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Chapter 1255

Kawasaki Zandao very much hopes to fight against his younger generations to see how well Morendam’s young people are.

Otherwise, he will come out of the mountain in vain!

“No accident, no more than half a day, a piece of explosive news will shock the world! My Higashishima Budo will return to its peak!”

Watanabe Tenner looked forward to this moment very much.

It is definitely a great honor to let Levi die on the East Island!

In the military division mansion.

Levi and Beitian King were surrounded by thousands of people, and the number is still increasing.

The people outside the military division’s mansion add up to more than five thousand samurai.

Everyone sighed.

To save face for the shame five years ago-Levi must be killed.

“let’s start!”

Levi and the Northern Heavenly King looked at each other, and the two started their hands.


The Northern Heavenly King rushed into the crowd like an invincible superman.

An air wave of up to 100 meters was pulled out instantly.



The dense crowd was abruptly torn apart by him.

Hundreds of people were rushed out around this long hole, and countless dead and wounded on the ground.

“The one who stopped me, die!”

Levi also moved.


A punch will blow out a person facing him.

“Boom boom…”

The man fell into the crowd like a cannonball out of the chamber.

Suddenly, more than one hundred people were all knocked out.

I don’t know how many bones are broken, and he twitches on his stomach.




The battle knives in the hands of more than a dozen god-level Lords slashed towards Levi one after another.




In the next second, an incredible scene appeared.

These swords slashed on Levi’s body, and they all broke.

His body is like steel, indestructible!

Levi also clamped a katana with his fingers, and with a light break, the katana broke into two halves.


With a flick of his backhand, he inserted it into that person, splashing blood.

Frightened silly!

Everyone was stunned!

Dozens of god-level Lords couldn’t even hold a breath.

How to play this?

Levi’s expression here is indifferent, better than walking in a leisurely courtyard.

He walked out slowly, crowded around him on the left and right.

As for the Northern Heavenly King, it strikes like a beast.

Thousands of people were smashed into pieces.

The two have completely different styles.

Be still and move.

It’s all terrifying.

Like a devil.

Shots are either dead or injured.

In a short period of time, the military division’s mansion has become a mountain.

Five thousand people just couldn’t stop Levi’s two people.

Soon, the two had left the military division’s mansion.

There are already less than two thousand people stopping them.

But the samurai who believe in the spirit of Bushido will never back down.


The Northern Heavenly King attacked again.

Levi followed closely behind.

A crushing battle is being staged.

Just five minutes.

All of these more than 1,000 people fell to the ground, and no one was standing.

Many people gurgled with blood and wanted to stop Levi from leaving.

But they struggled for a long time and couldn’t get up.

I could only watch Levi and the two leave.

Five thousand Lords only blocked Levi and the others for more than ten minutes…

What a horror!

What’s more, these five thousand warriors are all Lords of Lords, stronger than Levi’s more than thirty million fought five years ago!

It can only show that Levi is stronger than five years ago!

There is also a powerful assistant by his side!

Too invincible.

“Go, go to the Tower of the Sun!”

Levi shot out cold light in his eyes.

Chapter 1256

What Levi and Bei Tianwang didn’t expect was that this was just the beginning.

Although the five thousand people in the military division’s mansion are all strong, they are few in number.

The outside is what really stopped Levi…

The Military Division is not far from the Tower of the Sun.

About dozens of kilometers.

But these dozens of kilometers of road are full of Lords.

Has been waiting for Levi to appear.

They are all samurai who came to protect Watanabe Tenner…

These are all in Watanabe Tenner’s calculations.

Even if these mobs can’t kill Levi, they will consume him alive!

Even if he could not die, he would be exhausted to a great extent.

It’s a pity that Watanabe Tianyi didn’t expect that Levi and Beitianwang are too strong!

The samurai along the way did not cause much hindrance to Levi!

The two swept all the way with a crushing force.

All the obstacles fell to the ground…

No one can stand up!

But there is one thing that even Watanabe Tenner himself did not expect–

For tens of kilometers, there were a hundred thousand warriors to stop it.

They all believe in the spirit of Bushido.

Hearing that Watanabe Tenner is in trouble, there is still a chance to rectify Higashishima Budo.

All the samurai around are here…

To kill Levi!

Less than an hour.

But it seems like a century has passed…

Levi and the two finally got under the Sun Tower.

The two were covered in blood.

Was poured into a bloody man.

But blood is not theirs!

A total of 100,000 people fell on the way from the military division’s mansion to the Tower of the Sun. The bones became mountains and the blood ran into rivers.

There are wailing samurai everywhere…


Great shame!

This is an even greater shame on Toshima Budo!

More shame than five years ago!

One hundred thousand samurai couldn’t stop the two of them…

If this battle is to be spread, it is definitely a battle of the gods!

The lord of the Zhentian Temple and the northern king of the martial arts defeated a hundred thousand samurai in Dongdao!

This is equivalent to two people stepping on a hundred thousand samurai on the ground!

Their dignity was torn apart!

Even this battle will set Higashishima Budo back ten years!

This is a shame!

It is trampling!

Everyone can only watch, but helpless.

The entire Higashishima Budo hope fell on Watanabe Tenner.

This is the wish of hundreds of thousands of people, and even the entire East Island!

“We must defeat Levi! Raise my power in the East Island!”

Tens of thousands of people lying on the ground stared at the direction of the Sun Tower.

Where is the only hope!

Looking at the towering tower of the sun, Levi smiled: “Even if you go up into the sky, I will kill you!”

Levi and the Northern Heavenly King stepped into the Tower of the Sun.

Watanabe Tianichi never let go of the 600-meter-high solar tower with a total of 200 stories.

He also arranged countless Lords waiting.

Levi and the Northern Heavenly King fought layer by layer!

More than 200 floors is only a matter of time for them!


God blocks and kills Buddha, Buddha blocks and kills Buddha!

This is Levi and the Northern Heavenly King!

Watanabe Ten, at the top of the Tower of the Sun, pays attention to all information.

“What? Levi has successfully suppressed one hundred thousand coming to the Tower of the Sun and has come up?”

Watanabe Tianyi looked shocked.

“Is he injured?”

Watanabe Tenner hurriedly asked.

“Blood all over, if I can get here, I’m probably exhausted!”

Subordinates report.

“Hahaha, it’s really strong! But we have something stronger!”

Watanabe Tian smiled.

Yaodao looked indifferent.

Don’t care.

Kill it with a single blow.

He bet that Levi would never see his knife.

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