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Chapter 1523

“With the current strength of the Northern Demon, no matter how much you put in, you can’t stop him!”

“Yes, it will only cause more sacrifices!”

“Someone must be able to hold the North Demon! But where can I find it?”


Everyone’s face was filled with anxious expressions.

“The North Demon is just hurting people and not killing people, but who knows what he is going to do next? Once he really starts to kill, it will really be the end of Great Xia!”

Today’s North Demon really enjoys the feeling that everyone can’t help him.

“Can no one really control him?”

Wang Qian shouted.


Everyone said a name one after another.

“No, just change it!”

“I don’t believe there is no one?”

“I suggest sending out all the top ten Lords of Colin! I don’t believe I can’t take him down!”

Wang Qianyi gritted his teeth and said.


As soon as the words came out, the audience took a breath.

“Are you sure? The top ten Lords can’t use them unless they have to!”

“Yes! The use of the top ten Lords requires the approval of all the senior officials of Colin!”

Colin has ten superpowers.

They are the strongest in the top ten fields of Morendam ancient martial arts.

It is Colin’s biggest trump card.

It must not be used as a last resort.

In other words, it can only be used at the most critical moment.

When the Northern Demon was raging in the Northern Territory before, it was not the most critical moment.

Now that the North Demon arrived in the capital, it was the most critical moment.

Once used, it must be approved by all senior officials of Colin.

It can be regarded as Colin’s greatest secret.

Since it is a secret, it cannot be exposed.

Because of the existence of the top ten Lords of Colin.

Wang Qiancai has the confidence to say that to Levi!

Otherwise he is not a fool!

It would be better if Levi could solve it.

If not, he can still use the top ten Lords.

Never get used to Levi’s problems.

“It’s all this time, do you still care about this? I agree to send the top ten Lords!”

Wang Qian shouted.

“I agree!”

“I agree!”

Soon the senior officials of Colin agreed to release the top ten Lords.

Finally, the ten Lords were called out with the Bass Order.

The top ten Lords fought with the North Devil.

The battle was fought dark and dark.

The top ten Lords are really much better than the four little dragons.

At least he can fight back and forth with the North Devil.

But after all, it was still much worse than the five times stronger North Demon.

In the end, all the top ten Lords were defeated.

The North Demon laughed wildly: “Hahaha, I didn’t expect that there is such a Lord? But it can’t stop me!”

“Anyone else?”

In the Colin base.


Everyone was sweating anxiously.

“What? The top ten Lords also lost?”

“Now we really can’t do anything, we don’t have any hole cards!”

“The North Demon is too strong, are we going to subdue him?”

Everyone is desperate.

“Levi! Let Levi take action!”

Wang Qian shouted anxiously.

Any Fan also echoed: “Yes, let Levi come here now!”

“What’s the move? You are not to blame! Otherwise, Levi would have taken it long ago!”

“Originally, Levi made the shot by himself, but none of your sails blocked it!”

“And you, Wang Qian, I asked you to invite Levi out of the mountain, but you were fine! You said that you would never use him!”

“Now you go and invite Levi yourself! The bad things you have done go and clean up the stall yourself!”

Wang Qian and Any Fan looked at each other with embarrassment on their faces.

Chapter 1524

“Let me bow to Levi? Impossible! I can’t understand Levi’s appearance!”

“It seems like we can’t do anything except him!”

Wang Qian looked reluctant.

Others looked at him one after another: “Then in the current situation, besides Levi, can you find a second one?”


Wang Qian was silent.

Either Fan was also silent.

“You people, go and ask Levi to take action! If you don’t, we will send you to the forefront to fight the North Demon!”

Colin senior said this.

Several people in Wang Qian were frightened.

Let them fight the North Demon, worse than death.

“I… let’s go… let’s go…”

Everyone wiped cold sweat.

Everyone soon came to the confinement room.

“The king of the word side by side invites you to come out of the mountain!”

“Morendam can’t do without you!”

Wang Qian and Yifan pleaded with weeping faces.

The Four Little Dragons and Da Xia Wulong Dong Yao also followed closely behind.

“I’m just an ordinary person, please be smart!”

Levi raised his eyelids and said coldly.

“No, I was wrong before! I shouldn’t have said those things!”

“Yes, and me, I shouldn’t believe you!”

Wang Qian and Any Fan worked hard to admit their mistakes.

But Levi was unmoved.

“Is this your attitude of admitting mistakes?”

Colin high-level officials who rushed to shouted angrily.

“Kneel all to me!!!”



Although Wang Qian and Ren Fan and others were unwilling, they still fell to their knees.

“You kneel down too!!!”

Everyone looked at the four little dragons.


They also knelt to the ground.

“The mistakes made by the apprentice should be borne by us, and we should kneel down too!”

The four East Demon also knelt to the ground.

All those involved knelt in front of Levi.

The three Dong Beasts crawled in front of Levi like dogs.

“Boom boom…”

The three of them kept knocking their heads, and bleeding from their foreheads.

Others also squashed their heads, and shouted one after another: “Please come out of the mountain side by side!!!”

“We mean that we were wrong, as long as you put forward any conditions, we will agree!”

Everyone of the other Bass Guards bent over, bowed and shouted, “I beg you to come out of the mountain!”

“This time Colin was wrong. We apologize to you in the name of Colin!”

“As long as you make any request, we will agree!”

Colin apologized for the first time in history.

At this moment, they have realized all their mistakes.

Everyone looked at Levi, looking forward to his answer.

After a full minute, Levi slowly opened his eyes.

He also stood up.


The next second, the door of the confinement room suddenly fell apart.

Levi walked out.

The entire confinement room collapsed!

Levi looked at the three Dong Beasts with terrifying and terrifying eyes: “Damn you three!”

The three East Beasts trembled.

“Yes, the three of them damn it!”

Others echoed.

“One word side by side king, so you agreed to shoot?”

The others asked expectantly.

Levi nodded: “Well! I will get rid of the Northern Devil! I will get rid of the Avengers too!”


Suddenly, everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

Morendam is saved.

The capital was saved.

Immediately afterward, Levi said coldly: “After doing these two things, I will no longer be the king of the word side by side! Quit and become an ordinary person!”

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