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Chapter 1499

They mean very simple.

It’s a bad thing they do.

Infamy they come to memorize.

For Morendam, they are willing to endure everything.

It is easy to win the favor and admiration of others.

“The Four Little Dragons are not only extraordinary in strength, but their moral character is also so admirable!”

“It’s nice to have you in Morendam!”

Woodrow everyone looked at the four in admiration.

This is an example for everyone to learn from.

Little did they know that the four people killed the prisoners in order to get rid of all those who knew the truth.

It has nothing to do with others.

The Western Monk was ashamed of receiving such praise and bowed his head.

“Colin has received the news! Will welcome you with the highest etiquette!”

“And I heard that you will be canonized as the king of the word side by side!”

Fan Shengnan just received the news from Colin.

“What? One word side by side?”

The eyes of the Dong Beast people lit up.

Showed ecstasy.

What a blessing in disguise!

did nothing.

However, he was admired by thousands of people and became a hero of the Great Xia, even more so.

It’s a pie in the sky.

“Mystery Lord, don’t worry, we will burn more paper for you.”

Several people prayed silently in their hearts.

At this time, in the dark, the thirty-eight people who had left with Levi had witnessed all this.

They were going out just now to meet everyone.

But after the four little dragons slaughtered the captives, they held back.

They also understand the current situation.

The four little dragons want to kill everyone who knows the truth.

Including them.

As long as they go out, the four little dragons will definitely kill them.

Not to mention that they are people who really know the truth.

Know who killed the North Demon.

For the Four Little Dragons, they are more threatening than others.


“If we don’t run, we will all have to die.”

More than 30 people are full of hearts.

Quickly fled.

But the movement of escaping attracted the attention of Dong Beast.

“Isn’t that the death squad that ran with that kid? Are they there?”

“No, these guys know the truth!”

“We have to catch them and kill them!”

The Dongbeasts were anxious, and hurriedly pursued them.

“what’s happenin?”

At this time, several people from Woodrow stopped them.

It’s hard to tell the East Beast.

If the North Demon’s men, they have a legitimate reason to kill.

But they have no reason for the death squad.

If you are not careful, they will tell the truth.

“It’s nothing!”

Several people could only watch the remaining members of the death squad flee.

“How can this be good? They absolutely know everything!”

“We can’t even sleep well now!”

Several people were impatient like ants on a hot pot.

“I thought of a way!”

Nan Jiang suddenly exclaimed: “We only have to tell them that they are deserters! Then who would believe them?”

“Yeah! As long as they are called deserters, no one believes them!”

“After all, we are the ones who killed the North Devil, relying on them for nothing!”

Several people smiled.

Soon, several people reported that thirty-nine people were deserters.

Woodrow and Fan Shengnan have checked all the bodies.

Everyone in the death squad was there, but these thirty-nine people were not there.

There is only one problem-thirty-nine people became deserters.

Woodrow later announced that the thirty-nine people had deserted the soldiers.

No one will believe what thirty-nine people say now.

“After catching the deserter, kill it directly!”

The Eastern Beasts will not sit still, they will find thirty-nine people.

The dead are the most conservative in the truth.

Chapter 1500

The thirty-eight people who followed Levi at the beginning also knew what was going on.

They are dead as long as they appear now.

Whether they tell the truth or not.

Not to mention telling the truth, no one believes it at all.

People don’t speak lightly, and no one listens to deserters.

Now I can only hide and save my life…

In this way, the story of the Northern Demon’s fall in the Tianshan base spread.

Morendam is boiling.

The world burst.

No one thought that the Northern Devil would lose…

Especially when the Avengers heard the news, they were dumbfounded.

Will the North Devils lose?

Isn’t he three times stronger than before?

What’s more, the Lords around him are like clouds.

The Black Dragon dispatched half of the core power of the Avengers.

That’s it, still defeated?

what happened?

Colin burst into cheers from above and below.

“The combined attack worked? It seems that our decades of time have not been wasted?”

“Let me just say, we are the people who know the North Devil best!”

The four Morendam Five Dragons and the East Demon were very excited when they heard that the combined attack technique worked.

“All prepare to meet our hero with the highest etiquette!”

The Four Little Dragons succeeded in slaying the Northern Devil and became the supreme hero of the Great Summer.

Morendam cheered for them everywhere.

They are the pride of Morendam and the patron saint of Morendam.

The four have a sacred and inviolable status in the hearts of the Morendam people.

It’s even much higher than the word side by side king!

After all, this is the biggest disaster Morendam has ever encountered.

Everyone can’t stop the North Demon, only they can do it!

From then on, they are heroes!

Even the idols in the minds of many children…

They are respected by thousands of people…

The audience cheered when they heard the four little dragons leading the death squad to defeat the North Devil in the ancestral home of the Logan family in Jiangbei.

Sarah shed tears of excitement.

The Northern Devil is dead.

Then Levi will live!

Tang Wansheng, Tang Mufeng and others were also very happy.

Fame and good are theirs.

But soon, news came that the death squad was annihilated.

Sarah almost fainted with fright.

Tang Wansheng and Tang Mufeng were also very lucky.

“Fortunately, I didn’t go! Otherwise it’s me who will die!”

When Sarah was desperate, suddenly a group of people ran in.

“Tang Mufeng, the clan of Western Shu, is a deserter! He is on the wanted list!

If there is any clue to him, report it immediately! If concealment is not reported, severe punishment will be imposed! “


Everyone was struck by lightning, and their brains buzzed.


Levi was a deserter under the name of Tang Mufeng?

“is this real?”

Tang Wansheng asked incredulously.

“Look at the list for yourself!”

“Thousands of brothers in the death squad are all good. In order to punish the North Demon, none of them came back alive. But these thirty-nine people are a shame! They were deserters! A group of scumbags, bullshit!”

After the group left.

Tang Wansheng and Tang Mufeng were furious.

“Levi, you can’t die!”

“You fucking go as a deserter under the name of Lao Tzu? Now all Morendam knows that my reputation for Tang Mufeng is completely stinking!”

Tang Mufeng shouted.

“Damn, I didn’t expect this kid to come like this again! I really want to kill him!”

Tang Wansheng was murderous.

“Levi was the god of war in God of War before, and he was a deserter? How ridiculous!”

Melina and others also criticized one by one.

Plum dyed her complexion a lot.

Levi is alive.

In addition, she believed that Levi would not be a deserter.

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