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Chapter 1457

The four main gate lords surrendered, and the strength of Levi’s men was greatly enhanced.

“Not only that! You have to subdue other hidden forces! Twist their power into a rope for Morendam’s use!”

Levi also plans to gather all the hidden forces.

These things can be done by the four gate valves.

“Of course the most important thing is that my identity and the news that you surrender to me must be kept secret! Who leaks the secrets, who kills!”

Levi stared at everyone.


Everyone shouted.

“Lord, I don’t know something! Who instigated us to kill you!”

King Beiliang asked.

By this time, everyone knew that someone was instigating the divorce.

“This time the opponent is very strong, Jiulongshan was planned by them! It is estimated that you will meet soon!”

Because the next task requires the full support of the four gate valves!

So Levi briefly talked about the Avengers.

The faces of everyone were full of anger.

“We must take revenge!”

“Lord, the Avengers don’t know your identity, so they think they will kill you this time! But we are still surrendering to you. How do we need to arrange this?”

The King of Northern Liang expressed his worries.

Levi smiled mysteriously: “It’s very simple… listen to my arrangements…”

Soon, there was heavy news that the four gate valves decided to unite into one family.

The person at the helm was decided by a vote, and the king of the Northern Liang Dynasty was appointed.

This is what no one expected.

The four gate valves can be unified?

This this this…

too frightening!

The four gate valves are unified, who can stop?

Not only that.

The Four Gate Valves also actively win over other hidden power families.

The strength is still increasing…

What surprised the Avengers most was that Levi was not dead!!!

The trick of borrowing a knife to kill someone was arranged for so long, but he didn’t die?

And the four gate valves are unified.

“What’s the matter?”

Heilong and Heifeng are going crazy.

“The leader, according to the news, the Emperor of Western Shu tried to protect Levi, and the king of Beiliang was the one who held the helm of the four gate valves to protect Levi!

Heilong said angrily: “This Levi’s luck is too good? We have to do it ourselves!”

Naturally, it was Levi who released the unified message of the four gate valves.

In the future, the four gate valves must also act in unison.

In order to avoid future errors, it is better to propose a unified message.

This can save a lot of trouble.

Let the King of Northern Liang be the nominal helm, mainly to paralyze the Avengers.

After prevarication, Levi is not dead…

As soon as the news of the unification of the four gates came out, Morendam was stunned.

An unprecedented thing!

How strong is the combination of these four forces?

The four gate valves will hold a unified ceremony.

Still held in Jiangbei!

Everything is arranged by the Western Shumen.

This task naturally falls on people like Nick.

The Logan and Mann families are most excited.

It turns out that they belonged to the clan of Western Shu.

Now it has become the unified force of the four gate valves.

The future cannot be predicted!

Everyone tried their best to arrange the unification ceremony.

They took out all the wealth of the family for the ceremony.

It took a week to finally prepare the ceremony.

The next step is to send the invitation letter.

It is Nick’s right to send the invitation letter.

“I decided not to give Levi and Sarah their invitation letter so that they could not participate in the ceremony!”

“Levi don’t even want to rub the four gate valves!”

Nick smiled gloomily.

Chapter 1458

They are now very powerful.

The people who are equivalent to the unification ceremony are all decided by them!

Of course they can’t decide on people with high status.

Only those with a lower status have the right to decide.

In their eyes, Levi’s family is of low status.

“Will the old lady be upset?”

Someone asked.

Nick smiled and said: “This time the Unification Ceremony, the top figures of the four main gates will come! Let’s put it this way, the old lady has no status. We will not let Sarah’s family come in, and she will not say anything.”

“That’s right, just do it!”

The reunification ceremony is about to begin.

Announcing the unity of the four gate valves.

The top celebrities and wealthy people of the whole university have received invitation letters.

They all came to participate in a hurry.

How could such a good opportunity be let go?

However, the number of places is still limited!

In other words, an invitation is priceless!

Nick and them instantly became sweet and delicious.

Some people even spend tens of millions to buy an invitation letter.

Someone sent several villas to ask for an invitation letter.

Several of them use “rights” to send invitations to classmates and friends.

People who are familiar with them are about to go to heaven.

It turns out that they are only in the middle in a familiar circle.

Now they are all Lords, which one is the most powerful.

Nick’s goddess asked for an invitation letter and offered to invite him to spend the night together.

This “right” made them gradually lose themselves.

But they don’t care.

Because they are a member of the four gate valves!

Now that the powerful are united and unified, their status has risen again!

Doug and Melina laughed from ear to ear every day.

Isn’t that the life goal, the family goal?

All their goals have been achieved!!!

Little did they know that Levi was the one who made them take off!

“By the way, have you heard that? Levi had offended the North Liang Clan Clan before and wanted to kill him. It was Tang Lao that saved his life because of the old lady He Sarah’s face!”

“What the hell is a broom star! Old Tang has pleaded with him!”

“Isn’t it? Don’t betray him! I took the initiative to vote for the King of Northern Liang! Otherwise, most of the people at the helm of the unification of the four gates will be Don!

At this time, there was a heavy news from within the gates of Xishu that in order to plead with Levi, the emperor of Xishu gave up fighting for the helm of the four gates.

Otherwise, they will be the strongest after the unification of the four main gates.

Now the Western Shu gate powers are going to be at the bottom.

Levi is to blame for everything!

“I originally planned to let the Sarah family participate in the ceremony, get to know more important people, and pave the way for the future. It seems unnecessary now!”

When the old lady learned about this, she was also furious.

“My clan in Xishu should have done my best to Sarah’s family!”

“The eldest brother must be looking at my face, and pleaded with the King of Beiliang and the others!”

The old lady sighed.

Otherwise, maybe Xishu Emperor will be the helm of the unification of the four gate sects.

“Grandma (old lady), we understand! Although you love Sarah, you still have to give them a small punishment! Let them know what you paid for!”

Other people are naturally willing to see this kind of picture.

Soon, this matter spread to Sarah.

“Grandma said not to let us participate in the ceremony!”

Plum dyed a sad face.

“It’s just a grand ceremony, what can I do?”

Levi approached.

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