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Chapter 1227

The Northern Heavenly King asked with a smile.

Next to him is Levi.

Levi was standing.

With his hands on his back, he looks relaxed.

His body recovered as usual, but it was all right.

If this is to let others know, I’m afraid it will startle my jaw.

The poison in the Palace of the Blood King was removed by the Eight National Doctors and was reluctantly accepted.

But the body has become like this, and it has recovered as before.

Not to mention outsiders, the Four Heavenly Kings of Zhentian Temple and others were almost scared to death when they saw Levi walking down the ground.

In almost a month, Levi suddenly went to the ground and his body recovered.

Everything is incredible…


It can only be said to be a miracle!

Why did Levi recover?

Let’s talk about being framed into prison eight years ago.

At that time, he was also beaten to limbs and could not move at all.

Not to mention being secretly selected by a special organization.

The reason is that Levi’s opportunity in prison gave him a chance to live.

Of course this is his biggest secret.

It is the secret of his recovery this time!

After the body was abolished this time, all he needed was time.

But the situation was too dangerous before, and he didn’t have time to recover.

Levi looked at the funeral below and said lightly; “Isn’t it a relief to die?”

“But I can’t die! I must live! Morendam, mother, wife, daughter, and friends do not allow me to die!”

“I’m alive, to avenge my brothers who died for me! They can’t die in vain!”

The four heavenly kings said in unison: “If the lord of you falls, it will be a mess!”

The Western Heavenly King even said: “Hall Lord, what you want me to check is already impressive! I believe the results will come out soon!”

“Okay, I have to go back to Morendam first. The Northern Heavenly King will just follow me!”

Levi arranged.

The funeral held by Wesley and others gave a real blow to the news of the death of “Levi”.

Since then, Levi has officially disappeared from this world.

This is the same as everything in the Zhentian Temple.

Everyone’s information is blank, as if there is no such thing in this world at all.

They are like ghosts…

On this day, 18 overseas countries celebrated the whole country.

After all, the biggest threat is dead.

Watanabe Tenner smiled even more: “Next we can start to act!”

Levi is here, which hinders everyone’s many plans.

Everyone wants to get rid of it quickly.

When Woodrow on the other side was about to take a shot against Zhentian Temple, he received an order from Colin to prevent him from taking the initiative. If Zhentian Temple did not do anything that threatened Morendam, he could not do it.

Although Woodrow was eager to prove himself, he could only give up.


I heard the news of Levi’s funeral.

Sarah, they couldn’t be happy, nor sad.

At this time, someone came to the villa.

It turned out to be a high-definition reputation.

The kid smiled.

“How did you come?”

This surprised Sarah.

“Huh? Ms. Logan seems that you have completely forgotten Mr. Garrison? I heard that today is Mr. Garrison’s funeral. I thought you would cry, but you didn’t even shed a single tear!”

“And Ms. Porter is the same. It’s all right. Do you all think that Levi is a big traitor and betrayed Velador. You must be ashamed of him?”

Gao Qingyu looked at the two and smiled.

Indeed, Sarah and Ollie are no different from the original.

As if Levi was not dead at all.

Gao Qingyu continued: “But that’s fine. If you agree, Miss Logan, I’ll take care of your mother and daughter forever!”

Chapter 1228

The reason why Gao Qingyu bothered to approach Sarah.

The purpose is simple.

Only for the huge industry behind Sarah and the Lin family.

Of course he couldn’t count on the Lin family now.

Because he got the gossip-The Dark World has sent an assassination order to kill Levi’s heir, Logan Wangjun.

After all, Levi is dead, so his heirs can’t live, and then Sarah will be in danger.

Under pressure, the old man of the Lin family wanted to give up Sarah, the righteous daughter.

After all, the opponent is too strong, and it is normal for the Lin family to give up Sarah in order to protect themselves.

Sarah will face huge difficulties next.

The business empire she built by herself will be divided up sooner or later, so Gao Qingyu takes the initiative first and grabs all the plum dyeing.

In fact, HD reputation is not a gentleman at all.

He is astute in calculations and does everything possible to achieve his goals.

Just pretending to look like a gentleman.

“I originally thought you would be immersed in the pain of Levi’s death, but I didn’t expect you to care at all. It’s great!”

Gao Qingyu smiled.

Sarah glared at him fiercely: “It doesn’t matter whether we shed tears or not! And I can take care of it by myself, and you don’t need to come!”

Gao Qingyu smiled and said, “Sarah, you still need someone to take care of you. From every aspect, it is better to have a man to take care of you.”

“I don’t need it! You leave!”

Sarah said directly.

Instead of leaving, Gao Qingyu sat down on the sofa.

“Miss Logan, you may not be able to understand your situation. Now this child is a traitor’s remnant. Everyone is punishable! Even Old Man Lin dare not admit your identity!”

Gao Qingyu smiled.

“Huh? How come?”

Sarah looked surprised.

As soon as he finished speaking, Mr. Lin’s call came.

Sarah’s face changed.

The meaning of the old man Lin is very simple-in order to keep the Lin family, he had to separate her from her and told her to be careful in the future and protect the child.


Hearing about the assassination order in the dark world, Sarah’s face changed drastically, and his phone fell to the ground.

Mr. Lin has always been a man who hates evil and does not fear power.

To put it bluntly, it means that the sky is not afraid.

But this time I was subdued…

In order to protect herself, she gave up.

It can only be said that the forces that want to kill the monarch are terrifying and terrifying.

Old man Lin dare not touch this mold…

Even Old Man Lin was afraid, which means that a catastrophe is imminent.

“What? They don’t even let the kids go?”

Ollie was anxious.

“Yeah, how could they let the remnants of Levi go? What if this kid grows up to avenge his father?”

“Don’t look at it as a girl, but what if it’s a god of war? Who can resist?”

Gao Qingyu said with a smile.

Sarah and Ollie looked at each other, and they both panicked.

Sarah couldn’t help asking what he thought of; “Could it be that you have a way?”

“I can come to you, I must have a way!”

Gao Qingyu smiled.

“What can you do? Even the foster father dare not touch this mold!”

Sarah was skeptical.

Gao Qingyu smiled mysteriously: “If I can come, it means I have away!”

In fact, HD’s reputation has nothing to do.

He just wanted to deceive Sarah’s business.

“Miss Logan, I hope you decide quickly! The assassination order has been issued, which means that the child is already in danger…”

Gao Qingyu gradually defeated Sarah and Ollie’s psychological defenses with words.

Although they knew that Levi was alive, his body was useless and he was still overseas.

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