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Chapter 1575

On the other hand, the first batch of failed Ian Project students made rapid progress and continued to improve.

Especially Xiao Feng and several people gradually understood the true meaning of this ancient exercise.

They are getting stronger and stronger!

Better than Levi expected!

It even said that there is hope to achieve the original intention of Colin-to create three existences that are comparable to the one-word king.

This time it seems to be possible!

“You will practice for a while! At that time, we will compare with the second batch of Ian Plan academies!”

Hearing that, Xiao Feng and others were happy.

They have a chance to prove themselves.

“I tell you they are very strong! You must work harder!”

Levi shouted at the crowd.

Continue to stimulate their psychology.

A hundred people in Xiao Feng clenched their fists tightly, sparks splashed in their eyes.

“We want to win!!!”

“We want to prove to Morendam that we are not useless! We are the strongest!”

Everyone screamed.

They held back this breath for a long time.

Just for the moment of release!

Tell all those who abandon them-the king is back!

Next, Xiao Feng and their training are really desperate…

Shao Xingtian’s group of students are naturally desperate!

Changed a new training program to stimulate their talents again.

But things are counterproductive…

No effect for three days.

No effect for seven days.

They switched to another training program.

Time is walking.

But there is no effect at all!

When the facts were in front of them, Jin Fengtian and others were completely dumbfounded.

“what’s up?”

“It’s impossible for us not to make progress, right? We all made such rapid progress in the first stage!”

“Who can tell me why this is?”

Shao Xingtian and others felt as uncomfortable as if they had eaten flies.

The three major instructors including Jin Fengtian were also completely dumbfounded.

what’s the situation?

How can there be no progress at all?

They stroked it through and through.

I found no problem anywhere…

The key is to spend time, experimenting with several programs before and after.

There is no effect at all!

“Will this training plan have no effect from the beginning? Our potential has been almost developed?”

Someone asked questions.

After all, Jin Fengtian’s training plan is to maximize the potential of the human body.

“Then in the first stage, how do we triple the increase? Isn’t this an effect?”

Jin Fengtian asked back.


Everyone was taken aback.

For a while.

This is a fact!

You can’t refute it!

“What’s going on? Did our potential have been developed in the first stage?”

Shao Xingtian asked.

“It shouldn’t be! You still have a lot of potential to develop!”

“For example, you, Shao Xingtian, predicted that you are likely to have the strength of the Northern Devil in the future! It won’t stop here!”

Logan Changan said.

“Then what’s going on? I need an explanation! Otherwise, Levi will come and he will laugh at us when he sees all this! I can’t afford to lose this person!”

“Yes, I can’t afford to lose this person!”

Everyone shouted.

“Calm down, everyone, am I thinking of a solution? See what the problem is!”

Jin Fengtian said angrily.

The person in charge of Colin also echoed: “Yes, training itself is an experiment! It’s nothing wrong with making mistakes? This has to be done slowly and step by step!”


Everyone is very anxious.

After all, it was equivalent to betting with Levi.

“Everyone said it might be Levi’s sake?”

“He left, we haven’t improved…”

Chapter 1576

Someone said casually, but turned up the stormy sea in the crowd.

Everyone was surprised!

It seems to be the case!

Their abnormality really started after Levi left!

Since they did not participate in Levi’s training program, their progress has been dumbfounded!

For such a long time, it’s almost standing still!

Thinking of this, everyone’s face is stunned.

Wouldn’t it be such a coincidence?

Is it really related to Levi?

Jin Fengtian and Shao Xingtian were also aware of this problem.

Everyone was startled by Lloyd Lloyd, all in a cold sweat.

If it were true, that would be terrible!

Logan Changan’s body shivered.

He was afraid that he was one of the few in the field and convinced Levi.

“I think it’s possible! Instructor Garrison is gone, and our students are misfired! Now we can’t find any other problems, only Instructor Garrison is not considered by everyone!”

“Maybe the students’ progress is due to instructor Garrison’s relationship, and it has nothing to do with our three instructors!”

Logan Changan thinks this possibility is very high.

When Logan Changan said this, the audience was horrified.

Everyone was shocked!

“I also think it’s possible! Do you remember what Instructor Garrison said when he left?”

Some students also raised questions.

Everyone remembered what Levi said before leaving, as if he was referring to this matter.

“This shouldn’t be true…”

Everyone was short of breath, almost out of breath.


Jin Fengtian suddenly furious.

“What everyone knows about Levi’s training is some pediatrics! How can something that is too basic to be more effective?”

“Our great plan didn’t make them progress, so they can rely on pediatrics? It’s ridiculous!”

When Jin Fengtian said this, everyone gradually reacted.


What Levi teaches is too pediatric!

No matter how you think about it, it can’t make people improve!

“Yes! Our progress has absolutely nothing to do with Levi!”

Shao Xingtian shouted so, everyone no longer thought about it.

“Then you tell me what’s going on?”

Logan Changan asked.

“I don’t know for the time being, but I will find out! It will be resolved as soon as possible!”

Jin Fengtiandao.

The person in charge of Colin said anxiously: “I also hope that instructor Jin will hurry up! Time is running out!”

After all, they received the emergency notice from above.

They need to create the strongest as quickly as possible.

“Instructor Golden, we only give you three days! If you don’t solve the matter in three days, you may be replaced! There will be no rewards for you!”

Responsible for humanity.

“Okay, I will resolve this within three days!”

Jin Fengtian’s face is a bit ugly.

After dissolution.

Jin Fengtian and the Tai Kingdom body refining Lord got together.

“Can you really find the problem in three days?”

The Lord of physical training asked nervously.

“I can’t find it! It should be that the potential of these guys is over!”

“They made too fast progress in the first stage, causing everyone to think that they have unlimited potential! Especially Morendam thinks so! We are required to create the strongest at the fastest speed! Hey…”

Jin Fengtian sighed.

“But if we can’t satisfy them, we have nothing!”

Jin Fengtian thought about it for a while, a fierce flare came out of his eyes.

“I have a solution!”


“Warhawk has a special medicine that can be used at critical moments to stimulate the human body’s potential and make the body stronger!”

“The price is to burn life essence! In other words, to trade life!”

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