The Protector Novel Levi Garrison Chapter 1357 – 1358

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Chapter 1357

“Want to know the secret from us? Give up!”

“In the end Morendam will perish, and you will all die!”

Poison Yanluo and Tang Yulong gave out hideous smiles.

They bit off the poison hidden in their mouths.

Soon the two of them vomited blood in their mouths, their eyes turned out, and their eyes protruded…


In order to keep a secret, the two chose to commit suicide.

“Oh shit!”

Levi hammered the ground fiercely.

This kind of poison and hidden weapon is the most difficult to prevent.

If they are sincerely thinking, there is no way at all.

At this time, Levi came to the Tyrannosaurus people bored.

The faces of everyone are still incredible.

It was shocking!

He is too strong!

Tyrannosaurus looked at Levi and said: “I admit that we were wrong before and shouldn’t treat you like that! But can’t you take action earlier? Why did you choose to take action after we were injured?”

Everyone looked at Levi puzzledly.

Why did you make the shot so late?

Doesn’t it reduce casualties if you shoot early?

Levi sneered, “I persuaded you before, but you didn’t listen to it!”

“Adults must be responsible for their actions and what they have said!”


Everyone is speechless.

If everyone listened to Levi and changed course in time, they wouldn’t encounter these demon heads and Lords.

No one will be injured or killed in that way.

They are all to blame for this.

No one can blame them for hurting them.

They can only blame themselves.

This is a punishment for them.

They have to endure silently.

At this time reinforcements arrived.

When Colin saw Levi carrying the box, everyone smiled with satisfaction.

“Fortunately! Fortunately we let you follow!”

Levi shook his head helplessly: “However, they are all dead. I didn’t get any information or clues.”

“The task has been completed, you don’t need to blame yourself!”

“I’m waiting to meet the king of the word side by side!”

Colin knelt down and met Levi.


“A word side by side king? Is he a word side by side king?”

“Oh my god! The mysterious king of the word side by side turned out to be Levi?”

The eyes of the tyrannosaurus on the ground were about to fly out.

This is the most incredible thing they have ever heard.

Levi turned out to be the king of the word side by side?



Colin is not a fool!

Why not let Fan Shengnan and Woodrow come?

Did Levi come here?

That’s because Levi is the most sure!

“Is this a burden?”

“Is this disabled?”

“This is the fucking king!”

Everyone is going crazy!

Everyone is ashamed of all the stupid things they have done before, and can’t wait to apologize with death.

“It is our mistake to be the king of the word side by side!”

“We dare not ask for your forgiveness!”

“We are grateful to the king, if it weren’t for you, our mission would have failed!”

Everyone in Tyrannosaurus was about to cry.

Lie on the ground to apologize to Levi.

Levi ignored them, but came to the masked Lords lying on the ground.

Colin also followed up: “We can only rely on them to collect useful information!”

Because the four big monsters actually don’t have any information mining.

Levi waved his hand.

Several Colin stepped forward and took off the masks on their faces one by one.

The next moment is particularly shocking!


When they saw the faces of these people clearly, everyone uttered a cold breath.

Including Levi…

He was also shocked!


Chapter 1358

Because the faces under the mask are totally unrecognizable.

The faces are terrifying and scary!

Worse than ghosts!

The scars crisscrossed, completely disfigured.

Everyone is like this!

To what extent is the face damaged?

Even the most advanced face recognition technology cannot tell who they are?

“I see! These people cover their faces with masks to hide their scars, and such scars don’t want anyone to recognize them!”

“Even if they are caught or killed, they will not be distinguished by us!”

“What a mysterious and cautious organization!”

Levi took a breath.

“It’s terrible!”

Others were also frightened.

It seems that this organization is even more terrifying than imagined!

No wonder there are no clues left for so many years.

Such a meticulous operation.

It’s hard to stay.

As for the traitors like Poison Yama, they used it in a big way.

And these people would rather die than speak out.

It shows the tightness of this organization!

“I’m more and more interested in getting these people out!”

Levi’s eyes ignited intense interest.

“But it is also difficult. The four main gates and the major hidden forces abided by the agreement before they were born. They still operated an incident that was unfavorable to Morendam, let alone completely free. They are more convenient to move and can hide! “

Colin expressed his worries.

Levi smiled: “But this has also increased the chance of their appearance! With this kind of opportunity, they will act more and more in the future!”

“That’s true! There will be Lao’s word side by side!”

Colin was humane.

“Don’t worry, they won’t get rid of them for a day. I, Levi, will definitely hold on to them!”

Levi’s domineering way.

Looking at Levi’s appearance, Tyrannosaurus and the others were both worshipped and ashamed.

This is the country’s most important weapon!

It is worthy of the name of the god of war and the king.

“How important is this genetic medicine?”

Levi asked.

“One word side by side, the king tells you the truth! This gene liquid medicine is mainly used to make a special effect medicine!”

“This drug is a fusion of modern biotechnology and Morendam’s ancient medical techniques, and is made with some extremely precious medicinal materials. To be exaggerated, this drug can have the effect of resurrecting the dead! It is used to save life at the most critical moment!”

Colin explained.

Levi smiled and said, “Is it for your life?”

That should be stronger than the drugs brought by Woodrow and Fan Shengnan.

“Yes, it’s a bit exaggerated to come back from the dead! But you can definitely save your life at a critical moment! It’s absolutely possible to extend your life!”

“According to the results of the experiment, when some patients are on the verge of death, taking drugs not only guarantees their survival, but also prolongs their life span by at least three years!”

“Other people take it to prolong life for seven or eight years and change their physical physique!”

After listening, Levi understood.

No wonder so many people want this genetic medicine.

This medicine can almost bring back the dead.

“After the drug is born, it will be distributed in the form of rewards to those who have contributed to Morendam!”

“Don’t worry, you also have a share of the word side by side! This is what you deserve!”

Colin assured.

Levi smiled.

This medicine can be given to mothers and wives and daughters.

Useful at critical moments!

Can let him have no worries.

On the other side, in a manor in Fengtian City next to the capital.

“What? The mission failed?”

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