eyes shot out a ray of cold light.

Dare to touch his child?

“And this assassination order was issued in Morendam! So in the future, many assassination organizations in Morendam will go to the Young Lord!”

After Levi heard it, he immediately understood that the one who issued the assassination order and the one who framed him was obviously the same person.

It’s definitely Mr. Fu!

He is “dead”, and the other party wants to cut the grass and remove the roots, and will not let Junjun live.

It just so happens that Levi will pick this person out!

He wants to see who is not allowing himself to live?

This is also the fact that Levi asked the Eastern Heavenly King to spread and design his own death.

He was investigating secretly in the state of a dead person.

To get Mr. Fu and his party members out!

Jiangbei looks calm on the surface, but undercurrents are actually surging.

Numerous assassination organizations have long been eyeing this city.

The depressed atmosphere makes people breathless.

Sarah felt the horror coming.

Although she hired a lot of bodyguards, she knew that it wouldn’t help.

Sarah received news from Jiang Yijun and others.

The assassination organization is approaching Junjun and ask her to be careful.

The more so, the more worried Sarah.

She doesn’t care about everything, but Junjun is her heart.

She has to save Junjun in death!!!

It’s almost eleven o’clock.

Although Sarah didn’t believe in Gao Qingyu, she decided to give it a try for Junjun’s safety.

She contacted Gao Qingyu.

“As long as you save Junjun, I will listen to you everything!”

Sarah finally compromised.

After Gao Qingyu arrived, he smiled and said, “Although the killer organization has come now, it is only Hongye, the Black God, and a few first-rate killer organizations. I can settle them… As for the second-rate killer organization…”

Gao Qingyu analyzed a wave and heard it all true.

After all, he knew everything about the killer organization.

It sounds right!

And Gao Qingyu himself arranged several waves of killers to assassinate Junjun.

He acted to settle everything.

The facts are here.

The two trusted more.

Sarah and Ollie were in distress and could only obey all the arrangements of Gao Qingyu.

Including Sarah’s right to exercise.

After obtaining the power of the company, Gao Qingyu immediately transferred…

In a short period of time, Gao Qingyu swallowed the entire Erick Collection.

But then he disappeared unexpectedly.


After hearing the news, Sarah was struck by lightning.

She was cheated! !

Chapter 1230

The key is that Sarah and the two are eager to save people, and Gao Qingyu performed another good show.

In addition, he is the greatest hope, Sarah has to believe if he doesn’t believe it.

She had guessed that Gao Qingyu might be a liar before.

But had to take a risk…

Even a little hope.

But reality is ruthless and cruel.

After taking away the Erick Group, Gao Qingyu immediately fired Natalie and other senior officials. He wanted to firmly control the entire company in the shortest possible time.

Today’s Sarah is really miserable…

The Lin family publicly severed their relationship with her.

The business empire built was deceived again.

The child is facing a huge crisis again.

The fact that Gao Qingyu defrauded Sarah’s company quickly spread.

But the Lin family could only watch, after all, it had nothing to do with them.

Everyone can only condemn Gao Qingyu.

Sarah’s high-definition reputation as a business empire is simply a spring breeze.

As a result, the strength of the Gao family has to rise to a higher level.

Not to mention reaching the level of the noble family, at least it is at the same level as the first royal family, the Qin family.

“Huh, the Lin family really treats me as a tool? Let me marry a woman with children? Is it sincere to insult my gentleman’s name?”

“If it weren’t for Sarah’s property and fear of Lin’s family, I would agree to marry her? Ridiculous! What kind of fairy do you really think of yourself?”

“Want to count on me to raise a remnant? Is she worthy? It’s just a little b!tch born in the wild. That child should die with his traitor father, and shouldn’t live in the world!”

“I heard that there is an assassination organization to kill this remnant, and soon news will come out!”

After getting everything, Gao Qingyu made a series of remarks publicly.

Sarah looked at the high-definition reputation on the screen, almost mad.




The plum dyed nails are all embedded in the palm.

At the moment of distress, she had to run to pit her.

The words are still so vicious!

Isn’t it a gentleman?

This is a villain than a villain!

Waiting for my husband to come back!

Everything I lost has to be taken back!

“Then it’s dangerous. People like us can’t keep Junjun.”

Ollie was so nervous that her throat became hoarse.

Although the Porter family sent a Lord like Shadow to protect him.

But everyone knows what’s going on…

Junjun seemed to know what was going on, his face was tight, and he didn’t say a word.

Look at that stubborn temper, it’s the same as Levi.

“At the moment we can only hide in the basement floor. I hope they won’t find out!”

Sarah and Ollie hugged Junjun, Boyd Xiao also prepared enough food and water and hid in the basement of the villa.

At the beginning, Levi arranged them here, avoiding the overseas Lords.

The assassination organizations that received the assassination order have gathered in Jiangbei.

A total of more than ten assassination organizations started together.

They directly passed the shadow and others who were guarding outside, and came to the villa.

It’s just that there is no one in the villa.

The killers were all dumbfounded.

“What about people? Where have they gone?”

“Obviously, I have been in the villa and have never left. Why did people disappear out of thin air?”

The killers looked around, but they didn’t find it.

“No, we have been staring at them, they can’t leave!”

“The only possibility is that there is a darkroom mechanism in the room. Let’s look for it.”

In the basement floor, Sarah looked at the surveillance.

“Oh, let them find out!”

Sarah was shocked when he saw the surveillance.

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