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Chapter 1545

“Yeah, kowtow to thank you!”

“The king of Shu Tian worked so hard to rescue Junjun for you, and he was not sincere if he didn’t kowtow to thank you!”

“Hurry up, if it weren’t for King Shu, your kid would have nowhere to cry now!”

Dale also urged.

Sarah also said seriously: “Levi, you quickly apologize to King Shu. From now on he will be our family’s savior! We must repay!”

“Junjun, this is also a lesson my mother taught you! Repay your benefactor!”

Sarah turned around and talked to Jun Jundao again.

“Obviously it’s Dad…”

Just as Jun Jun was about to say something, he was interrupted by the old lady behind him.

“Quickly thank you! If it weren’t for Juefeng, Junjun would be gone!”

The old lady also urged.

“Did Levi see the reality clearly? God of War is incomparable to the heavenly kings!”

“Aren’t you also going to save Junjun? How about? Did you save people? Look at King Shu, and he took the child back in less than two hours!”

Others, such as Nick and his like, took this opportunity to mock Levi fiercely.

Because a Shutian King came out, it formed the most distinct gap with Levi.

The king of Shu Tian, ​​who was the focus of the crowd, looked ugly to the extreme.

Everyone said something, his face turned black.

Gradually, the Shu Tianwang lowered his head, wishing to find a place to get in.

He didn’t expect it to be like this.

Everyone agreed that he saved Junjun.

In front of Levi, let him kowtow to thank himself…

He was terribly scared!

“It’s okay, no thanks, this matter has nothing to do with me…”

Heavenly King Shu looked bitter, his calves trembling visibly.

“Jue Feng is too humble, he obviously saved Jun Jun, but he still pretends to have nothing to do with him! This humble character makes Jue Feng go further!”

The old lady admired.

“Jue Feng’s character has nothing to say! His brother was dying because of Levi, so he helped him find the child!”

“The main reason is that Juefeng is too powerful, and thinks that saving people is not worth mentioning, so I think it has nothing to do with him.”

Everyone misunderstood the meaning of King Shu.

King Shu wanted to vomit blood.

you guys!!!

Did I fucking mean that?

I didn’t save people at all.

Please stop talking!

How do you keep going!

My Lord will abolish me…

The King of Shu was full of pain.

“You must thank you! How can you not thank you!”

“Levi, what are you doing in a daze? Kneel down!”

“Yes, we want to see you face to face and kowtow to King Shu Tian to thank you!”

Everyone was urging Levi to apologize at this moment.

Seeing everyone urging, King Shu was short of breath, almost suffocating.

Looking at Levi’s back, he was sweating, his calves trembled, and his mouth turned pale.

Please shut up!

I don’t need to thank you!

King Shu is about to cry.

“Levi, you quickly thank you! People saved Junjun!”

Sarah urged.

Levi sneered suddenly: “I dare to say thank you, does he dare to listen?”

The king of Shu behind was frightened and his body trembled.

He dare not!

He didn’t dare to give him ten courage!


But Levi’s words angered others.

“What do you mean, Levi? What does it mean that you dare to thank him or not listen?”

“You ungrateful thing! Shouldn’t you be thankful for saving your daughter?”

“Levi, this is the most basic question of politeness! You have to thank him for saving Junjun!”

Chapter 1546

Sarah and Ollie also looked at Levi in disappointment.

In their principle, Levi would like to thank him anyway.

This is the minimum.

“You must thank you! Come, Levi, immediately knelt down and kowtow to Jue Feng!”

The old lady stared at Levi majesticly.

“Kneel down, kowtow, thank you!”

Everyone else shouted.

“I, I, I…”

King Shu is incoherent.

This is to force him to death.

“Okay! Then I thank you!”

Levi turned around slowly.

His eyes fell on King Shu Tian.

Suddenly, King Shu was so frightened that his body trembled, and he almost fell to the ground.

“Way…thank you, we can just go outside! Don’t disturb the children to rest!”

Shu Tianwang’s brain is running fast, and he immediately said.

“No, we have to watch Levi kneel in front of you and thank you!”

Nick and others naturally refused.

Suddenly, King Shu Tian became angry: “What? Do I have no strength to speak now? I need to listen to you?”

King Shu scared everyone with a word.

“Don’t dare! We don’t dare! You are free!”

The others hid one after another, not daring to speak out.

Including the old lady.

After all, this is the nine heavenly kings.

“Then go outside!”

Levi grumbled and left the room first.

Shu Tian Wang immediately followed.

“What do you think the king is doing? Why do I think something is wrong?”

Cross Wentao said suspiciously.

The old lady’s fierce eyes immediately looked over: “Laughter, Juefeng’s idea is also what you are qualified to figure out?”

Everyone closed their mouths and dared not speak.

After coming to a remote place outside.

Levi looked gloomy and stared at King Shu, “What’s the matter? Explain!”

“Lord, I am sorry for you… everything is my fault… it’s me…”


The King of Shu knelt down in front of Levi with a thud.

He explained the ins and outs of the whole thing to Levi.

Levi listened quietly.

In fact, he can forgive.

But Tang Juefeng was sitting too high.

This position does not allow him to make mistakes.

One mistake may bring the whole country into a dead end.

The abilities of the nine apprentices are there.

It’s still lacking in handling things.


This was something that Levi had not thought about before.

“Lord, and sister Junjun is something you rescued, I will go and tell everyone immediately!”

Tang Juefeng asked.

“No, it doesn’t matter who saved it. Junjun’s safety is the most important thing, let alone I want to be an ordinary person. I don’t want to cause so much trouble!”

Levi approached.

“Lord, I am sorry, I kowtow to you!”

“Boom boom…”

Tang Juefeng knocked his head at once.

At this moment, several people not far away were watching this scene.

But they are a little F*rther apart.

Plus the sky is already dark.

So everyone can only see two shadows.

One shadow was kneeling on the ground, where the other shadow was standing.

What the two had been talking about, did not hear clearly.

I only heard the sound of kowtow on the ground.

But this scene fell in their eyes, and the content was different——

The kneeling shadow is Levi, and the standing shadow is Tang Juefeng.

Levi was kneeling on the ground and kowtow to Tang Juefeng.

After watching this scene, Nick quickly ran to the old lady.

“How is it? Did Levi kowtow to thank you?”

The old lady asked.

“Levi is kowtow to thank you, we saw it with our own eyes!”

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