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Chapter 1547

Hearing what Nick said, everyone nodded.

“It seems that Levi still makes sense.”

“Knock our heads to thank us and rest assured!”

Everyone laughed.

Sarah didn’t feel wrong either.

Although kneeling to others, it was difficult for Levi.

Damage to backbone and dignity.

But for the sake of Junjun, what should be endured is still to endure.

It’s nothing to kowtow to thank you.

“Don’t worry, the reality will gradually smooth out Levi’s edges and corners in the future!”

The old lady laughed.

Sarah and Ollie looked at each other.

Feeling infinite.

The changes in these two or three years are really great.

Before, Levi was the god of war in God of War, invincible in the world.

The Garrison Clan in Jingcheng was still the first family, and no one moved.

But now that the great hidden powers come out, the Lord will be gone everywhere.

One word side by side king and nine heavenly kings all emerged.

Levi didn’t have any sense of existence anymore.

The times are changing too fast.

But what they don’t know is that the person leading this era is Levi!

He has always been at the forefront of the times.

After Prince William’s matter was settled.

Colin began to investigate who recorded the hands-on evidence of the Avengers.

Finally, the king of Shu admitted everything.

Said that he himself was prepared.

Everything is his strategy.

Of course, he didn’t talk about the period when Heilong traded with him.

When the Zhentian Temple released the evidence before, this paragraph was also deleted.

In order to prevent Levi’s identity from letting more people know.

Colin commended the King of Shu.

Not to mention the resolution of this crisis, he also uncovered the Avengers, leading to the annihilation of the Avengers.

Morendam rewarded King Shu with a Bass Medal.

This is the supreme reward!

For a time, King Shu became the hottest among the nine heavenly kings.

Become a being respected by all…

King Shu accepted all this and was ashamed.

But it was Levi’s order.

He had to admit everything and accept everything.

Before, Levi had cultivated nine heavenly kings, and everyone who knew the inside story was skeptical.

Whether the nine heavenly kings can bear the heavy responsibilities.

Especially the class that takes the king next to each other.

Now it seems that this worry is unnecessary.

They are totally possible!

It can even replace Levi’s.

This made Colin a long sigh of relief.

Now even if the enemy knows that the king retreats side by side, he is not afraid anymore.

“The word side by side king can still be replaced!”

“By the way, what’s the matter with his practice? Have you found it?”

Colin was already investigating Levi’s exercises.

“I found it, and the fundamental analysis concluded that the practice of the word side by side king cannot be broken or established. The specifics are…”

“So amazing?”

After listening, everyone was amazed.

“No wonder, he will get stronger and stronger, even the Northern Devil is not his opponent!”

“But fortunately, he has cultivated nine heavenly kings for Da Xia!”

Wang Qian suddenly said, “Have you ever thought about creating more one-word kings for Morendam?”

“What do you mean? Oh oh oh, I see!”

Everyone nodded.

Wang Qian’s meaning is very simple-

Use this magical technique to cultivate more existences with Levi’s combat power.

“Good idea! It’s amazing! It’s amazing!”

“Don’t say much! Just three Levi’s existence is enough!”

“At that time, the whole world was absolutely shocked! Who would dare to invade me Morendam Banfen?”

“I seem to have seen my Morendam invincible scene!”

After hearing this idea, everyone was amazed.

They started to think of Levi’s exercises.

Chapter 1548

“The crux of the question is whether Levi will hand over the exercises?”

Someone asked questions.

This is a very critical question.

“Now Levi prides itself on being an ordinary person. When William II forced him to get the exercises, he didn’t take it out. I think it’s hanging!

“It’s not just hanging, it’s simply too difficult! Put aside the level of contributing to Morendam! This technique is the key to Levi’s book! It is equivalent to his life! Can he hand it over?”

“Especially since he is an ordinary person now, he must have taken this stand up. It is difficult, too difficult!”

“We have to think of a solution!”

When Colin began to covet Levi’s exercises.

The same is true for the War Eagle Nation.

Especially after Heilong exaggerated this technique.

Everyone became more and more interested.

“It has been found out! Levi has already fired his identity as the king of the word side by side, and is now an ordinary person! Not involved in any affairs of Morendam! This time, if the black dragon provoked him, he would never make a move!”

The intelligence of the Eagle Nation is top-notch.

I even found this.

“What? Levi is an ordinary person now? Is he still heartbroken by some people in Morendam? God helps me too!”

A senior from the Eagle Nation laughed loudly.

“How to say?”

Others looked over.

“Morendam doesn’t want him, we want him! We can’t give up on such a king, and let him join the war eagle country. Add him to the ranks and make him richer than the enemy’s country!”

The man laughed.

It turned out that the Eagle Nation wanted to recruit Levi.

“Hurry up and arrange this matter, remember, at all costs, you must recruit Levi.”

In addition, Levi was a king by one word, and it was even known by other countries.

Although it is a very small number.

On this day, Levi had just picked up Junjun from school.

An extended Rolls-Royce stopped next to it.

“Mr. Garrison, we are from the War Eagle Nation, and our boss wants to see you. Please!”

A blonde woman got out of the car.

It sounds like a war eagle country.

Levi agreed.

Soon, these people took him to a manor.

“Mr. Garrison, introduce me, my name is Herman! I am the leader of the Royal Legion of the Warhawk Nation!”

A tall white man smiled.

“Get straight to the point!”

Levi approached.

Herman expressed his intention to solicit.

Offer super favorable conditions-

There are as many islands as you want.

Wealth can be as rich as a country.

You have to be crowned king and enjoy the same treatment as the royal family.

“The conditions are attractive enough, but I refuse!”

“Even if I am an ordinary person, Levi, I was once a fighter of Morendam! It is impossible for me to be another countryman!”

Levi refused directly.

Herman smiled and looked at Jun Jun: “Don’t Mr. Garrison think about it for his family?”

“Go away, I hate threats! If you dare to move my family, I will let you die!”

Levi’s overbearing warning.

The Eagle Nation subsequently used various methods to solicit Levi, but they were all rejected.

Not only that.

Other countries or forces also offered “sky prices” to solicit Levi.

But they were all rejected by Levi.

In just a few days, dozens of countries have found Levi.

Ordinary people naturally don’t know.

But people such as Colin knew everything clearly.

They called a meeting quickly.

Come to study this matter.

“Big things are bad, big things are bad!”

“If Levi is recruited to another country, it will be a disaster for Morendam!”

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