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Chapter 1501

This also means that Tang Mufeng will live incognito next.

Must not appear as “Tang Mufeng”.

Otherwise, it will be cast aside by thousands of people.

Their family hated Levi.

The Western Shu Emperor didn’t say anything, they were all waiting for Levi’s order.

Zhentiandian is also…



“Where is Levi? Now that the Northern Demons have failed, the Avengers will definitely flee out of Morendam.”

“I still can’t reach him at the moment! No one knows where he is, what is he doing? He just disappeared!”

“It’s really outrageous! At the most critical moment, Levi came here with such a trick!”

“Although we defeated the Northern Demons and achieved a major victory, we are still far from a full victory! Once the Avengers leave, it is equivalent to letting the tiger go!”

“Hey, the point is that all the Avengers’ information is in his hands, we don’t know anything. Levi disappeared, we have no way!”

“Forget it, let’s greet our hero first! Let’s deal with Levi later!”

On an avenue north of the capital.

There is not a car.

The two rows were full of people, crowds of people.

Everyone’s eyes are full of enthusiasm.

Flags flew on both sides, and banners could be seen everywhere.

It says “the important minister of the country”, “the hero of the great summer” and so on.

Colin came forward to greet him.

This is the first time ever.

It is indeed the highest etiquette!

Naturally, it was the four little dragons and the dead death squad who accepted all this.

Soon, the team came.

There is even a helicopter hovering in the air…




Hundreds of salutes scattered on both sides fired all at once.

Thousands of people even shouted.



Morendam’s highest courtesy welcomes the heroes home.

Tears filled their eyes.

The four Morendam Five Dragons and the East Demon were even more tearful: “Our apprentice is not ashamed! It’s so gratifying!”

“Thanks to the four seniors for cultivating such a god of protector of the country for Da Xia!”

Colin thanked from top to bottom.

The people are even more grateful.

After arriving here, the four little dragons got out of the car and walked on the avenue, accepting the highest etiquette.

Enjoy the respect of thousands of people and the reception of Colin.

The East Beast, the Southern General, and the Chinese Soldier held their heads high and looked proud.

This is what they want!!!

They finally stood on the top of the great summer.

As for the western monk next to him lowered his head, his face was a bit ugly.

The more so, the more uncomfortable he is.

All this belongs to others.

It has nothing to do with them.

Even they are deserters…

Killed so many prisoners…

But now that the arrow is on the string, he has no choice but to send it.

Can only bite the bullet to meet all this.

“Welcome to the triumphant return of our four heroes!!!”

Colin shouted.

The audience cheered, and there was a burst of noise.

Dong Beast shouted at the crowd: “We are nothing, the dead brothers are the heroes!”

“It is we who are sorry for not being able to bring them back alive!”

“What are we heroes?”

The southern general and the lieutenant also said pretentiously.

The western monk’s head was lower.

He couldn’t imagine how Dongju had a face to say these words?

Obviously they killed all the members of the death squad.

Sure enough, the Dong Beast trio’s words made others admire them more and more.

“Look at this is my Morendam hero, whether it is strength or character, it is the existence we admire!”

Chapter 1502

In the end, the four little dragons accepted the awards and honors.

Even Colin wants to give them a king!

Of course, all of this will have to wait until Levi is contacted!

“What? The Avengers haven’t resolved it yet? Outrageous!”

“Morendam is still in danger, how can we be idle? Continue!”

When the four little dragons heard that the Avengers hadn’t settled yet, they made a false statement.

To get rid of the Avengers.

The Northern Demons were afraid.

But they are still very strong, and it should be no problem to deal with the Avengers.

“If Levi has half of your character, he won’t let most of the Avengers escape!”

Everyone became more optimistic about the four little dragons.

Even more angry at Levi!

How can I do it?

Not obeying the order, let the Avengers run away.

Just because I sent the four little dragons to deal with the Northern Devil, I didn’t send you, so I was angry?

It’s too narrow-minded.

“Hurry up and contact Levi! The matter of the word side by side king will be resolved as soon as possible!”

At this moment, it is located in the depths of the Tianshan base.

Levi took a long breath.

There was a person lying in front of him.

It is the North Devil.

In fact, that battle did not hurt both sides.

Not to die together.

Levi was completely capable of killing the North Demon.

When he was about to punish the Northern Demon, the Northern Demon recognized his practice, so he retained his trick.

This created the illusion that he and the Northern Devil were at the end of each other.

He didn’t punish the North Demon, but wanted to ask why the Lower North Demon knew this technique.

So maybe you will know something about “Lord”.

This is what Levi wants to know very much.

But despite this, the North Demon passed out.

No matter what method Levi used, he did not wake up.

“Forget it, take the Northern Demon back first! Let Frank Feng or Old Qin see if there is any way to wake him up!”

Levi shook his head helplessly.

Now the North Demon has no threat to him.

So death or life is the same.

He is fully capable of controlling.

He just wanted to ask the truth from the mouth of Bei Mo.

As everyone knows, the sky has changed outside at this time.

The four deserters changed their lives and became Morendam heroes, loved by thousands of people.

He became a deserter.

Where Colin is, he has neglected his duty even more, and there has been a major dereliction of duty.

But for the Avengers, Levi admitted negligence.

Between the Avengers and the Northern Devil, he believed that the Northern Devil had a higher risk factor, so he chose the Northern Devil.

On the way back, Levi finally knew what happened.

It turned out that the four little dragons accepted all the merits with peace of mind.

Instead, they framed 39 of them as deserters.

Also killed all the prisoners.

“These four people seem to want to kill all those who know the truth!!!”

“Unfortunately, I’m still alive!”

A cold light flashed in Levi’s eyes.

Never met such a shameless person!

Worse than Sarah’s family!

The ugliness of a person can be clearly seen in the face of interests and life and death.

So many brothers have all become their substitutes.

These four people still have the face to accept the reward?

Want to be a king?


Did you kill the North Demon?

Have you ever played the North Devil?

Only four deserters!!!

After a change, he became a national hero.

He couldn’t bear this tone!

Levi is very angry!

He would never allow this to happen.

It’s even more to ask for justice for the thousands of death squad brothers who died.

“Four little dragons? Okay, wait for me!”

Levi returned to the capital fiercely.

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