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Chapter 1233

Levi smiled and said, “Okay, go and expose me to Woodrow! Just say that I, Levi, went back to Morendam regardless of the ban! Let him kick me out!”

Levi’s calm attitude stunned Gao Qingyu.

Is he not afraid?

“Although Levi I don’t know why you are alive, your body is still back to normal. But once you let Woodrow know about it, your troubles will be great.

After all, he personally imposed the ban, and you shouldn’t set foot in Morendam again. Once you set foot, you are despising the God of War Woodrow and despising the prohibition! “

Gao Qingyu cleared his throat and shouted.

Levi laughed.

Would a Woodrow care about him?

It’s really interesting!

“Levi, you are just a defeated opponent of the God of War Woodrow. He is born to be your nemesis. He can defeat you once, and he can defeat you a second time!”

“Once you make trouble in Morendam and let him catch it, do you think you are still alive?”

Gao Qingyu sneered.

This is also the thought of everyone present.

After all, many people in Beijing witnessed Woodrow defeating Levi.

In everyone’s mind, Woodrow is better than Levi!

Levi’s appearance now is to provoke Woodrow.

Once discovered, the consequences would be disastrous.

“Get away from here! I will spare you once!”

HD Yu cold channel.


Levi gave the order.


The Northern Heavenly King stepped forward and slapped Gao Qingyu’s face with a slap.

Suddenly, the skin opened and fleshy, blood stains appeared.


Gao Qingyu screamed.


The Northern Heavenly King slapped again, and Gao Qingyu’s face was bloody.

The screams of killing pigs echoed in the field.


It’s another slap.

Gao Qingyu was completely unrecognizable, and rolled in pain.

The Northern Heavenly King pulled him up again and punched out.

Blood holes appeared in Gao Qingyu’s body.

In the end, HD reputation is alive and well!

“Dare to insult my wife and children? Haha, look for death!”

There were flashes of lightning in Levi’s eyes.

Hearing this voice, everyone broke out in a cold sweat, and didn’t even dare to breathe.

too frightening.

No one thought that Levi would return in this way.

So strong!

As if returning from hell!

The second day.

Sarah was very puzzled.

Erick Group has returned to its own hands again.

What’s wrong with Gao Qingyu?


It took such a great effort to take the company away, and it turned out to be back.

“It’s not normal! Someone should help!”

Jiangbei is temporarily safe.

But the circle of the dark world exploded.

All the killers who had received the assassination order to assassinate Logan Wangjun disappeared.

This makes everyone very confused.

Where are the killers?

They make a careful investigation.

It was confirmed repeatedly that there was no one around Sarah to protect him.

How could the killers disappear?

Someone protect?

This is absolutely impossible!

Soon after, the Dark World issued another assassination order.

The bounty rose from the original one billion to ten billion!

It’s increased tenfold!

This is to elicit a stronger assassination organization!

Sure enough, this time the assassination order came out, and one by one ancient killer organizations came forward.

The wages of avarice is death.

Enough bargaining chips can lead to many hidden killer organizations for decades.

On the one hand, we can also see the other party’s determination to kill Logan Wangjun.

Levi’s flesh and blood must die!

“The assassination order came out again, check the source for me! See who issued it!”

Levi, who had been staring at him, finally found an opportunity.

Chapter 1234

This time, too many people sacrificed for him.

They can’t die in vain!

He wants revenge!

He must find the person who issued the assassination order!

“It’s a pity, my recovery is too slow, if I recover earlier, they won’t die!”

Recalling the miserable scenes, Levi clenched his fists tightly.

The Northern Heavenly King couldn’t help asking: “Hall Lord, I always have a question…”

“You want to ask me how to recover, right?”

Levi said.

“Yes, that’s right, it took less than a month for your body to recover. And I feel you are stronger than before! Now, I can’t see through you!”

The Northern Heavenly King looked astonished.

Levi recalled: “Eight years ago, I was framed and imprisoned. At that time, my limbs were interrupted. It was the most tragic moment. But I was lucky and met a benefactor in prison. I prefer to call him Lord. “

“He taught me a set of cultivation techniques that is said to be the oldest. Although it is incomplete, this set of cultivation techniques happens to be aimed at me!”

The Northern Heavenly King was puzzled: “Huh?”

“Because this set of cultivation methods emphasizes not breaking or standing, if my body is normal, I still can’t use it.”

The Northern Heavenly King immediately understood: “So your limbs were broken at that time, just in line with this set of cultivation methods!”

“That’s right! Not long after I entered the prison, my body returned to normal. And I made a name in the prison, and then I was selected.”

Levi told a secret that no one knew.

“This time, the Lord, your body is broken and damaged more severely, and it is more suitable for this training system than before!”

The Northern Heavenly King immediately thought of Levi’s recovery this time.

Levi nodded: “Well, that’s right.”

“Furthermore, this time, it gave me a deeper understanding of this practice method. I even filled in all the incomplete parts of the practice method by myself!”


The eyes of the Northern Heavenly King are about to fly out.

It turned out that Levi just used the incomplete cultivation technique to become the God of War on the invincible battlefield.

Now that he has completed the exercises, God knows how strong he is.

From the side, how good is Levi’s talent?

He even completed the oldest cultivation technique…

Not everyone who has abolished limbs can practice this technique.

Only people with amazing talents and suffering.

The king of Bei Tian turned his words; “Hall Lord, I am really curious about your Lord… what kind of existence is, and there is such a heaven-defying technique.”

“He is an extremely mysterious existence. It is clear that the prison can’t hold him down, but he has to stay there for the rest of his life.”

Levi smiled and said: “He still doesn’t allow me to call him a Lord, let alone disclose to outsiders what I have encountered him!”

“Ah? Why? This prison still holds such an expert?”

The Northern Heavenly King looked puzzled.

“I don’t know, not only that, even in prison, he pretends not to know me. Don’t let me approach him, saying that he is a sinner and an ominous person, and contact with him will bring disaster!”

Levi said.

This made the Northern Heavenly King more and more puzzled.

“Why does it sound mysterious?”

Levi shook his head: “At the beginning, I also felt very mysterious. If there is contact with him, it will be a disaster.

After contacting me, I found that he was only referring to his identity. It seemed that his people were taboo. Everyone was born a guilty body. People who come into contact with them will also be punished. “

“Huh? Is there anything else?”

The Northern Heavenly King exclaimed.

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