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Chapter 1259


Accompanied by the sound of a metal clash.

A blood arrow flew on the spot.

Sputtered Watanabe Tenner’s face!

The hot blood stimulated Watanabe Tenner and made him sober.


He touched the blood on his face and he smiled.

Levi is dead!

Levi is finally dead!

This time I saw it with my own eyes, Levi couldn’t live anymore.

It must be the blood sputtering from the drop of someone’s head.

The demon knife is indeed a demon knife, and blood will definitely be seen when the knife is shot!

But when he looked at the court, his smile disappeared and his expression was frozen.

Because Levi was fine at all, the head was still there.

It’s just that Kawasaki Zandao, who stood opposite him, had blood on the corner of his mouth, but a scarlet samurai sword in his hand was broken in half.

The other half of the broken is stuck in Kawasaki Zando’s chest…

The blood is gurgling…

Levi not only saw the demon sword, but also shattered it, and injured Kawasaki Slash.

Only Kawasaki Zando knows how the process is.

Just when he stabbed Levi with a knife, this demon knife that had been passed down for thousands of years was interrupted by a punch.


It’s incredible!

At a young age, with such terrifying strength?

It is indeed the only God of War titled God of War in Morendam!

Morendam is a magical place!

Does he come from where?

Thinking of this, Kawasaki Zandao couldn’t hold it anymore.

He fell to the ground with a puff, and lay down straight, motionless.

The Lord of nearly a hundred years finally did not defend the dignity of Dongdao!

Did not protect the big army division!

Today, Higashishima Budo is a complete failure!

Five years ago, this man stepped on his feet!

Five years later, he was stepped under his feet again, unable to raise his head at all!

At this time, the Northern Heavenly King had also packed up the six great Lords and reached the top.

He glanced at it and said, “It’s faster than I thought!”

Only Watanabe Tenner was left in the field.

He looked at Levi dumbfoundedly.

He is resourceful, almost a demon god.

Everything that can be calculated has been calculated.

Thousands of calculations, only to blame Levi for being too powerful.

Levi took a deep breath and said coldly, “Did you guys see it? The biggest Lordmind is here. I want to avenge you!”

He did what he promised his brothers.

Pull out the involved one by one.


Watanabe Tenner hurriedly shouted: “Levi, I admit that I lost!”

“But I want to know some doubts before I die!”

“Okay, why not tell you?”

Levi said coldly.

Watanabe Tenner’s question is very simple, basically it is why Levi did not die, why he recovered, and how did Zhentiandian…

Levi answered everything.

After hearing all this, Watanabe Tenner smiled contentedly.

“However, you must remember Levi, today you brought me the shame of Dongdao Budo! Someone will definitely get it back!”

Levi sneered: “The first Lord is defeated, who else?”

“Our Dongdao is strong because of our unyielding will and our Bushido spirit!”

“I believe that sooner or later, there will be a samurai who will challenge you and defeat you!”

Watanabe Tenner roared.

Levi smiled: “Okay, I’ll wait!”

“But before I let you die, I also have a question for you!”

“Why did the Blood King Palace come back? They were obviously wiped out?”

Levi said his doubts.

Hearing this, Watanabe Tianyi smiled: “Do you want to know?”

“Think, say!”

Chapter 1260

“You never know this secret!”


Suddenly Watanabe Tenner gave a perverted smile and stabbed a samurai sword into his abdomen.


He knelt on the ground and shouted at the front: “Bushido is immortal!”

This short knife was coated with poison, and the moment it stabbed, Tian Watanabe died.

There is no chance of saving…

Levi also wants to know the secret of the return of the Blood King Palace…

This time the clue was completely broken.

But it doesn’t matter!

He avenged his brothers!

“The grievance is avenged, brothers will take you home next!!!”

Levi shouted.

He had ordered people to collect all the bodies of 357 people including Marshall, but some of them were too miserable.

So Levi decided to cremate everything.

Packed in urns.

Brothers can’t be buried in a foreign country, they have to go back to their homeland, back to Morendam!

Fallen leaves return to their roots!

They are Morendam’s men and Morendam’s heroes!

Levi wants to set up a tombstone for them on the land of Morendam!

Later, Levi and the Northern Heavenly King left the Tower of the Sun.

One hundred thousand people cried when they watched the two step out of the Tower of the Sun.

The two came out intact.

It means that the demon sword is defeated!

Higashishima Budo is defeated again!

This time the vitality was severely injured, and I was afraid that it would be more than a hundred years back.


This day will be remembered forever by Higashishima Budo!

If this shame is not washed away, Higashishima Budo will not be able to lift his head.

The news spread out quickly–

The lord of the Zhentian Temple and the Northern Heavenly King, who is in charge of martial arts, killed Xiangdong Island alone!

First cut the two Lords, Yuta Yamamoto and Ichiro Mitsui;

Later, there was a tens of thousands of Toshima samurai;

In the end, he defeated the Seven Great Lords at the tallest tower in the Eastern Continent and killed the Great Army Lord Watanabe Tenner. Especially the first Lord of the East Island-Demon Sword also lost.

As soon as the news came out, the whole world exploded.


Zhentiandian is too strong!

Compared with the previous Blood King Palace, it was much stronger than before.

Not one level at all!

Before the Blood King Palace was a single force that was too difficult to destroy, so it was evaluated as the number one organization in the dark world.

Today’s Zhentian Temple is taking the initiative to attack, causing waves of storms overseas.

Especially this time after the Battle of the Conferred Gods on the East Island, his position was completely established.

Was quickly rated as the most dangerous force in the world, the dangerous level-sssss.

In fact, Zhentian Hall and Blood King Hall are not the same thing at all.

The Palace of the Blood King is good at assassination, sabotage, and threats to others.

Zhentiandian was just for revenge.

However, the act of revenge was even more terrifying and cruel than the Blood King Palace in everyone’s eyes.

For a while, all parts of the world were talking about Zhentian Temple.

Especially in Morendam.

Levi’s defenders all said, “If Garrison Warshen is still there, I’m afraid that only he can destroy the Zhentian Temple, right?”

“Yes, Zhentian Temple is even more arrogant than the original Blood King Hall! If Garrison Zhangod is here, I definitely can’t stand it.”

“Garrison Warshen is here, and he doesn’t have the arrogance of Zhentian Temple!”

These remarks happened to be heard by Woodrow.

He is very angry!

Obviously he is now sitting in the seat of God of War.

The person everyone missed was Levi.

Everyone wants Levi to be alive and get rid of Zhentian Temple.

Can’t he Woodrow?

He defeated Levi at the beginning.

“I want to move the Zhentian Temple!”

Woodrow expressed his thoughts.

“But Colin won’t let us…”

Just halfway through the seven killings, Woodrow’s stern eyes stopped him.

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