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Chapter 1295

In fifty minutes, Sarah drove to the hospital.

It can be seen how fast she is, she almost ran the red light all the way.

“You are late, the operation has been performed for an hour!”

When Concubine Mann Jun saw her, she smiled contemptuously.

“You are so cruel! Why don’t you donate it yourself?”

Sarah yelled at the crowd.

“Levi is now a waste, should he make some contribution to the family?”

“Furthermore, just take one of his kidneys, and leave one for him. It doesn’t affect anything!”

Everyone present looks like a matter of course.

Sarah is going crazy.

Originally, Levi’s body could get better.

But if you want to take away a kidney, it will directly break Levi’s path to recovery.

“No, I want to stop!”

Sarah is about to break into the operating room.

But it was stopped by everyone.

As the operation continued, Sarah could only wait in despair.

It lasted for several hours before the alarm in the operating room was lifted.

This means that the operation was successful.

Soon Cross Wentao was carried out and transferred to the intensive care unit.

“What’s the situation? Doctor!”

Everyone gathered around.

“The operation went well!”

Expert West smiled.

“It’s great! It’s great!”

A group of people shouted excitedly.

Everyone smiled satisfied.

But no one cared about what happened to Levi.

Sarah rushed into the operating room immediately.

Seeing Levi sitting in a wheelchair, she was relieved.

She immediately hugged Levi and kept crying.

“Don’t cry, am I okay? There is nothing to worry about!”

Levi touched her head.

Sarah really thought that Levi had his kidney removed and kept crying.

In fact, who would dare to remove Levi’s kidney?

Isn’t that looking for death?

But why did Cross Wentao recover again?

There is no other reason.

Levi used the ancient medicine given by Woodrow to Cross Wentao.

It is also an experiment.

What is the effect of trying this medicine?

Can it be called a magic drug?

The result is obvious.

It’s a magic medicine!

Even if Cross Wentao’s kidney is severely damaged, after taking the magic medicine, the effect is amazing.

Even after being repaired seven or eighty-eight, Cross Wentao didn’t need to change his kidney.

This surprised Levi!

If this magic drug is promoted, that would be great!

How much less blood do the soldiers of Morendam shed?

Four gate valves, right?

It seems I have to find you sooner or later!

“Do you feel weak or how?”

Sarah looked at Levi.

But these days, because Levi was in a wheelchair, the Western Heavenly King even gave him a very weak look.

So it really looks like a kidney has been taken away.

Levi shook his head: “I’m fine, I actually…”

At this time, footsteps sounded, and Melina and the others walked in.

Sarah thought they were here to thank.

As a result, Mann Jianguo smiled and said, “Look, I said it’s okay to donate a kidney!”

“Yeah, you can’t be weakened by looking at it, at least there is still a kidney!”

“Isn’t it, I’m a disabled person, it doesn’t matter whether it has that kidney or not! It’s better to rely on people to feed soft rice!”

Everyone sneered.

In the words, they were saying that Levi should donate his kidney.

Sarah looked at the crowd with his eyes: “My husband used a kidney to save people. You didn’t even say a word of thanks, but rather sarcasm? Did your conscience go too far?”

Chapter 1296

Now everyone thought that Levi took out a kidney and saved Cross Wentao.

Sarah also thinks so.

“Now that King’s Landing is Cross Wentao’s lifesaver, you can’t thank you too much! How can anyone like you?”

Sarah is really chilling.

In the face of family interests, they thoroughly used Levi as a tool.

“Let us thank him? How is it possible?”

“This is what he should do! He should thank us! If it weren’t for us, who would take in a disabled person?”

“He took out a kidney, this is what he should do! Does he want to eat for nothing? Really take himself seriously?”

All the Mann family members have this tone.

Of course.

Levi should contribute to the family, it should be.

“Furthermore, it is his honour to let him take out a kidney to save Wentao. No one else has the chance to save it!”

Mann Junfei said.


Both Levi and Sarah were taken aback.

What do you mean?

Levi took a kidney to save people, but it turned out to be his honor.

As if saving Cross Wentao is a gift.

Is there anything more shameless than this?

However, the Logan and Mann family have been doing this kind of operations all the time.

There is only more shameless, not the most shameless.

“Don’t say anything else, this is Junjun’s father, do you have the heart to see Junjun’s father like this?”

Sarah looked at Melina, Mann Jianguo and others.

They love Jun Jun very much.

“What’s wrong with Junjun? No matter what, it’s Levi’s seed! This little thing and Levi are both dragging you down!”

Melina is humane.

Sarah became more shocked.

Didn’t they treat Junjun particularly well?

She instantly understood…

It turned out that it was because Mr. Lin loved Junjun so much, so they pretended to love Junjun.

Now Mr. Lin has severed the relationship.

They immediately regained their original appearance.

No wonder even Junjun doesn’t even look at it now…

“What is it that drags me down? My current career is also the foundation of King’s Landing, okay? King’s Landing does not rely on me to support him, his own property can protect him from worry for the rest of his life!”

Sarah argued.

“His industry? What does it have to do with him? Now Erick Group is yours and has nothing to do with him!”

“Yes, the Erick Group’s surname is Logan, what does it have to do with the surname Garrison?”

Everyone directly ignored Levi, it was plum dyed by the bite.

“I can’t communicate with you!”

Sarah glared at everyone, then pushed Levi away.


Totally chilling!

The Logan family is like this.

The same goes for the Mann family.

Everyone is so selfish.

Consider only for your own benefit.

You can even do whatever it takes!

Watching the two leave.

“Grandpa and grandma, I feel that Sarah has lost herself now! How can you think about dragging a disabled person with a few kidneys and a small thing? She is the boss of the Erick Group!”

Mann Junfei said.

“Isn’t it, I will destroy my hands sooner or later!”

Cross Wentao’s parents said.

“What can I do then?”

Melina also has this concern.

Mann Jianguo also nodded thoughtfully.

“I think it is better to control Erick Group in your hands!”

“Can’t such a big foundation be so corrupted?”

Mann Jun Fei suggested.

“Yes, I think so too! It is difficult for Sarah to control such a large enterprise by himself, especially now.”

“Yes, it’s better to be in the hands of a family than to be in the hands of one person.”

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