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Chapter 1521

Levi shook his head helplessly: “Let me live in the dark, make me a little bit tired, I can bear it! But I can’t bear to distrust me!”

“Since you don’t trust me, please be smart!”

Seeing Levi’s attitude like this.

Everyone started to panic.

If Levi doesn’t get out of the mountain, who can stop the North Demon?

“This… is indeed our negligence!”

“The main reason was that I was deceived by the four little dragons, and everyone didn’t react! This led to this situation!”

“The word side by side king, don’t worry, after this incident is over, you will definitely be rehabilitated and let the world know all the truth!”

“Now, please let go of everything and focus on the North Devil!”

“You should also know the power of the North Demon, he is raging outside now…”

Upon hearing this, Levi snorted coldly: “Of course I know, because I said this not long ago. I took the initiative to ask Ying to go out to deal with the Northern Devil.

But you think I’m talking nonsense, I didn’t realize my mistakes, and I still want to grab credit. Keep me locked in the confinement room, when will the reflection become clear, and when will I come out again! “

“Is there such a thing?”

Colin said in surprise and looked at the guard.

Several guards nodded: “It’s true!”

“Before the North Demon appeared, the King of Side by Side mentioned this matter!”

“It’s just that after we asked our superiors for instructions, they said this was nonsense, and the Northern Devil could not live!”

“Say that Levi is just to grab the credit!”


Hear the guards.

The heads of several people are about to explode.

It turns out that there is still such a thing.

Even though Levi was wronged, he was wronged and even locked up.

But he thought about Morendam, and when he knew the danger was coming, he offered to solve it.

It’s just that no one believes him again!

His heart has long been riddled with holes.

Hurt him again.

“Yes, it is like that!”

“Originally, I thought about Morendam and guarded Morendam, but then I found out that others will take revenge. It is not worth protecting these people!”

“Fortunately, I am an ordinary person now, so I just need to live my own little life, don’t think so much!”

Levi let out a long sigh of relief.

“do not!”

“One word side by side, if you don’t come out of the mountain now, no one can deal with the Northern Devil?”

“Please think twice!!!”

Levi smiled: “I think very clearly, please be smart!”

“I will not leave this confinement room for the time being, I want to continue to reflect!”

After speaking, Levi waved with one hand.

A terrifying force pushed several people away.

Few people had no choice but to go back and told Colin everything.

“What? Levi knew that the Northern Demon was about to appear. He had proposed to deal with the Northern Demon?”

After everyone knew it, they looked surprised.

“It’s my fault. I thought it was Levi’s nonsense. At that time, I didn’t expect the North Demon to appear…”

One of Colin’s Ren Fan said with an embarrassed expression.

“He’s completely hurt now, he’s not coming out anymore!”

“Hey, we are all to blame! Let’s be blind!”

“Now the North Demon is unstoppable, if you can’t stop it, I’m afraid the capital will become hell!”

Everyone sighed again and again.

“Is this Levi so narrow-minded?”

“For his own emotions and interests, abandon Morendam at critical moments? What qualifications does he have to be the king?”

At this time, someone suddenly said.

Chapter 1522

When everyone saw it, it turned out to be Dong Beast and others.

At this time, it is them who are talking coldly!

“Shut up, is there any place for you to speak here?”

Everyone scolded.

No one has the right to say such things.

Especially the Dongbeasts.

“I think they are right! At this moment of crisis, you have to let go of all personal grievances!”

“Levi is not very big-hearted!”

“Well, yes, especially in a high position, I should have done my best for Da Xia. Instead, I am angry for my own selfish desires!”

“That’s it! How much loss will Morendam have to incur if he is one step late?”

Several people from the East Demon scolded.

“That is, we admit that we did not do the right thing! But at this time, what do you care about?”

Xiaojun Shane also echoed the Tao.

“What he meant is that he is just an ordinary person now, and it has nothing to do with the word side by side.”

“Hey, what a headache! Why do you cancel his status as the king of the word side by side?”

Several people scratched their heads and looked like ants on a hot pot.

“Say a thousand words and ten thousand, although we are a little lacking in some aspects! But Levi’s approach is really wrong!”

“As a soldier of Morendam, even if he cancels his status as the king of the word side by side. But if there is a war, he will be recalled. We all order him like this. He should go into battle immediately!

“It shouldn’t be a tantrum! Abandon Morendam for your own emotions!”

“Yes! Levi didn’t do this thing right!”

“No! It’s all his fault!”

Everyone shouted.

No one thought it would be Levi’s fault in the end.

On the contrary, Colin always felt that he was not wrong.

“Sure enough, we didn’t look away, Levi was embarrassed by the task!”

“Now we don’t blame him, we will punish him after he gets rid of the Northern Devil!”

“I think it can!”

Morendam Wulong said.

Several senior officials of Colin sighed and said nothing.

“Why does Levi make this? At such a moment, how can you care about it?”

“I will order him myself!”

Another high-level Wang Qian roared.

In the confinement room.

Levi was still closing his eyes and resting.

“What’s wrong with you Levi? Didn’t you hear the command just now?”

After Wang Qian arrived, he roared at Levi.

Levi shook his head: “No, I’m just an ordinary person, don’t want to order me!”

“Morendam is in trouble, and the capital is in trouble, so you just watched it? How about your enlightenment?”

Wang Qian stared at Levi fiercely.

“I just watched! He didn’t bother me!”

Levi sneered.

“Furthermore, this is your attitude towards inviting people! Sorry, I am dedicated to Morendam, but I am not a slave who can be called by anyone!”

Levi was really chilling.

“Well, you Levi! You can say this, we order you not to listen?”

“I really think we can’t deal with the North Devil without you, right? Let you see!”

“You can rest assured that you will never use you! Even if you want to go, you won’t let you go!”

Wang Qian left angrily.

After coming to Colin.

Wang Qian roared angrily: “Is there no one in Morendam? I don’t believe it, except for Levi, no one can deal with the Northern Devil?”

“Aren’t there the four main gates and the major hidden powers? They go!”

But those who answered him were silent.

Everyone was silent.

Because there is really no one.

“Not good! The Northern Devil has left Jiangjun Lake, and 80,000 people haven’t stopped him!”

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