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Chapter 1527

That is Levi!

A year ago, when he was dismissed, Levi said that he would make sufficient preparations before quitting.

The preparation in his mouth was to cultivate nine heavenly kings for Morendam.

During this year, he collected ancient skills such as martial arts, special techniques, medical skills, etc. of various hidden forces and ancient forces.

For example, collect all the ancient martial arts, medical skills, and hidden weapons of the four gate valves.

Incorporate my own skills and various fighting techniques, martial arts, etc. in the Morendam Army for many years.

Introduce a set of powerful skills, and select a group of people to learn and practice these skills.

It finally took a year to cultivate the nine heavenly kings.

They are extremely powerful and possess superb medical skills and special skills.

Can make up for Levi’s absence.

And there is an advantage.

Levi, together with the King of Northern Liang and others, developed a powerful array for the nine people to use.

This combined attack can definitely defeat the five times stronger Northern Demon!

To prevent a powerful enemy from coming!

Nine people together are invincible, and each is king.

Levi was also relieved at the moment when the whole university was celebrating.

Although he has been dismissed in name for a year.

But only now is the dismissal in the true sense.

After cultivating the nine heavenly queens, he was relieved to retreat.

Looking at the nine major apprentices on the screen, Levi smiled sincerely.

“Now you can rest assured?”

Sarah smiled.

She understands Levi’s family and country feelings.

Although I don’t know that Levi was once the identity of the king.

But she could feel that Levi couldn’t let go of Da Xia.

“Let it go, I’ll stay with you both of you from now on!”

Levi smiled.

Junjun looked at Levi and asked, “Dad, are you not the king of the word side by side?”

“It’s wrong, so I can see Jun Jun every day!”

Levi hugged Junjun.

“Okay, okay, dad don’t be the king of the word side by side!”

Jun Jun cheered.

Sarah shook his head helplessly.

Why does this kid always think that Levi is the king of the word side by side.

Xishu Gate Valve is very lively today.

There is no other reason. One of the nine heavenly kings is Tang Juefeng, who is from the clan of Western Shu.

He was picked out by Levi from tens of thousands of people.

Today, he will return.

The Western Shumen clan held a grand welcoming feast for him.

Alarmed the whole Jiangbei.

“Levi, as an ordinary person, how do you feel?”

“Yes, without you, the God of War, more people would appear to replace you!”

“Didn’t you look down on the Western Shu family? Now the Western Shu family has appeared, and you have to look up to the King of Shu!”

Nick and others sneered at Levi.

But they dare not say too much.

Mainly afraid of Levi’s skill.

“Levi remembered, your time has passed! Your strength is not that strong! From now on, you will be a man with your tail clipped!”

Everyone looked at him condescendingly.

From then on, Levi’s presence was very low.

No one even wanted to provoke him.

Facing everyone’s ridicule, Levi ignored it.

If before, he would say that no matter how powerful the nine heavenly kings are, they are all my apprentices.

But now, he is just an ordinary person.

There is no need to entangle these.

Soon, everyone’s attention was no longer on Levi.

Because King Shu is back.

A red carpet was paved on Shili Changjie, the gate of Xishu.

This is the pride of their family!

The tall King Shu came with steps.

But the next moment, King Shu went straight to Levi…

Chapter 1528

Everyone was stunned.

What is Shu Tian Wang doing?


King Shu Tian is Tang Mufeng’s younger brother. Tang Mufeng was killed because of Levi.

The King of Shu was afraid that he might be angry with Levi.

Everyone agrees.

Sarah subconsciously tugged at the corner of Levi’s clothes.

What should I do in case the king of Shu asks for it?

When King Shu came to Levi, he was about to speak.

Levi’s voice sounded: “I’m just an ordinary person now!”

King Shu immediately understood.

“Oh, but I will always remember you, forever!”

The King of Shu means to remember Levi’s kindness-to be a teacher for a day and be a father for life.

But the taste changed in other people’s ears: King Shu will always hate Levi.

Tang Mufeng will remember the death of Levi for a lifetime.

“If it weren’t for the special status of King Shu, I’m afraid that he would kill Levi?”

Nick and the others felt it was a pity.

Then, King Shu looked at the lovely Junjun again.

Sarah hurriedly asked Junjun to call the King of Shu.

King Shu smiled and touched Junjun’s face: “Just call brother!”

He is Levi’s apprentice and is equal to Jun Jun.

“The younger generation…”

Someone next to me reminded.

After all, King Shu is also the elder of the king.

But everyone didn’t care much.

Everyone still welcomes the return of King Shu.

The other eight heavenly kings received the same treatment everywhere.

Now that they come out, they must build momentum.

The greater the momentum, the greater the deterrence to overseas.

Of course, the strength and reputation of the nine kings match.

After all, each of them was created by Levi’s thousands of choices and the devil’s hellish training.

Over the past year, the great summer has been in full swing.

It’s too much to look up overseas.

Especially the neighboring countries are hard to suffer.


On an island somewhere in Western Continent.

Many planes are parked.

Prince William was escorted by many people and came to a villa.

There are black dragon, black phoenix and others in the villa.

“Humph! A bunch of trash! What did you do?”

Prince William smashed a newspaper on the face of the black dragon.

“At such a high price, the king did not kill it side by side!”

“It costs so much, the Northern Demon is dead!”

“Have you succeeded in that matter?”

Prince William was very angry.

He spent unimaginable financial, material, and manpower to satisfy everything the black dragon wants.

He also rewarded him with land in a dependent country and dozens of islands.

This is the result?

Can he not be angry?

“How many dogs can I keep barking, how about you?”

Prince William stared at several people angrily.

“Prince William is indeed our mistake! We did not do well!”

Heilong bowed his head and admitted everything.

“Now Morendam is unstoppable! The king sits side by side without saying, now the nine heavenly kings are born! If this continues, no one can do anything about Morendam!”

Prince William roared.

“Please calm down!”

Heilong said quickly.

“You find a way, anyway, I want to see Da Xia’s arrogant arrogance go out, and even his vitality is greatly injured!”

“Otherwise, I will take back everything you have, including the land and islands. I will also send you back to Morendam!”

Prince William stared at several people.

Prince William wanted to deal with Da Xia, and wanted to break Da Xia’s arrogance.

He can only force the Avengers to do these things.

“Well, we do!”

The Heilong group looked at each other, and there was a bit of sullen expression in their eyes.

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