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Chapter 1289

Jingcheng Garrison’s family also received the news of Levi’s return for the first time.

“What? This kid can recover?”

Lawrence was shocked to hear.

If Levi recovers, he will definitely come to him.

After all, the Garrison Family committed so many evil deeds.

“Then you can only completely get rid of Levi before he recovers!”

A cold light flashed in Lawrence’s eyes.

The Garrison family agreed.

Once Levi was restored to its previous level, the Garrison family would disappear.

“Now that this kid is still a waste, it is easy for us to kill him.

I didn’t do anything before because of face. But now it’s different. If we don’t kill him, he will kill us! “

The Garrison Family was determined to kill, after all, the current Levi was still a waste in their eyes.

It’s easy to kill now.

“What? He? I…”

After Long Aoqing heard this, her face was savage, and her eyes were about to fly out.

Her appearance was terrifying, and even Lawrence took a breath.

My mouth is even more gurgling, saying that a lot of people don’t understand.

Lawrence began to doubt.

Why did Long Aoqing show such an abnormal look when she heard Levi’s name?

“Hey, the doctor said that the lady is immersed in the pain of losing the young Lord, and it is difficult to recover!”

“Yeah, so Madam’s state is not stimulating. Once you hear the name Levi, you will go crazy!”

Sure enough, when Levi was mentioned, Long Aoqing went crazy.

In fact, Long Aoqing felt like a mirror in her heart.

But the brain is not under her control, and the mouth is even more out of control.

She can only express it in such a weird way.

But everyone just thought that she hadn’t alleviated the pain of losing Garrison West.

“By the way, Patriarch I heard that something big happened. The people of the Northern Liang family sect died in the dunya, it seems that they were in the capital!”

“This person’s identity is still terrifying, he turned out to be Woodrow’s Lord!”

At this time someone raised this question.


Upon hearing this, Long Aoqing shouted like crazy.

Everyone was surprised.

But I didn’t take it seriously.

“Hurry up and take Madam down!”

Lawrence was upset and ordered people to take Long Aoqing away.

Although Long Aoqing struggled, she was taken away.

“Qing’er, don’t worry, I will repay West’er’s hatred! Levi will never live if my son is dead!”

Lawrence promised.

Long Aoqing struggled very hard, but was dragged away.

“If that’s the case, it would be a big trouble, that’s the gatekeeper of Beiliang!”

Lawrence took a breath.

“And Gao Qingyu is also dead, things are very weird, I doubt it is related.”

That humane.

“Isn’t it? Things are too abnormal recently. Prince Logan has died, and Williams, the head of the Black Gold Consortium, has died. Who did this?”

Lawrence looked complicated: “Wait and see, I hope I won’t involve my Garrison family.”

Levi, far in Jiangbei, was with his family.

Sarah just regained the company and changed its name.

Boyd Xiao pushed him around the company.

This is the first time Levi has come to the company two years later.

It is more than ten times larger than the previous scale.

It shows the ability of plum dyeing.

Erick’s parents also specially came to see Levi.

They treated Levi as a son.

The day was fairly peaceful, and no one came.

But Levi knew that this was the tranquility before the storm.

The next day.

Unexpectedly, the first person to come turned out to be…

Chapter 1290

The first person to come turned out to be seven kills!

“What are you doing?”

Sarah watched the seven kills vigilantly.

“Don’t worry, I’m here to help Mr. Garrison!”

Qisha smiled and said.

Levi said, “Sarah, I will talk to him alone!”

Sarah looked at it for a while and left.

“Mr. Garrison, my purpose is very simple, to give you some magical medicine! Help you recover!”

Seven kills indicate the purpose.


Levi was taken aback.

“Lord sent me to give you the magic medicine! This is Lord’s unique healing medicine! It will greatly help your body recovery!”

Seven Kills took out an exquisite box, and immediately, the fragrance of the medicine was tangy.

Woodrow came from Beiliang Gate Valve.

They possess ancient medical skills that are ancient to lost.

Not to mention the resurrection of the dead, it is absolutely amazing to cure diseases and wounds, and modern medicine is completely incomparable.

Beiliang Gate Valve has many magical drugs.

The people in the door can almost be said to be immune to all diseases.

It is supported by powerful ancient medical techniques.

This is unimaginable in modern society.

After all, it is not accessible.

When Woodrow went down the mountain, he brought a lot of healing medicine.

So that it can be used in times of crisis.

In the last battle with Levi, he was actually seriously injured.

But after taking this magical medicine, he recovered quickly.

“What does Woodrow mean?”

Levi couldn’t help asking while holding the medicine box.

“Lord’s meaning is very simple, let you recover to the peak as soon as possible, and he will fight you again! He will defeat you again and break all doubts!”

The seven kills directly showed the purpose.

“Let’s take it quickly, get up from the wheelchair early and have another fight with my Lord!”

Qisha urged.

Levi smiled and said, “Well, my battle with Woodrow is inevitable! Tell him to prepare well! Otherwise it will be too easy to win!”

Hearing that, the seven kills almost went violently.

“Are you in a wheelchair now, dare to speak up?”

“Lord just defeated Zhentian Temple! He is the strongest king! You are far inferior to him!”

“Lord wants you to recover and fight you again, not because he jealous of you to prove himself, but the obsession in his heart!”

Seven kills an angry road.

Levi laughed.

Regardless of his identity, Woodrow has never seen the world.

“Go back and give me the words Woodrow-sitting on the well and watching the sky.”

Levi smiled and saw off the guests.

Seven kills left with a belly of anger.

“Levi seems to be very dissatisfied! Let Lord beat him again, and you will know what the sky is!”

Levi smiled.

Today’s Woodrow is in full swing.

After defeating the Zhentian Temple, he became famous and feared by everyone overseas.

Woodrow is already immersed in this kind of glory, and it is easy to lose himself.

I thought I was invincible…

But Levi didn’t care, as long as it was good for Morendam, he didn’t care.

Looking at the magical medicine in his hand, Levi had an idea–

If everyone in Morendam’s warriors is equipped with such healing medicine, will the casualties on the battlefield be greatly reduced?

After all, this miraculous medicine is very effective in healing injuries.

Modern medicine is no good, it takes a lot of time and equipment, and even the environment is very demanding.

This seriously affected the combat effectiveness!

As soon as this idea came out, Levi was thinking about planning.

It may be difficult to popularize this kind of drug, but it is better than none!

A little bit!

You can try!

This is the difference between Levi and Woodrow.

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