The Protector Novel Levi Garrison Chapter 1463 – 1464

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Chapter 1463

Everyone has a bang in their heads.

Why did these people appear here?

“Of course I came to attend the ceremony.”

Levi said.

“How is it possible? What qualifications do you have to participate in the ceremony? There is no invitation letter!”

Everyone didn’t believe it.

“We are all here, what invitation letter do we need?”

Levi sat there with a calm expression on his face.

“Nonsense! Why are you eligible to participate in the ceremony?”

Nick scolded angrily with red eyes.

Levi’s smile deepened: “I can even decide to cancel the ceremony. Don’t you come to attend the ceremony?”

“Come on! Someone came to the ceremony without an invitation letter!”

Suddenly, Mann Junfei shouted.

Soon, several guards came here.

“what happened?”

“They broke in without an invitation letter!”

Nick pointed to Sarah a few people.

Because the old lady didn’t care about it, he dared to do it absolutely.

“Huh? There is such a thing? Don’t you put the four gate valves in your eyes?”

The guards were angry.

Staring at Levi’s several people.

Sarah all panicked.

With grandma there, I won’t do anything to them.

But how ashamed to be thrown out?

There are children now.

Jun Jun is so old.

Being ashamed of following your parents.

This is something she doesn’t want to see.

She wanted to take the initiative to leave.

This is a little bit better on face.

“I’m sitting here, what can you do with me?”

Levi hugged Junjun and sneered.

“Dare to provoke the four main gates, that can only throw you out!”

Several Lords shot Levi.

Levi didn’t keep his hands, and several people were beaten out instantly.

“Levi, are you crazy? People who dare to move the four main gates? Are you impatient?”

Seeing Levi’s hands, Nick became anxious and immediately yelled.

“Hurry up and call for reinforcements! I don’t believe it! No matter how strong you are alone, can you be stronger than the entire four gates?”

“Four big gate Lords are like clouds, who do I think you can stop?”

Suddenly, the whole villa was in chaos.

Many Lord-level powerhouses and god-level powerhouses are coming?

Enclose the three floors inside and outside three floors.

“Who would dare to challenge the four main gates?”

“Want to make trouble at the ceremony?”

this moment.

Nick and they all smiled.

Levi would definitely be unable to eat.

Enough for him to drink a pot.

But Sarah and the others began to worry.

Things are getting worse.

As soon as Levi started, the nature of the matter completely changed.

Soon, the old lady and them came to the court.

“What a good thing you did! Now I can’t even control it!”

The old lady looked at Levi with disappointment.

“Levi, you are in big trouble this time! Four big gates are you able to provoke?”

Melina stared at Levi.

“Dare to provoke the four main gates, dare to sabotage the ceremony, no matter whose relatives I am, this matter must be dealt with!”

The headed Lord-level powerhouse stared at Levi like a poisonous snake.

It makes people feel a touch of coldness.

“Lend you ten courage?”

Levi smiled.


“So arrogant! It won’t work if you don’t teach you a lesson!”

Just as the swords were drawn, an angry shout came from outside the enclosure: “What’s the matter? What’s the matter?

“It’s the Beiliang King and the four who are here!”

“Quickly, quickly, make way! Quickly make way!”

There was a panic among the crowd, and a way was allowed.

Chapter 1464

The Lords of the four gate valves all appeared.

The Dragon King, the most mysterious Lord of the East Velador Sea, came with him.

Except for this unified ceremony, there is no possibility to gather the four together.

The family looked up.

God of War must be afraid of the existence.

As soon as these four arrived, the aura opened up and everyone could not breathe.

Nick, who was at the forefront, were also scared to give up their positions immediately.

“Levi took a look at the good things you did, and even the four of them were alarmed!”

“You just wait and die!!!”

“I see who else can save you now?”

Nick hiding by the side looked at Levi gleefully.

They all felt that Levi was over.

Even these four were alarmed.

What else will he end up with?

“what happened?”

When the four of Beiliang King saw Levi, their expressions changed wildly.

Unexpectedly, it turned out to be Levi!

As soon as they were about to take action, Cross Wentao and Nick said immediately: “Enlighten the four adults, this person, that is, Levi, came to the ceremony without an invitation letter. He is here to provoke and destroy!”

“It’s him! He is Levi! The former God of War, with a little skill, actually injured the people of the Four Gate Valves! The Four Gate Valves did not take the Four Gate Valves in their eyes at all!”

Several people pointed at Levi and shouted.

Sarah was anxious.

There was no chance to even chip in.


They turned to the old lady for help.

It’s just that the old lady turned her head to one side.

Apparently, he would not care about this matter at all.

“Palm mouth!!!”

The King of Northern Liang said coldly.

The decisive style of the Northern Liang King’s killing and decisive action made everyone stunned.

But Nick laughed.

Levi was in big trouble.

The King of Northern Liang made people slap him.

Will Levi dare to do it this time?

Dare to act is to fight against the four gate valves.

So Levi had to slap it obediently.

Sarah and several people are worried.

What a shame that Levi was slapped in front of so many people.

Not only that, but also injuries.

Nick was gloating for misfortune and was almost urged.

Upon hearing the order, a Lord-level powerhouse quickly stepped forward.

A gust of howling wind hit the audience.

Let everyone retreat subconsciously.

The slap of the Lord-level powerhouse slapped, and a violent wind swept away.





Four consecutive slaps were slapped, and the clear voice resounded through the audience.

Everyone was scared silly.

Sarah even closed their eyes.

These four slaps can definitely smash a person’s face.


In the next second, screams came out.

Everyone opened their eyes and looked at them, and they were surprised–

Nick, Cross Wentao, Mann Junfei and Katie covered their bloody faces and lay on the ground screaming in pain.

The four slapped each other, almost killing them.

Looking at Levi again, he was sitting there.

At this moment, everyone was dumbfounded.

what happened?

Shouldn’t it be the mouth of Palm Leaf Levi?

How did they beat Nick?

Did you make a mistake?

This this this…

It’s not in line with common sense.

Suddenly, everyone’s eyes all looked at the Northern Liang King.

All wondering about this matter.

“What’s going on??”

The most embarrassed were Nick who was slapped.


Even the old lady looked at several people, waiting for an explanation.

Why beat her grandson and granddaughter?

“Beiliang King, did you hit the wrong person? Levi was the one who caused the trouble! How did you hit your own person?”

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