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Chapter 1421

Seeing the appearance of the Lords, Levi showed a smile at the corner of his mouth.

“Actually, I don’t know how strong I am after the transformation. I just want you to prove it!”

“I hope I won’t die, I hope I’m strong enough to make you scared!”

Looking at the mountains and plains, the enemies appearing like a tide.

Levi carried the banner and killed him without hesitation.

Prince William of the Eagle Nation on the mountain in the distance saw this scene, and he shook his head: “I don’t understand why he came? Although I figured out that Morendam will definitely let people come, I don’t understand this. What do you think? “

He looked at the black dragon.

Heilong smiled and said: “This is brainwashing! Instill some absurd ideas from childhood! What to fight for Morendam, what to sacrifice for Morendam…”

“In fact, this group of people is a group of machines in the end!”

Although Heilong is from Morendam, he will never understand such things as sense of mission and national glory…

This is why he betrayed Morendam now…

“Haha, a bunch of fools…”

Prince William laughed.

In their opinion, Morendam can not send people, isn’t it just reputation?

How much is it worth?

This is the difference between Morendam people and them.

All things related to Morendam’s reputation.

I believe that every patriotic Morendam citizen is willing to spare his life to defend…

Morendam has never been afraid of fear.

Not as a deserter.

“This trick can only be used on Morendam, it is useless to other countries.”

The black dragon is watching the changes on the battlefield.

“I would like to see how strong the One-Word Side by Side King is? But in the end he will be consumed alive!”

Heilong is very confident in this battle.

The game he set up himself.

More than a million Lords have gathered.

More than a million people, this is an unimaginable concept.

Even if this group of millions of people are unarmed ordinary people, let you kill, it is estimated that you will be exhausted alive.

The time will be as long as dozens of days.

Many knives are broken…

But they can’t stand and let you kill.

Instead, they came to kill you.

Not to mention that these million people have no shortage of Lords, many of them are super fighters.

No matter how strong you are, more than a million people will exhaust you a little bit.

But the black dragon didn’t want to be consumed, he wanted to kill it directly.

Therefore, in this battle, he gathered all major forces to organize all Lord-level and god-level powerhouses.

He united with East Island and the Star Kingdom to invite all the hidden Lord-level experts in the East Continent to come out of the mountain.

Before the grandLord-level powerhouses were hidden, they could not be seen at all.

But this time in order to kill Levi,

It took an unimaginable price.

All the Lords are invited out of the mountain.

At present, there are a total of 538 grandLord-level powerhouses!

There are more than ten thousand god-level powerhouses!

There are more than 100,000 king-level powerhouses!

Others are also first-class Lords.

In order to give Da Xia a painful blow, these forces used all their heritage and resources.

Must be successful!

There can be no failure!

Everyone also understands how can you fail with this lineup?

Levi has entered a mortal game!

It took six hours to kill in the hands of a million Lords, not to die, but to reach the main peak and insert the banner into the highest point.

a task that can not be done…

Morendam Colin knew this as well as everyone else.

The supreme existence of the king just now is about to fall.

The strategy of the Avengers is perfect, and Morendam is dead, and he is a general…

One person against a million army, no one has bottom…

Chapter 1422

But everyone still has a glimmer of hope!

So everyone always pays attention to every move ahead…

At the foot of Jiulong Mountain, Levi was surrounded by countless Lords.

Three floors inside and three floors outside.

The number is still increasing.

Human Sea Tactics…


Each of these people looked like lunatics, their eyes were red when they saw Levi.

It seems that all of them have an unshakable hatred with him!

Kill Levi at the expense of his life!

The scene in front of him also stimulated Levi to a great extent.

His fighting spirit is burning.

The whole person is excited, transpiring…


Levi rushed into the battle group holding the Morendam Dragon Banner.




Levi’s iron fist turned into an invincible weapon.

Wherever he went, blood spattered, and someone fell…

With just a breath of effort, Levi’s feet were already full of wailing people…

At least there must be a hundred people.

However, Levi didn’t take a step forward…

Because there are too many people…

One fell, three or four were immediately made up.

They stubbornly stopped Levi and prevented him from moving forward.

To move forward, step on the bodies of everyone.

“Hahaha… this is the benefit of being crowded! What if his combat power is against the sky? Isn’t he going to be consumed alive!”

All the people watching from a distance smiled.

The battlefield has gradually heated up, and thousands of people have fallen to the ground.

But Levi still didn’t move forward.

He is angry!


He roared.


Suddenly, a terrible force that broke the mountains and rivers broke out.




Under this tremendous force, hundreds of people in front of them were blasted away.

Levi opened a hole!

“Da da da…”

He walked fast, striding hundreds of meters in an instant.


Prince William Black Dragon and others were stunned.

All stood up.

In their estimation, Levi would never advance half a point…

At this moment, all the Lords were stunned.

Unprepared to let Levi go so far…

“Hurry up and stop him! Stop him…”

One by one, like crazy beasts, they all rushed towards Levi.


Levi’s fist was full of vigor.

Blasted out with a punch, with the power of ghosts and gods.

All the people in front of him were shocked by Lloyd Jin.

Levi continued to move forward, never stopping.

Whenever someone came, they all flew out.

Another hundred meters…


“Morendam will win!”

The spies who were watching the battlefield sent real-time images to Morendam.

After Morendam saw it, everyone cheered.

Although the other party was crowded, he couldn’t get close, and he couldn’t even touch the corner of Levi’s clothes.

Levi’s body was full of energy and body protection, always opening up a small space for him to keep going.

The coalition army could not stop it at all.

The red big summer dragon flag was flying.

Like a proud and unbending spine…

It’s another hundred meters!

In a short period of time, Levi actually advanced thousands of meters.

This is what Prince William did not expect at all.

It was completely beyond their expectations.

“The word side by side king is stronger than we thought!”

The black dragon came to a conclusion.

There was a fierce look in Prince William’s eyes: “If this is the case, then destroy the Morendam Dragon Banner. Can I think he can protect it?”

Prince William’s order, everyone began to target Morendam Longqi

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