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Chapter 1465

Everyone looked at the King of Northern Liang.

“It’s right!”

“It should have hit you long ago!”

It was the emperor of Western Shu who spoke.

“We watched Levi enter the villa! Even without an invitation letter, he is qualified to sit here!”

Southern Xinjiang Poison King said coldly.

Several others nodded one after another.


Everyone was stunned.

It turns out that Levi’s arrival, these people all know?

“This is Garrison…”

The Dragon King, the Lord of the East Velador Sea, had not seen Levi before, and he subconsciously showed a surprised expression.

“Why… why?”

Melina wanted to know why Levi was qualified to sit here.

“Are you questioning our decision?”

The Beiliang King’s face changed suddenly, staring at Melina.

They all knelt to the ground in an instant.

“Don’t dare, we don’t dare!”

In this way, no one dares to question.

Let Levi’s family participate in the ceremony.

But the curiosity continues.

What exactly did Levi do to qualify for the ceremony?

Does he really have a terrible identity that makes the helm of the four gate valves afraid?

But it was obvious that the Dragon King of the Eastern Sea Clan didn’t even know him.

What is going on here?

Nick could only cover their bloody faces and watched Levi’s family attend the ceremony.

Their plan fell through.

Sarah’s little wishes came true.

The Unification Ceremony of the Four Gate Valves was a complete success.

Means the unification of the four gate valves.

Levi will use this powerful force…

The Avengers are also keeping an eye on the four main gates.

“Can you see anything unusual? The four big gate valves are also in a group?”

The leader Heilong asked.

“I heard that Colin is putting pressure on it, and I want the four main gates to be effective. In order to resist the pressure of Colin, the four gates are deliberately united and unified!”

This is the first-hand information that Black Phoenix holds.

There are no flaws in this statement.

It happened to numb them.

“Well, as long as the four gate valves pose no threat to us!”

Immediately, the black dragon showed a touch of excitement: “Are you ready, Morendam? Next, I will give you a big gift!”

Black Phoenix also smiled knowingly.

This is their last madness!

The Avengers are ready to leave completely after Morendam is hit hard at the end.

Black Tiger and Black Wolf looked puzzled: “The leader, the deputy leader. What kind of gift is it?”

Heilong smiled coldly: “I am going to go, Heifenghuang, tell them about it!”

“Have you heard of Morendam Wulong?”

After Heilong left, Hei Fenghuang asked several people.

“Of course I have heard that Morendam Wulong is Morendam’s five most amazing wizards! It is also the ceiling of Morendam’s combat power! It is they who forcibly raised the level of Morendam martial arts world, far away from other overseas countries!

Even for the hidden power of the Four Gate Valves, it is also a legend! But after such a long time, I couldn’t find a successor to Morendam Wulong at all! It shows how strong they are! “

“Let’s put it this way, one of the Great Xia and Five Dragons is a great country, and if there are four or five Great Xia and Five Dragons, it is a world-class superpower! This is their deterrent!”

For the legend of the Great Xia Five Dragons, the black tiger and the black wolf are simply easy to come by.

“But do you know why Morendam Five Dragons disappeared? They haven’t existed for decades?”

Black Phoenix asked suddenly.

The Black Wolf looked at each other and shook their heads.

“Let me tell you…”

Chapter 1466

Heihu several people stared at Heifeng closely.

For fear of missing a detail.

“That’s because of Morendam Wulong’s injuries. Those who are in prison are in prison!”

After Hei Fenghuang gave the answer, Heihu was shocked.

“How can it be?”

“Morendam Wulong is the strongest in combat. How could it be injured? Not to mention being locked up in prison.

“Yes, the four gate lords have been trained for nearly a hundred years, but they have not cultivated a successor to the Great Xia Wulong! I don’t believe anyone can hurt them?”

“Not to mention that there are prisons that can hold them!”

Everyone looked incredulous.

Black Phoenix smiled and said, “Indeed, no one can hurt them with their combat power! At least such an existence has never appeared before.”

“But what if Morendam Wulong killed each other?”


Hearing this, the eyes of the black tigers lit up.

“Great Xia Five Dragons Killing Each Other???”

However, this is the only reason why Morendam Wulong was injured.

“The five dragons of the Great Xia are the East Demon, the West Buddha, the Southern Emperor, the Northern Demon, and the five members of the Chinese Army!”

“East Demon, it is rumored that he once swallowed a small dragon and possessed the blood of a dragon, and his strength was terrifying.”

“West Buddha, is an ascetic monk who is invincible in his practice! The artillery can’t be broken even if he is invulnerable!”

“The Southern Emperor, born in an ancient family of emperors, is a mysterious martial artist, unfathomable!”

“The Chinese Army was once the god of the army in Morendam, and the soul of the army in the minds of thousands of soldiers! It is the strongest myth in the army!”

“North Demon, the origin is mysterious, no one knows everything before. Like his nickname, he is like a demon, the most terrifying killing machine!”

“According to legend, the five dragons of Morendam are equally powerful, regardless of each other, but in fact the four of them are equally powerful, and only the North Demon is the strongest!”

Heihu said nothing.

Quietly listening to the black phoenix talk.

“Although these five people are called the Great Xia Five Dragons, they don’t have any intersection with each other!”

“Until one day, the North Demon’s wife was tragically killed by Da Xia!”

“The Northern Demon was driven mad, and turned into a killing machine, killing people when they saw it! Incarnate into a catastrophe and catastrophe!”

“Although Morendam sent many people to stop him, it was useless at all. He is too strong!”

“In desperation, the Chinese army was sent to stop him, but the Chinese army was defeated.”

“Finally, Morendam asked the East Demon, West Buddha, Southern Emperor, and the Chinese Army to join forces. With heavy encirclement and various trap designs, Morendam finally captured the North Demon in the shocking battle overseas!”

“However, the East Demon four also paid an extremely painful price, and the four were reduced to waste, and they have not been whereabouts so far.”

“But the most terrifying thing is that the Northern Devil was not injured much, but was captured and locked up in prison!”


Heihu and others took a breath.

This is too scary, right?

One person played against Morendam Wulong and the other four, and the four were scrapped. Is he okay?

The most important thing is that Da Xia sent hundreds of thousands of people to assist and set up various traps, and only caught him when he was weakest.

Isn’t it too strong?

“The rumor is that Morendam Colin wants to take the Northern Demon for its use! The Northern Demon refused, so they killed the Northern Demon’s wife!”

“That’s why the North Devil hates Morendam! I think it hates even more than the members of our Avengers!”

The Black Tiger’s Adam’s apple slid and swallowed, “Then if the Northern Demon is released from the prison, then it would be a terrifying disaster for Morendam.”

Hei Phoenix nodded, “Well, the leader is about to let him out.”

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