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Chapter 1257

Two hundred and more than two hundred were quickly beaten up by Levi.

Each of the two hundred floors was full of howling people.

Most of them are god-level powerhouses…

Can’t stop it at all.

This is almost the foundation of the entire Higashishima Budo.

All the details came out, and he didn’t even stop him for an extra minute.

too strong!

The two of them pressed Higashishima Budo to the ground!

There is the last floor to reach the highest point of the Sun Tower.

Six people suddenly appeared in front of him.

Watanabe Tenner’s trump card-the six great Lords.

He would never use these six people when it was not close to the moment.

“Levi, you die on this floor!”

The six great Lords stared at Levi.

The Northern Heavenly King stared at the six people coldly: “Hall Lord, they will give it to me!”

“it is good!”

Levi went straight to the highest point.

The six great Lords wanted to stop Levi, but they were targeted by the Northern Heavenly King.

The seven quickly fought in a small space!

At the highest point of the Sun Tower, the Demon Sword was sitting on its knees.

Eyes closed.

Watanabe Tenner was standing by.

Today, the weather in Edo is very bad, with dark clouds.

In particular, half of the Tower of the Sun is shrouded in dark clouds.

At the highest point, there was only the sound of howling wind and clouds and mist.

Between the heavens and the earth, there is a horror.

A storm is coming…

“Da da da…”

Suddenly, there were footsteps.

Watanabe Tianyi’s face changed.

he came…

Soon, the figure covered in blood appeared.


Yao Dao opened his eyes suddenly, and there seemed to be lightning lingering in it.

A terrible wave of air swept out, making a rumbling sound.

Covered in blood…

But Watanabe Tian looked for a long time and found that none of the blood was Levi’s.


Fighting more than 100,000 people, he didn’t even get hurt at all.

Moreover, Levi’s breath is steady and his footsteps are light.

It’s not like someone who has fought a battle.

Watanabe Tenner looked terrifying.

But Yao Dao smiled.

Levi is a little bit more interested, he is interested!

Otherwise, it would be too boring to kill a weak person.

He had been out of the mountain for fifty years in seclusion, and he had made a trivial problem.

After Levi arrived, he looked around and said, “Yes, I have chosen a place to die for myself!”


Yao Dao raised his head and glanced at Levi.

Watanabe Tianichi looked relaxed: “Levi, you are really strong! If it is not a matter of position, I really want to be good friends with you!”

“Are you worthy? Die to the Lord!”

Levi pointed at him suddenly.

“I know your determination to kill me! But the one standing in front of you is the Demon Sword, the first Lord of the East Island!”

“Fifty years ago, when you crushed all the Lords of Brandon Continent with your own strength, who would dare to provoke him? You definitely couldn’t cross his mountain!”

Watanabe Tenner’s eyes suddenly became fierce: “Levi, a century-old Lord has killed you, you have enough pomp!”

“Then I will kill you!”

Levi didn’t care at all.

“Young man, you are too arrogant, you still kill him with me?”

The Demon Blade made a sound.

Levi sneered, “Isn’t he a young man if he isn’t arrogant?”

“Good, good! Five years ago, you brought me a painful blow to Higashishima Budo, directly repelled for 50 years, became our nightmare, and also caused our greatest shame!”

“Today, I Kawasaki cuts you with a single blow in the name of Budo of Higashishima!”

Yaodao stood up slowly.


The terrible aura on his body revealed the sound of wind and thunder.

It’s getting scarier…

“The young man pays attention, I only make one cut, you will die!”

Chapter 1258

When Kawasaki Zandao said these words, his tone was flat, without a trace of arrogance.

It seems to be narrating a fact.

If he shoots a knife, the opponent will die.

This is no longer self-confidence in one’s own strength, it has gone beyond self-confidence and has become a commonplace thing.

It can even be said to be an inevitable event!

As long as he pulls out the knife, Levi will definitely die.

Watanabe Tenner also believed in this.

It was like this fifty years ago!

Fifty years later, he is stronger!

“Oh, is it so?”

Levi smiled.

Now he has completed the oldest set of cultivation methods against the sky, God knows how strong he is?

The first battle between the two begins!!!

Suddenly Kawasaki Zandao’s entire popularity changed.

A white-haired and miserable old man, his eyes shot bright lights.

His blood is surging like a sea, rushing all the time.

The momentum of the body is constantly rising like a wave!


Keep going up!



At the highest point of the Tower of the Sun, there were gusts of strong wind immediately, resounding like a gust of rain.

Originally, the terrain here is high, the airflow is particularly strong, and there are constant gusts of wind sweeping.

At this time, Kawasaki’s momentum is even more terrifying!


He was tumbling vigorously, combining with the air currents around him.

There was a roar of thunder.

Like a burst of thunder exploded!

The ordinary person’s Watanabe Tenner was blown with blood by the thunder that was close at hand, and blood spurted out of his mouth.




What’s more terrifying is that the entire Edo Castle is also rumbling, which is a prelude to the heavy rain!

But there was only thunder, no lightning.

This makes everyone very curious.

How do you know that this is not thunder at all!

Just the vigor that exuded from the demon sword standing at the top of the Sun Tower had this power!

So it’s not an exaggeration that a century-old Lord is called a god!

After all, it can make a thundering effect!

At the top of the Tower of the Sun, Sky Watanabe quickly took a few special medicines, which stabilized.

He understands that the demon sword is about to be released!

With that weird knife-with a knife, people will die.


Suddenly a scarlet lightning flashed over the Sun Tower!

It’s so eye-catching!

There is a trace of coquettish again!

The color of the lightning is as if blood is flowing…

Immediately after the red lightning, there was rumbling thunder.

The people of Edo Castle all looked up to the sky.

There is only one thought in everyone’s mind-this lightning curiosity.

But no one can think of it-it’s not lightning at all, it’s a knife!

Fifty years later, Kawasaki’s demon sword was born again.

A knife is so earth-shattering.

Combining geographical location and natural weather, it creates such a shocking scene…

The top of the Tower of the Sun.

The moment the demon sword was released, the dark sky was instantly bright as day.

A strange crimson light flashed into his eyes.

Let him cover his eyes subconsciously!

Watanabe Tian singled out his mind.

He will be the first person to really see the Demon Sword!

Levi will see it too, but he will immediately become a dead man…

It’s an honour!

Watanabe Tenner had already imagined the miserable scene of Levi’s separation from his head and body!

The moment Kawasaki cut his sword, he instantly appeared in front of Levi.

The scarlet demon knife in his hand slashed…

His speed is too fast, too fast…

Definitely the fastest opponent Levi has encountered so far.

none of them.

Worthy of a century-old Lord!


A blood arrow shot soaring.

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