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Chapter 1235

They are also well-informed.

For example, the members of the Zhentian Temple are equivalent to non-existent in this world.

But when he heard about Levi’s mentor, he still felt very surprised.

Is a clan listed as taboo?

Was born a guilty body?

Contact with them is the same punishment?

How big a mistake this clan had to make before he was punished to this point.

“I haven’t told anyone the secret of being in prison. Now I think my teacher saved me twice.”

Levi sighed.

The world is still very beautiful.

There are more bad guys, but more good guys.

There are many people who are kind to him.

Some are strangers.

For these people, he also has to live and check to the end.

“Then you are not going to see him?”

The Northern Heavenly King asked.

“I was selected at the time, and he told me-from then on, En renounced righteousness and didn’t know each other.”

Levi looked helpless: “So I can only scream in my heart for this Lord!”

“How strong are you now?”

The Northern Heavenly King asked.

“As far as my current physique is concerned, the poison of the Blood King Palace should have no effect on me at all.”


The Northern Heavenly King took a breath.

The poison of the Blood King Palace took decades and countless financial resources and manpower to make.

There is no threat to Levi…

So how strong is Levi now?

I’m afraid that Woodrow can’t even hold a finger in front of him, right?

Not to mention defeating him.

What is ridiculous is that Woodrow always feels that he is strong, and wants to fight Levi again.

He was stronger than you in the past.

Now his is stronger.

Can you still have a chance?

Woodrow is not idle at this moment.

Attention has been on Zhentian Temple.

Although Colin said that he was not allowed to move the Zhentian Temple.

But Woodrow couldn’t help being curious.

He is a martial lunatic, extremely mad about martial arts, and an out-and-out combat madman.

Where there are top Lords can attract him.

In particular, I heard that there is a Northern Heavenly King who is in charge of martial arts in the Zhentian Temple, who is invincible.

Woodrow stared at him.

“I want to beat him, and then let him be under my command.”

At this time, the seven kills came to report: “God of War, there is a middle-aged man outside calling for you to see you!”

“Okay, go out with me and have a look!”

Woodrow hurriedly went out.

Outside, there is a middle-aged man wearing a white Tang suit.

The face is handsome and the temperament is elegant.

There is a sense of detachment from the world in him.


Seeing him, Woodrow immediately awed in awe.

The middle-aged man patted Woodrow: “Good job, I’m sitting on the seat of God of War!”

“Boyd Dao didn’t lose Lord’s face!”

Woodrow bent over and said.

Woodrow nodded: “Well, very good. Levi, who was born in a wild way, how can he compare with your famous celebrity? You are defeated, but we have lost the face of our celebrity!”

“People in the world say that the poor are born with noble sons, and the famous ones are often defeated, but what I want to prove is that it is difficult for the poor to produce noble sons in this era! Garrison Luzi can’t beat the famous ones!”

Lord Woodrow has a passionate tone, and seems to be proving a truth to the world.

“So when I learned that the position of God of War was taken away by a wild road, I was very angry! I asked you to challenge him many times! This time I finally have a chance!”

Woodrow smiled and said: “Yes, everyone thinks that Levi was born in the first family of Morendam. As everyone knows, the first family of Morendam is nothing to my identity and background!”

The middle-aged man smiled in relief.

The most important thing is that he is surnamed Fu.

Chapter 1236

That’s right!

Woodrow’s Lord is Mr. Fu Levi has been looking for.

Real name Fu Shenlin!

Although he was a quack, he planned a series of plots to kill Levi.

Including Tianyi Watanabe using the Palace of the Blood King to attract Levi away, and then using poison to deal with Levi…

Until now, two assassination orders have been issued to get rid of Jun Jun.

It was all controlled by him behind the scenes.

Garrison West played against Levi that day, and the Garrison family kept cheating to prevent Garrison West from losing.

As everyone knows, compared with Fu Shenlin, it is nothing short of a witch.

In order for Woodrow to win, Fu Shenlin really did his best, and finally let the four of them help each other in secret.

Levi was “beaten” by cheating abruptly.

Fu Shenlin’s goal is very simple-Levi is not qualified to sit in this position, he must be seated by his apprentice.

Levi’s title of God of War was blocking Woodrow’s path.

They have been paving the way for Woodrow since they were young.

The position of “God of War” that originally belonged to Garrison Wudao was snatched away by Levi.

This is what they don’t want to see.

Because the place where Woodrow was born has always been hidden behind the scenes, not to mention ordinary people, even the upper class people can’t reach it.

It is the legendary celebrity.

A century-old wealthy family, a thousand-year-old family.

But the gate valve’s background is longer and larger.

It doesn’t just refer to a clan or sect.

It is composed of many ancient clans and sects.

Gate valves generally exist for two to three thousand years, and they are truly settled by time.

It’s so powerful that people can’t imagine it!

For example, it’s hard to find a god-level Lord, and only a hundred of the eighteen nations have come together.

GrandLord-level Lords are even harder to find, and a single death blasts everything.

However, among the cliques, god-level Lords walked everywhere, and the Lord was like a cloud.

This is the gap!

If simply compared with strength, Morendam’s hidden family clan is stronger than a foreign country.

Fu Shenlin has its own circle and its own rules.

They are aloft, like gods.

These people in the modern duny world are crawlers on the ground.

The circle in which ordinary people live is the lowest world.

They simply dismissed it.

The worst person among the family members is the supreme existence in the modern world.

Woodrow is the only disciple who has set foot in the modern world.

When he came here, he represented the full rank of Novice Village.

In layman’s terms, college students come to elementary school to abuse food.

Not only strength, but also various aspects of reputation.

The reason they let Woodrow out of the mountain is to let the world know how terrible the Yinshi clan is?

It is completely above the dunya.

Woodrow, who started from scratch, was indeed terrifying. He quickly built the Shura army and had three terrorist apprentices including the Seven Kills.

Originally, he was the most promising person to be named God of War.

But Levi came out and blocked Woodrow.

Therefore, Fu Shenlin and the place where Woodrow was born resolutely refused to agree.

After Woodrow is famous, how can he lose to a wild road?

They are always looking for opportunities.

It’s just that Levi has been invincible in recent years.

Finally, after Levi was relieved and returned to the field, he found an opportunity.

Garrison West couldn’t be defeated.

They cannot be defeated!

This is a matter of face!

If they were defeated, they would lose face.

So they have to do whatever it takes to ensure that Woodrow cannot be defeated.

To win the position of God of War!

After unremitting efforts, they did it.

He also killed Levi, and now he wants to kill Logan Wangjun to prevent all possibilities from happening.

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