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Chapter 1359

The leader wears a black dragon mask, although he can’t see his face clearly.

But you can imagine that he is angry at this moment!

“Isn’t it possible? Can’t the four demon be gone?”

“Although Colin is strong, those people are too easy to deal with! How could they fail?”

The man in the black dragon mask said in a low voice: “It is said that the guard has arranged a word side by side king!”

“What? One word side by side?”

“Colin’s good method, let Tangtang escort the king side by side? They can’t figure it out!”

The black dragon mask sighed: “Yes! I didn’t expect it! He is really strong, and the four monsters are not opponents! Fortunately, we did not leave any clues!”

“Chief, Prince William of the Eagle Nation asked if we succeeded?”

“Tell Prince William, we failed!”

The black dragon mask said coldly.

“Prince William said that in order to get what we want, he must come up with what he is satisfied with from other aspects!”

Soon, Prince William responded.

The man in the black dragon mask said solemnly: “How about killing a few people?”

“Huh? Who to kill?”

Others asked.

“An idiot like Watanabe Tenner will only try to kill Levi! What’s the point? It’s just a useless person!”

“We kill the active duty if we want to kill! I plan to kill Woodrow and Fan Shengnan as a gift to Prince William! He will definitely like it!”

“Okay, this method is good!”

Others echoed.

The man in the black dragon mask sneered; “Okay, listen to my orders-the next plan is called Hunting the God of War, and the targets are Fan Shengnan and Woodrow.”

Levi returned to Jiangbei that day.

Fan Shengnan’s guards didn’t notice it.

“Xiaobei took me to the ancestral home of the Logan family, I’m going to see Junjun and Sarah!”

Levi missed this wife.

Although the old lady imposed a ban in the name of the Xishu clan, what about Levi?

In this world, who can restrain him?

Soon, the Northern Heavenly King took him to the house of Logan’s ancestors.

In front of the gate, Jun Jun was playing, and when he saw Levi coming, the little guy rushed up.


Levi held the little baby in his arms.

“Does Junjun miss Dad?”

“Think about it! Boo…”

Jun Jun kissed Levi’s face.

Jun Jun shouted excitedly: “I said that my father will come to see me and my mother soon…”

Junjun’s movement attracted everyone in the ancestral house.

“what happened?”

Katie rushed out first.

When she saw Levi, she immediately roared: “Levi, what are you doing? Hurry up and put Junjun down for me!”

“Are you talking about the ban from grandma? You don’t have the right to see Junjun and Sarah right now!”

Levi ignored him at all and continued to hold Junjun.

“You won’t put Junjun down for me…”

Katie rushed over menacingly.

She wanted to snatch Junjun from Levi’s hands.


King Bei Tian stopped in front of her at once, grabbed her wrist, making Katie unable to move.

“Let me go! Do you know who I am?”

The Logan family is now in full swing.

Better than the Garrison Clan in Beijing!

People like Katie are even more arrogant.

I thought that the whole Morendam was walking sideways, and no one paid attention to it.

“I care who you are!”

The Northern Heavenly King sneered.

“Remove your stinky hands! Otherwise, you will die!”

Katie said angrily.

The Northern Heavenly King pushed her away.

After Katie stood firm, she roared: “Come here, Levi is here, take Junjun away!”

Chapter 1360

Katie’s words quickly caused a chain reaction.

The ancestral home of the Logan family was boiling.

Dozens and hundreds of people rushed out.

In the end, everyone came to the court surrounded by the old lady.

There are also several super Lords of the Western Shu family.

Not to mention the god-level Lord…

“Levi, you are so bold! How dare you ignore the ban and come to see Junjun privately?”

“You are looking for death!!!”

Mike and Alfred scolded angrily.

“Yes, I must teach him a little lesson this time. The god of war was there last time, so he is lucky! Where do I see him going this time?”

Nick had asked Levi to surround them for fear that they would run away.

Dale sneered: “I heard that your goddess of war has left, so I came to find a son again?”

Edith echoed: “Yes, how smart Levi is, knowing that our Logan family is extraordinary nowadays. He must have come back to swear!”

Doug beard silently: “Isn’t it? In terms of background, my Logan family is better than that female god of war! Levi naturally wants to climb my Logan family?”

Faced with the accusations made by the Logan family, Levi didn’t take it seriously.

He is still playing with the Junjun in his arms.

“It seems to Levi that you didn’t take my words as the same thing? Before you are qualified, I will never allow you to meet Jun Jun and Niang!”

The old lady said angrily.

“May I ask what status you are now?”

The old lady asked seriously.

“Junjun’s father! Sarah’s husband!”

“Don’t be slick! What I asked was that you came to see them in identity?”

The old lady is already getting angry.

“My identity is a citizen of Morendam, Morendam is behind me! I represent Morendam!”

Levi approached.

The meaning of his words is very simple, he is the king of the word side by side, and naturally represents Da Xia.

“Hahaha…I’m also a damn citizen of Morendam, which also represents Morendam. You said something nonsense!”

“Hahaha…you are really humble!”

The Logan family looked at him playfully.

“Presumptuous! Dare to talk such nonsense in front of me! Are you provoking my Western Shu family?”

The old lady was completely irritated.

At the moment when the sword was violent, Sarah ran out, interrupting the flaming atmosphere.

She ran to the front and snatched Junjun from Levi’s arms.


Levi shouted.

Sarah stopped for a while, but then left with Junjun in his arms and entered the ancestral house.

Ignore Levi.

She still did not forgive Levi because of the previous incident.


Levi is really a headache.

This Fan Shengnan is really a bad thing.

Not only did it affect his plan, it also affected his relationship with Sarah.

The key is also strange, why does Fan Shengnan treat herself this way?

This makes him still very curious.

Levi looked helplessly.

Fortunately, Junjun and Sarah have seen it today.

“Xiao Bei, let’s go back!”

Hearing this, the Northern Heavenly King turned his wheelchair to leave.


“Is the Logan Family a place where you can come and leave as long as you want?”

“Besides, what do you take the old lady’s ban? Let you go, where is the face of the Logan family? What is the face of the Xishu clan?”

Nick shouted.

Several Lords blocked Levi’s way.

“There was a goddess of war protecting you that day, I will save her face for the time being, what about today? The goddess of war is not by your side, I think how do you escape?”,

The old lady stared at Levi.

A big battle is on the horizon…

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