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Chapter 1253

There are seven great Lords beside Tenichi Watanabe!

Among them, the Demon Sword is the first Lord of the East Island!

Zhentiandian is too arrogant, right?

“Watanabe Tenner, are you ready to die?”

A loud shout came, like a bolt from the blue.

In addition to Fu Shenlin, Watanabe Tenner is the biggest Lordmind!

Levi hates him no less than Fu Shenlin!

He will carry Watanabe Tenner’s head to pay tribute to the dead brothers!



Watanabe Tianyi’s face changed.

Why did Zhentiandian treat himself so cruelly?

The next moment, when he saw the familiar face, he was dumbfounded.

“Garrison… Levi… are you still alive?”

Watanabe Tenner reacted quickly.

I went through the whole thing in my head in an instant.

Understand everything.

“It turns out that Zhentian Temple belongs to you! You went to that place recklessly, because where is Zhentian Temple?”

“And Mr. Fu from Morendam Beiliang, I can’t contact you suddenly, did you do it?”

Said Watanabe Tenner.

Everyone present exclaimed.

No one thought that Levi would have this kind of post trick.

No wonder the participants will be found one by one!

But it is better for Levi to be the lord of Zhentian Temple, it is a beautiful thing to kill two birds with one stone.

First, defeat the mighty Zhentian Temple and become famous in the world!

Second, defeat Levi to rectify the name of Dongdao Budo!

Levi said coldly: “Smart, Fu Shenlin has gone to hell! You will be the next one!”

Watanabe Tenner carefully looked at King North Heaven, wearing a half-angel and half-devil mask on his face, and sneered: “Only you two?”

“Yes, it depends on the two of us!”

The Northern Heavenly King stared at everyone with contempt.

In the face of so many Xeons, he didn’t panic at all.

“Is he Levi?”

Suddenly the Demon Blade made a sound, looking at Levi and asked.

“Senior, this person is Levi, the former God of War of God of War!”

Said Watanabe Tenner.

“It was he who forcibly repelled my Higashishima Budo for fifty years five years ago and brought us great shame?”

The Yaodao’s voice was low and roaring.

“It’s this person!”

Watanabe Tian stared at Levi with bloodthirsty and crazy eyes.

This is his enemy!

Is the enemy of Dongdao!

“Well, if that’s the case, then I will prove Higashishima Budo! Wash away the shame of the year!”

Kawasaki cut his voice and said solemnly.

After fifty years of seclusion, his sword has reappeared.

Levi ignored the nonsense they were talking about. He glanced at everyone and said, “Today, I am here just to kill Watanabe Tianyi one person!”

“It has nothing to do with other people, you leave quickly, I will not kill you!”

He is not a murderer!

Only kill enemies!

If these people are stubborn and want to stop him from killing Watanabe Tenner, then he can only step on their bodies.


“Whoever kills a military division can pass our level!”

“Yes, how can we let others kill the military division on the East Island? Impossible!”

“Defend the military division! Kill Levi!!! Promote my power in the East Island!”

Thousands of warriors present shouted together, their eyes full of determination to die.

Watanabe Tenner’s prestige in the hearts of the people is really high.

Almost the entire East Island must protect him!

The Demon Blade also said coldly: “To kill him, step on my corpse first! Of course this is impossible! With me, you can’t kill him at all!”

Levi smiled: “Sorry, I can’t keep the man I am going to kill!”

“Today, I, Levi, will kill him in front of you!”

Chapter 1254

“you dare???”

The roar of the demon knife.

The voice was strong and passed into the air, with waves bursting and thunderbolt on the blue sky.

Everyone shook their eardrums to burst.

Fifty years ago, there was a Lord in Dongfangzhou who dared to despise him?

Today, being so threatened by a junior!

His calm mind is in chaos!

The whole person is angry!

Still want to kill people in front of him?

How can it be?

court death!

The demon knife was angry, like a sleeping lion awakening, a violent breath filled the audience, and it was too heavy for people to breathe.

“Levi, I admit that you have a posture against the sky, so you will not die, and your body will recover, and you even killed Fu Shenlin, a Lord-level powerhouse for twenty years!”

Watanabe Tenner couldn’t help saying.

Even the Demon Blade became interested in Levi.

Generally speaking, the older the Lord, the stronger.

At a young age, he can defeat a Lord-level powerhouse of twenty years!

No wonder it brought shame on Dong Dao five years ago!

“But today’s Higashishima Budo is not what it was five years ago, so you can come and go freely! Also, there is Senior Demon Sword who wants to kill me? It’s as hard as climbing!

Watanabe Tenner was confident.

In his opinion, Levi will definitely be left on the East Island.

“Yes, that’s right! Standing in front of you is a Lord-level powerhouse for nearly a hundred years!”

“What do you win?”

Kawasaki cut Dao is older than Garrison Tianlin, the ancestor of the Garrison family.

He has been in the Lord class for nearly a hundred years.

That is an unimaginable power!

In his eyes, a 20-year Lord-level expert like Fu Shenlin can only be regarded as an ant!

Mainly these old guys live in seclusion, never born.

“Hehe, that will kill you too!”

Levi looked decisive.

Seeing Levi’s heart to kill.

Watanabe Tian smiled and said, “You want to kill me, don’t you? I’m waiting for you at the highest point of the Tower of the Sun!”

“I hope you can climb to the top alive and don’t let me down!”

Watanabe Tian said with a big smile.

With that, he and Yao Dao were leaving the military division’s mansion.

“Want to go? Is it possible?”


Levi was about to stop, but thousands of Lords stopped him.

“If you want to kill the great military division, you must first step on our corpses!”

“Yes, we are dead, you can go to the military division!”

The eyes of this group of warriors looked like death at home.

Soon, Watanabe Tenner, Demon Sword and others came to the highest point of the tallest tower in the Eastern Continent.

A full height of 600 meters!


There was a whistling sound in the ear.

The wind was like a knife, like a blade, slashing across his cheeks, hot and painful.

“Why don’t you solve him in the military division’s mansion? Must come here?”

Kawasaki asked inexplicably.

“First, defeating him at the top of the Tower of the Sun is even more symbolic! The victory at the highest point represents the rise of my Toshima Budo!”

“Second, he has a heart to kill me, knowing that I am here, he will kill no matter what, I am disturbing his heart!”

“Third, from the perspective of the military division, I want to guarantee victory! There should be no mistakes. I am afraid that his shortcomings will be exposed in this way, not to mention that his strength will be greatly consumed, and one blow will kill! “

To put it bluntly, Watanabe Tenner must kill Levi.

Exhausted any means!

He is not a warrior, and he doesn’t care about so much fairness and justice.

Kawasaki Zando didn’t say anything about Watanabe Tenner’s “despicable” methods.

In his eyes, Levi is the same if it is strong or weak.

He killed…

“I wish he could come here!”

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