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Chapter 1297

The Mann family began to get the idea of ​​Sarah’s company.

Before they were guilty, but they didn’t dare.

Because Sarah was covered by Old Man Lin, they didn’t dare to think otherwise.

It’s different now.

“Well, everyone think about how to get the Erick Group into our own hands?”

“Sarah is not easy to deal with, she has to think of a way to let her hand it over willingly!”

Melina and Mann Jianguo looked at each other.

They were half buried in the ground, and they wanted to develop the Mann family.

This is their mission and goal.

They are willing to give up everything for the family.

Therefore, Erick Group is bound to win.

“Grandpa and grandma, can you see if this works? We are like this…”

Concubine Mann Jun reached into Melina’s ear and whispered.

“Huh? Isn’t this a bit too much?”

Mann Jianguo was surprised.

Melina said immediately: “I think it works! This method is very straightforward!”

“Yes, we just need to achieve the goal!”

Concubine Mann Jun nodded.

“Let’s discuss it again!”

Mann Jianguo holds different opinions.

“No, that’s it. Dang Duan keeps being upset! Taking advantage of his illness to kill him! Now that Levi happens to be like this, it’s a good time for us!”

“Yeah, how good Levi was before! Now he is not even a F*rt. If you don’t deal with him at this time, when will you deal with him?”

Concubine Mann Jun is humane.

“That’s it!”

Melina bit her to death.

“Then let the Logan family know a little about this matter…”

Mann Jianguo suggested.

Melina nodded: “That’s right, our family eats it, I’m afraid it will be difficult. It is better for the two to unite.”

Sarah never thought that this was just the beginning.

Taking away Levi’s kidney is nothing at all.

After returning to Jiangbei, Sarah specially hired nursing staff to take care of Levi.

After all, he had just had a kidney removed.

At this moment, the Garrison family was already on the way to Jiangbei.

Lawrence came in person.

He wants to completely eradicate Levi.

“What? Levi had one of his kidneys removed?”

After Lawrence heard the news, he was happy to speak out.

“It’s really a mouse crossing the street, everyone shouts and beats! I can’t wait to see him!”

Lawrence sneered.

Soon after, the Garrison Clan from Jingcheng came to Jiangbei.

They went straight to Levi’s residence.

At this moment, Sarah is busy.

Ollie went to buy groceries.

In the villa, only Levi and his children were left. As for the nursing staff, Levi left.

Lawrence and his party appeared menacingly in front of Levi.

“Levi, you have this day too!”

Lawrence sneered.

Levi sighed, “Why are you guys? What annoying!”

“Hurry up! You are not the ones I’m waiting for!”

Levi was waiting for those enemies hidden in the dark.

Rather than Lawrence, a villain who finds fault.


This sentence made Lawrence and the others stunned.

Levi, why is this?

The key is that he is calm and calm, and he doesn’t seem like a wounded person at all.

Where does he get this confidence?

“You have a share for my wife, daughter and mother, right? I didn’t go looking for you, did you send it to the door yourself?”

Levi suddenly lowered his voice and said in a low voice.

“Levi, are you still looking for trouble with us? Why are you disabled now? You want to scare me?”

Lawrence roared.

“Just rely on this!!!”

Suddenly, there was a cold drink and exploded.

Suddenly a group of people appeared around the villa…

Chapter 1298

All black uniforms, the demon angel mask on the face is especially weird!

They are also good and evil!

Positive, then protect Morendam, the country’s most important weapon.

Evil will kill thousands of enemies, and blood will flow into a river.




A handful of Tang knives gleamed with the cold light, revealing a cold killing intent.

Where the blade is directed, the world is invincible.

Lawrence and his party were besieged, and pointed their swords at them!


Seeing the familiar dress, Lawrence couldn’t help being stunned.

“This…this is the Zhentian Temple?”

Lawrence’s mouth began to tremble.

No matter how Woodrow suppressed Zhentian Temple, his Garrison Family could not provoke him.

Everyone in the Garrison family had scalp numb, blood flowed back, and couldn’t help but gasp.

“Yes! It’s Zhentian Temple!”

Levi’s voice sounded.

It is an incredible scene.

Levi actually got up from the wheelchair holding Junjun.

Lawrence’s eyes were about to fly out.

“This…what’s the situation?”

Isn’t Levi a waste?

How could he stand up?

Can you walk around like a normal person?

What’s the matter with Zhentiandian?

A series of questions will blow everyone’s heads!

Levi is fine.

Seeing this posture, he should be the Lord of Zhentian Temple!

And Long Aoqing’s abnormality…

He suddenly thought of Long Aoqing’s previous actions and the disappearance of several people from Beiliang’s clan Fu Shenlin and the disappearance of Gao Qingyu.

These seem to have something to do with Levi!



too frightening!

This this this…

When he thought of this, he was wet with cold sweat.

“Lawrence naively think I dare not move Garrison’s family?”

Levi’s icy voice sounded.

Let everyone in the Garrison family shudder.

Lawrence’s body began to tremble, and he stared at him with red eyes: “So you are fine at all! You have been hiding behind and planning everything! Everyone has been fooled by you!”

“Well, it’s smart! It’s a pity that I understood it too late!”

Levi snorted coldly.

The Garrison family repeatedly provoked and did extraordinary things to him and his family.

Levi can’t bear it anymore!

This is unbearable!

Everyone bullied him on his nose!

He can only fight back!

“Do you really think I don’t kill people?”

Levi’s eyes were full of boiling killing intent.




The Lords of the Zhentian Temple shouted together.



Everyone in the Garrison family knelt to the ground in fright.

Lawrence couldn’t bear such pressure, and fell to the ground with a thud.

Only at this moment did he realize that Levi was really terrifying.

Even Woodrow was deceived!

He should have a mission to do this!

He seems to be waiting for someone?

No wonder he said at the beginning that he was not waiting for himself!

Did an unknown person like yourself hit the muzzle?

“Does Lawrence acknowledge what he has done?”

Levi asked.


“Do you know your mistake?”


“You seem to be here to kill me, right?”

Levi asked.


Lawrence was speechless.

His purpose is indeed so!

He should have thought of…

What kind of abnormal behavior Long Aoqing!

The abnormality of the capital.

And the death of Logan Zhengshuo.

They are all pointing the fuse to Levi.

But like everyone else, he was deceived, thinking that Levi was disabled.

It’s impossible to do all this!

“My daughter is here, I don’t want to kill, but I think of a way to punish you!”

Levi said coldly.

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