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Chapter 1419

Xingguo’s helicopter parked at the foot of the mountain far away from Jiulong Mountain.

At a glance, the main peak of Jiulong Mountain towers into the clouds.

It is estimated that it will take one day to walk normally.

Not to mention that Levi arrived in this situation now.

Only six hours.

“One word side by side king, we only give you six hours! If you can’t reach the main peak, we will directly treat it as Morendam abstaining!”

“Yes, the twenty-eight countries of the Eastern Continent are short of Morendam! How about the style of a big country? Can’t you come earlier?”

“We are waiting for you at the main peak, hoping to see you!”

The envoys of the star country showed murderous intent and ridicule.

In their opinion, even if Levi did not die, he would not come to the main peak forum.

There is no such possibility!

Levi held the Morendam Dragon Banner, looked into the distance, and said with a smile: “Soon, you will see the Morendam Dragon Banner flying at the highest point!”


Everyone was taken aback for a moment, and then burst into laughter.

You can’t even go, and you want to put the flag on the highest point?

The star envoys left first.

They even notified the front: “Morendam people are different from us. They will regard this broken flag as more important than life!”

“When I will kill the king of the word side by side, destroy the Morendam Dragon Banner first!”

That’s right!

Morendam people just put certain things more important than life.

For example, the flag in Levi’s hands.

This is the glory of Morendam and a symbol of national pride.

In any case, the flag must be flown.

Holding the Morendam Dragon Banner, Levi took a deep breath and went straight to Jiulong Mountain.

Break into Longtan Tiger’s Den by yourself!

But there is Da Xia behind him.

There is the belief of this nation…

There are expectations of parents, wives and daughters…

These will protect him!

When Levi arrived in the Star Country, the eyes of the whole world were focused here.

Especially Morendam is even more anxious.

Everyone is paying attention to this matter.

The people of Morendam even put aside everything they had on hand, waiting for the result.

“Morendam must win!”

“The dragon flag must be flying on the top of Jiulong Mountain!”

“Don’t let us down!”

This is the cohesion of a big country…

The Logan and Mann families did not have any tasks today, they just waited silently for news.

This is the order of the Western Shu Emperor…

Use all resources to investigate the news from the star country.

They want to pray that the king must win one word side by side…

“Old Tang, don’t worry, we will definitely win today!”

Nick shouted with clenched fists.

Although these people are unbearable, at this moment, I naturally hope that Morendam will win.

What’s more, the king of the word side by side is still the patron of the Western Shu family, which is equivalent to their patron.

“Look at it? This is the gap! The king of the word side by side is going to the star country alone for the glory of Great Xia!”

“Yes, it is said that Jiulong Mountain has ambushed a million Lords, waiting to kill the king, but he is still not afraid!”

“Look at Levi again, or the God of War? In order to save his dog’s life, he betrayed Morendam decisively and handed over the medicine!”

“The gap is too big? The king is the most important minister of the country! He is not even a F*rt!”

Everyone began to compare Levi and the word side by side king.

“Yes, it’s the same to go overseas, leave Morendam, why is there such a big gap?”

Melina complained.


Sarah was taken aback.

Why is it such a coincidence?

How about these two people going abroad at the same time?

Chapter 1420

Could it be…

An absurd and terrible idea came to mind.

Sarah trembled all over.

Could it be that Levi is the king of the word side by side?

Do not!

This is impossible!

Even if Levi’s body recovers to its previous peak, even if he is the God of War…

There is also a big gap with the word side by side king.

In any case, Levi is a mortal, but the king of the word side by side is probably a god-like existence.

“Hmph, Dad is the king of the word side by side, Dad must come back, Jun Jun is waiting!”

Xiaojunjun glared at the crowd fiercely, and said with a milky voice.

Make a prayer gesture with both hands.

Now Junjun says that Levi is the king by one word, and Sarah doesn’t say anything anymore.

Perhaps, in every child’s mind, father is the king of the word side by side.

“Junjun don’t worry, Dad will be back!”

Sarah comforted.

“En, I believe it will!”

“Hehe, just your dad, still want to compare with the king of the word side by side? He is a traitor, a traitor!”

“Yes, that’s right! Comparing him is an insult to the king of the word side by side!”

Nick and Cross Wentao looked excited and shouted at Junjun.



Suddenly Tang Yanran came here, slapped two slaps on their faces.

“I don’t want to hear you say this to your children in the future!”

Facing the murderous Tang Yanran, the two immediately nodded and apologized.

despite this.

But everyone will compare these two people in their hearts.

These are two extremes!

Levi is the one at the bottom…

Tang Yanran finished all this and came to the front of the Western Shu Emperor.

“Grandpa, I don’t think there is a woman worthy of him now?”

“In his most dangerous and difficult moments, anyone who can’t give any help is not worthy of him!”

Tang Yanran was obviously talking about Sarah.

She was even a little jealous, thinking that Sarah He De could make Levi like this?

The Emperor Xi Shu looked at her with a complicated expression: “The most helpless thing is that I can’t give him any help, even one or two weapons. Unfortunately, none of them!”

Many people in Morendam have this kind of sorrow of the Western Shu Emperor.

Everyone wanted to help Levi, even a little bit.

But there is no chance…

He is helpless.

At this moment, Levi in the Star Country was holding the Morendam Dragon Banner step by step towards the ambush that everyone knew.

“Although millions of people, why should I be afraid of it?”

Levi sneered.

After walking for thousands of meters, Levi officially entered the encirclement circle.

A pair of eyes were staring at Levi in the dark.

The leader of the Avengers, the Black Dragon, and Prince William of the Hawk Kingdom personally supervise the battle.

The two were observing everything in the dark.

“Prince William, the number has just been counted! In the end, there are 1.17 million Lords who are arranged to kill the king of the word side by side!”

“This time, even if he knows how to do it, he can’t escape death! I don’t believe it, he can still knock down a million Lords!”

“Send my order, all ministries act! It’s better to kill the King of One Side by Side on the spot!”

“If you can’t kill it, you have to make it impossible for him to move forward!”

“The Morendam Dragon Banner he is holding must be destroyed!”

“I want to kill him in front of Quan Da Xia, and hit Da Xia’s vitality severely!”

Levi also naturally felt that the other party was about to act.

When he stepped into the encirclement, it meant that he could no longer retreat.

Unless you kill it…


Suddenly the killing sound shook the sky, and countless Lords appeared…

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