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Chapter 1291

Woodrow is only suitable for being a fighter.

Levi is suitable to be the commander-in-chief.

After that, he gave the magic medicine into the hands of the Eastern Heavenly King.

Let people analyze the ingredients inside.

See if you can produce energy.

“He didn’t embarrass you, did he?”

Said after the plum was dyed in.

“No, he wants me to get better!”

Levi smiled.

Levi asked curiously: “By the way, why didn’t you see your parents?”

Logically speaking, he came back in a wheelchair.

Logan and Mann’s family definitely came to stop him and Sarah from dyeing.

This time it was a bit abnormal, I haven’t seen anyone for a long time.

It’s really strange!

“The eldest brother-in-law had a car accident, they are too busy!”

Plum dyed.

The day before yesterday, Cross Wentao went racing with someone, and ended up in a car accident.

It is said that the damage was severe and some organs were severely damaged.

Cross Wentao’s position in Mann’s family is extremely important, and everyone is busy dealing with this matter.

I don’t even care about Levi coming here.

“Oh? Really? That’s a good thing!”

Levi smiled.

Sarah smiled and said nothing.

She has no affection for her eldest brother-in-law at all.

But that’s okay, no one will disturb their lives.

Outside the intensive care unit of the best hospital in the provincial capital.

Melina and Cross Wentao’s grandparents are waiting anxiously.

Cross Wentao’s situation is very bad. He has been in the intensive care unit for two days and two nights.

This is a danger signal.

Concubine Mann Jun was so nervous that she was sweating.

They used huge financial resources to invite a team of experts to treat Cross Wentao.

At this time, the experts had just finished discussing the meeting and came to the court.

“How is expert West’s situation?”

Mann Jianguo asked.

Expert West shook his head: “The situation is very bad, his organs are seriously damaged! Need to be replaced!”

“Then change it! What are you waiting for?”

Mann Junfei said.

“But the matching organs in the hospital inventory are gone, and a kidney is needed!”

West expert said.

“Then adjust it from other places, or see if anyone has donated it! We can afford it!”

Melina began to worry.

Expert West shook his head: “It’s not a question of money or money, it’s really gone! And if you transfer from another place, you won’t have enough time!”

“Then what to do?”

Yigan people hesitated.

Looking at each other.

At a loss.

“There is a way-if someone donates a kidney, that’s the best! If you remove it on the spot and use it, the probability of a successful operation is very high!”

Expert West looked at everyone.


Everyone hesitated now.

Not as determined as before.

If it’s blood, everyone is willing.

But who wants to donate a kidney?

I’m afraid Cross Wentao’s parents are not willing, right?

It’s even more impossible on Mann’s side.

Everyone can only be you looking at me, I looking at you, no one makes a sound.

Expert West looked helpless: “Well, you can discuss and discuss yourself! See who can donate a kidney! There is not much time, I will give you six hours!”

After Expert West left, everyone exploded.

There are discussions about where to find kidney donors.

Six hours is like finding a needle in a haystack.

If you don’t meet people who are in urgent need of money, you will not donate your kidneys.

In order to succeed, a good kidney is needed.

It is best to be a strong young man.

Cross Wentao’s parents said, “In-laws, do you have a suitable young man in the Mann family?”

“No no.”

Melina immediately refused.

At this time, Concubine Mann Jun suddenly shouted: “I think of someone-Levi.”

Chapter 1292

As soon as Concubine Mann Jun reminded, everyone in the Mann family remembered, and their eyes lit up.


Why didn’t they expect Levi!

Everyone knows the news of Levi’s return.

Just no time to take care of it.

Concubine Mann Jun immediately said: “Although Levi is alive, he is disabled and needs to be in a wheelchair for life. He can’t stand up. What’s the difference between one more kidney and one less kidney?”

Melina nodded: “Yes! The kidneys are all vital and indispensable to normal people. But for a disabled person like Levi, it’s useless!”

“Yeah, he was a useless person! The organ doesn’t matter to him. We only need one kidney, and we keep one for him! It won’t affect him or anything!”

Mann Jianguo said righteous words.

“That’s right, the quality of life with fewer kidneys does decrease, and people will be weaker and unable to work. But Levi is a useless person, and having fewer kidneys has no effect on him at all!”

“Yes, Levi is the most suitable! Take out a kidney to save Wentao!”

Others agreed.

Just look for Levi.

Cross Wentao’s family was ecstatic.

“My Wen Tao is saved!”

Concubine Mann Jun was even more delighted: “I’ll go to Jiangbei right away! Bring Levi back and have an operation now!”

“But you have thought about a question-will Levi agree to it?”

Mann Kuofei asked questions.


“This matter can still be his own decision? Can it be left to him?”

Melina snorted coldly.

“Yes, that’s right. Levi is not qualified to call the shots on this matter. We are what we say.”

“A disabled person still has the right to speak?”

“The biggest problem in this matter is Sarah. If she wants to know, she absolutely disagrees.”

Someone mentioned the point.

Plum dyeing is the most important point.

As for Levi, it was a tool in their eyes.

Can only be at the mercy of others!

“Let’s do this, we hide from Sarah, secretly bring Levi back, and directly remove the kidney for him. When Sarah knows, there is nothing to do!”

Mann Jun Fei suggested.

“Well, this method is really good.”

“In this way, you immediately go to Jiangbei and bring Levi back!”

Melina ordered.

Concubine Mann Jun quickly went straight to Jiangbei with people.

After arriving at the residence, Levi was the only one.

This surprised him.

What are they here for?

“Come here, do it, take him away for me!”

Concubine Mann Jun gave an order, and the brawny men who followed her lifted Levi and the wheelchair, and immediately loaded them into the car.

The Northern Heavenly King and the others wanted to make a move, but they saw Levi’s gesture.

They followed in the dark…

Levi did not resist, allowing them to take himself away.

Mainly want to see what they are going to do?

Bringing Levi, Concubine Mann Jun ran all the way, for fear of delaying one second.

Soon, Levi was taken to the hospital.

Concubine Mann Jun has prepared the hospital in advance, and the operation will be carried out as soon as Levi arrives.

So experts like West have been waiting for Levi to come.

“Expert West has arrived, please start the operation immediately!” Mann Junfei pushed Levi in front of everyone.

Expert West nodded: “Well, your speed is indeed fast enough!”

With that said, Expert West looked at Levi and asked: “Sir, did you donate a kidney voluntarily to save Mr. Cross Wentao?”

“What? Donate a kidney?”

Levi looked dumbfounded and looked at him incredulously.

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