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Chapter 1543

On the other side, Levi pursued the black dragon at full speed.

The distance between the two sides is getting closer and closer.

Finally, the black dragon hid in a villa.

Levi also followed in: “Where do I see you running this time?”

“This is not where you should come, leave quickly!”

Along with the voice, four figures appeared in front of Levi’s eyes.

They were wearing white robes, and their faces couldn’t be seen at all.

“Hand over people and I’ll leave!”

Levi stared at several people.


The four shot directly.


Levi’s complexion changed drastically as soon as he fought.


These four people actually possess the strength of the Northern Devil!

In particular, the four people cooperated with each other and complemented each other.

Together, it is terrifying.

He actually blocked Levi for a while.


Levi was also anxious.

Hastily resorted to a killer move to suppress the four.

Seeing this, the four quickly performed a combined attack.

Fight with Levi back and forth.


Levi was angry.

A punch was blasted out.

The sky is shaking.

The four flew out.

Spit blood at the mouth.

“Boom boom boom…”

Suddenly the manor exploded.

The four disappeared.

When Levi caught up again, there was no one left.

The black dragon ran away long ago.

This time it was completely broken.

“There is even a Lord to keep the black dragon, it seems that he has a lot of tricks!”

Levi realized that he still underestimated the Black Dragon.

He even had such a Lord in his hole cards to protect him from retreating.

In the Avengers, the identity of the black dragon is the most mysterious.

Even now, Zhentiandian still hasn’t found his identity.

“But you still can’t live!”

Levi suddenly smiled mysteriously.

The other side.

The negotiating team is continuing negotiations with William II.

William II had just received news from the Black Dragon, and he must have Levi’s techniques.

William II increased the threat and demanded that Levi surrender the exercises.

The negotiating team was helpless.

Had to continue to let Colin put pressure on Levi.

But Levi still ignored it.

At this time, the black dragon hurriedly fleeing out merged with William II.

“What should I do now? Morendam’s attitude seems to be getting tougher! But my son died, I can’t bear this tone!”

William II began to ask Black Dragon about the strategy.

“Let me think about what to do!”

Heilong has no idea now.

The main reason is that all the tricks are used up.

Just then.

A heavy news suddenly appeared on the dark web-the truth about the death of Prince William.

There are photos, videos and audio recordings.

The video and photos show the whole process of the Avengers killing Prince William.

Later, there were recordings of private exchanges between Heilong and Shu Tianwang.

The black dragon confessed that he killed Prince William.

In short, the whole process of the matter is in front of the whole world.

These evidences were naturally excavated by Zhentian Temple.

When Levi asked them to shut down, they didn’t.

Instead, he protected Levi’s surroundings.

Unexpectedly, this incident happened to come in handy.

The news broke, and the whole world was boiling.

It turned out that someone framed Morendam.

King Shu was about to cry with joy.

Otherwise, he has no reason to explain.

The negotiating team also cheered.

After knowing the truth, they still need to be angry with others.

Morendam was very excited.

The best way to solve this problem is to find out the truth.

At this time, both the Eagle Nation and William II also knew the truth.

On the cruise ship, everyone looked at the black dragon.

The black dragon who didn’t know the situation looked at everyone blankly: “What’s the matter?”

“You killed my son?”

Chapter 1544

William II yelled frantically at the black dragon.

“Huh? What’s the matter?”

Heilong has realized something is wrong.

“Let’s see for yourself!”

“It turns out that you killed my son! Put the blame on Morendam! Play me and the entire Warhawk Nation between applause!”

William II was furious.

After seeing the news, Heilong was completely dumbfounded.

Someone has witnessed everything…

He jumped into the Yellow River and couldn’t clean it.

“Go to hell! Pay your life for my son!”

William II pulled out a golden desert eagle.

“Boom boom…”

He fired several shots in a row.

The black dragon was directly beaten into a sieve.

Many blood holes exploded in his body.

He fell softly.

The eyes are full of incredible.

Levi didn’t kill him.

He actually died in the hands of William II?

At this moment, it is estimated that his hole cards or his backstage supporter did not react.

He is dead!

As everyone knows, his death was expected by Levi.

Levi understood that as long as the truth became clear.

The Eagle Nation and William II will never let him go.

Wherever he goes, he is a dead end.

“Take off his mask and have a look!”

William II ordered.


When the black dragon mask was taken off, everyone was shocked.

Everyone showed incredible looks.

“No way?”

William II also exclaimed.

Members of the Avengers, everyone is ruined.

His face was so ruined that even biological instruments could not get it out.

This is the rules of the Avengers.

All people must live under the mask.

The real face must never be discovered.

So the standard for entering the Avengers is to destroy your face first.

But Heilong’s face is complete.

He was not disfigured.

There are no scars at all.

He even said that the black dragon looks fair and elegant, just like a scholar.

This is what William II they did not expect.

Levi and the others didn’t expect it.

Otherwise, he can definitely find out his identity through the real appearance of the black dragon.

“I don’t care who he is! Kill my son, don’t think about it! Throw it to the kid and feed the shark!”

“There are other Avengers members, don’t let them go!”

Next, the war eagle nation began to punish the Avengers.

This left the remnants at a loss.

Death is everywhere.

The Avengers are really going to die.

The misunderstanding between Morendam and the Eagle Nation was also resolved.

William II could only leave.

Hearing the news that the black dragon was killed, Levi smiled.

He returned to Jiangbei.

Came to the ancestral home of the Logan family

At the door, Tang Juefeng squatted with a complex and nervous expression on his face.

Seeing Levi coming back, he thumped and fell to the ground.

Levi ignored him and went directly to Logan’s ancestor house.

He quickly got up and followed.

in the room.


Junjun saw Levi and immediately jumped up.

“Don’t be afraid, Jun Jun, Dad is here!”

Levi hugged Junjun tightly.

“You also said you wouldn’t let the Xishu clan intervene! If it weren’t for them, would Junjun be saved?”

“Yes, it’s all up to King Shu! If it weren’t for him, Jun Jun would still be in danger!”

Sarah looked at Levi complainingly.

Levi was taken aback.

Dare to love Tang Juefeng took him back to Junjun, everyone thought he had saved it.

At this time, Tang Juefeng and everyone came to the room.

As soon as she saw him, Ollie immediately said: “Levi, hurry up to say thanks to the King of Shu! You should be kneeling and kowtow!”

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