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Chapter 1459

Sarah was taken aback.

Looking at Levi incredulously.

Levi’s body is now recovered.

But there is no qualification that can ignore the four gate valves…

Not to mention the unification of the four main gates, which is rare in the world.

How many people are fighting for an invitation letter.

To be honest, this is the highest-level banquet in history.

When Levi spoke, it turned out to be a broken celebration.

This is a bit too arrogant, right?

“In order to punish us, grandma deliberately prevents our family from participating! Everyone has a share!”

“I don’t know how you offended the people in the North Liang family! Let Tang Elder intercede with you.”

Sarah sighed.

Levi looked at her and asked, “Sarah, do you want to participate in the ceremony?”

Sarah thought for a while: “I didn’t want to, it’s just that everyone around me went to participate! It seems that something is wrong if we don’t participate.”

“Well, let’s go and participate!”

“Let Mom and Regina join them!”

Levi immediately said.


Sarah was stunned.

Looking at Levi suspiciously.

Levi’s words are also casual, right?

Can I participate in this ceremony if I want to participate?

How can it be?

The invitations are limited, and each one is sent out.

You can’t buy it now.

Did Levi not only let himself go, but also bring a bunch of people there?

Is it his own family to be the four gate valves?

Go if you want?

“I ask you, without an invitation letter, how would you bring us in?”

Sarah asked.

Levi smiled and said, “I want to go in as soon as I want. Who would dare to stop me? The King of Beiliang, the King of Xishu, dare they say nothing?

This ceremony is still what he requested.

Used to paralyze the Avengers.

In this way, the four gate valves are unified for their own use.

Originally, the Northern Liang King and the others invited Levi to participate, but he refused.

Now he is going.


Sarah laughed.

She had only heard that the man at the helm of the unification of the four gates was the King of Northern Liang.

Not Levi!

What happened to people stopping you?

“Well, the ceremony will begin tomorrow morning! I want to see how you can take us in?”

Sarah didn’t question too much, just let Levi prove it.

“Okay, let’s go to participate tomorrow!”

In the evening, Sarah sent someone specially to bring Ollie, Regina and others to Jiangbei.

Participate in tomorrow’s ceremony together.

The next day.

The ceremony was held in the largest villa in Jiangbei.

It’s heavily guarded here!

The Lord-level powerhouses and god-level powerhouses of the Western Shumen clan are everywhere.

Nick and others were in charge of receiving at the door.

They sent the invitation letter, and they checked and identified it.

It is inevitable that some people will be false.

They stood at the door, their waists straight, and their faces haughty.

Once, they were humble like ants.

Now, the richest man everywhere has to nod and bow at them.

This feeling is really wonderful.

Their goal of being a Lord has been achieved!

“Huh? What are you doing here, Sarah?”

“And Levi’s mother and sister?”

When everyone saw Sarah and his party appear, their expressions immediately changed.

“Let’s take part in the ceremony!”

Sarah said.

“Participate in the ceremony? Didn’t grandma not allow you to participate?”

Nick was cold.

“You can also come to participate, come up with an invitation letter!”

Concubine Mann Jun stared at several people.

“We don’t need an invitation letter to get in!”

Everyone was taken aback and asked: “Who said that?”

Chapter 1460

All the eyes of Logan and Mann’s family looked over.

Sarah felt pressure instantly.

Shortness of breath.

“I said! What’s the matter?”

At this time, Levi’s voice came.

“Levi, you are so bold! This is where you can come?”

Nick furiously said.

“Why can’t I come?”

Levi sneered.

“This is the venue for the Unification Ceremony of the Four Gate Valves. Do you have an invitation letter?”

Nick asked.


“Dare to come here without an invitation letter? I’m not qualified, get out of here!”

Everyone angered.

“Levi listened well, the places for this ceremony are limited! And the invitations and seats are arranged by us! Do you want to be mixed up? Impossible!”

“Don’t even think about rubbing against the four gate valves! Sooner or later you will die of this heart!”

Hundreds of eyes at the door fell on Levi’s body.

Hearing this, Sarah’s face was already showing embarrassment.

Ollie and Regina also hid beside them.

Everyone’s face is hot.

Shameful moment!

It’s different from before!

It is now the highest-level ceremony in Morendam.

All Morendam’s eyes are focused on this.

Don’t mention much shame.

“Do you really believe that Levi can take you in like before? Now he is not the God of War, but an ordinary person. He is not qualified at all!”

“That’s right! The Northern Liang family member still has enemies with him! The old lady also hates him extremely! How could he come in?”

“Are you really confused or were you fooled by Levi?”

Mann Junfei sneered.

Sarah they wanted to refute.

But Mann Junfei’s words were reasonable, and they hit their pain points.

It’s impossible to think about it!

“Mom, sister, let’s leave!”

Sarah was about to take a few people away.

“Why go? Didn’t you come to attend the ceremony?”

Levi stopped immediately.

“King’s Landing, I don’t want everyone to be embarrassed anymore. Mom is so old, so I can’t afford to toss it!”

Sarah is not good, just say Levi.

Ollie also said: “Yes, son, let’s go back. How bad it is to make everyone embarrassed.”

“Brother, just listen to us and go back. We are not interested in this ceremony either.”

Levi looked at them helplessly: “But, I can really let you participate in the ceremony!”

“Levi, we believe in you, but we don’t want to participate. We have other things!”

“Well, we don’t want to participate anymore. Let’s go.”

In order not to make Levi ugly, Sarah took the initiative to take care of everything.

When others laugh, they also laugh at them.

They want to protect Levi.

Those who truly love you are willing to bear everything for you.

“Hahaha, I really laughed at me, don’t you want to participate? Are you eligible to participate?”

“A shame? Just talk big!”

“Take out the invitation letter, we’ll kowtow to you if you can participate!”

“Don’t say you know us, we can’t afford to lose this person.”

Sarah lowered their heads and quickly pulled Levi away.

“Well, since you are not participating, I will not participate either.”

Levi turned his head and glanced at everyone: “Don’t you guys go! Don’t do the grand ceremony!”

Levi angrily dialed out a phone call: “Tell them, the ceremony is canceled!”

Seeing this scene, Nick leaned forward and waited with a smile.

“Can you cancel the unification ceremony of the four gate valves with a single call?”

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