The Protector Novel Levi Garrison Chapter 1573 – 1574

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Chapter 1573

This file contains the secrets of the past!

No one has heard of the content inside.

“What is your highest definition of the strong?”

Someone asked at this time.

“GrandLord! In the past hundred years, it is definitely the strongest GrandLord level!”

“Yes, this is recognized by all countries!”

Everyone said one after another.

“Then I tell you, GrandLord level is not the end, but the beginning! There is a realm above the grand lord!”


Everyone was surprised.

All the time, I have only heard that the Lord is the strongest!

The judging standards of various countries are like this!

Even if the rating is as strong as the North Devil, it is also a Lord!

“Then I will tell you! There are supreme-level powerhouses above the grandLord!”

“The grandLord-level powerhouse is strong enough? The strongest grandLord-level like the Northern Devil may not be able to do it in a single country!”

“But in fact, the Northern Demon can still be killed! That is to activate nuclear weapons! No matter how strong the Northern Demon is, there is nothing it can do in front of nuclear weapons! But nuclear weapons cannot be used when they are not a last resort!”

“But the supreme-level powerhouse must be stronger! Even small nuclear weapons can’t kill the supreme-level powerhouse!”

“This is the supreme class!!!”


Hearing this, everyone uttered cold breaths.

Can nuclear weapons not be killed?

Is it strong enough?

This is absolutely beyond the human category!

It all feels like listening to ancient myths…

“Then why have you never heard the appearance of a supreme powerhouse for so long?”

Everyone looked confused.

“This is in the past 100 years, no one can reach the supreme level in strength, this is the case in all countries!”

“And the other supreme-level powerhouses before are all silent in the dark! This also makes the supreme-level a legend and a secret!”

The senior explained.

“Huh? Why did the supreme-level powerhouse choose to be silent, and no one has appeared for a hundred years?”

Someone asked questions.

“Even I have to know!”

“From the top-secret file data, Morendam and the powerhouses at and above the supreme level all over the world chose to be silent overnight. I don’t know why!


“This is terrible too!”

“What happened? All the supreme powers in the world have disappeared? What are they afraid of? Or is there any reason?”

This is everyone’s question.

“I don’t know, there is no record in Colin’s file either!”

The executives shook their heads.

“To show everyone this confidential file today, the purpose is very simple-the supreme-level powerhouse may be born!”

“Based on the recent circumstances, it is inevitable that the supreme-level powerhouse will come to this world and unknown difficulties and dangers!”

“Don’t look at the majesty of Morendam, the suppression is too much to look up overseas!”

“But once they release the real demons, it’s not known who will kill them!”

Everyone began to worry: “What can we do then? What if the supreme-level powerhouse emerges and these unknowns come, we really can’t help it?”

“What should Morendam do?”

Things are beyond control.

Colin was also helpless.

At this time, several senior executives looked at each other and smiled: “When danger comes, someone will always come out to suppress it!”

“Then when the Northern Demon was rampant, no one came out to suppress it? Levi was the solution!”

Everyone is curious.

“That’s because the Northern Devil is not even qualified to let them come forward!”

“Or that the North Devil’s degree of danger did not reach the standard for them to shoot!”

Chapter 1574


It’s terrible!

What is hidden in this world?

Those secrets are in the hands of very few people!

The key is that Colin can only know the tip of the iceberg!

“But we must also actively prepare! For example, Ian Project, etc.! I hope to create a few strong people comparable to the North Devil!”

“The crisis may come one day!”

The senior officials of Colin were very afraid of this day.

But it must be actively prepared.

At this moment, it is located in a wooden house on the ice and snow in the northeast.

Heilong’s father and others were also very melancholy.

They sent out many people to investigate, but there were no clues.

It seems that no one is protecting Levi at all.

“I can’t wait, the enemy who killed my son is still alive, I can’t stand it!”

“Yes, we want to avenge our third brother!”

Heilong’s father and two older brothers had bloodthirsty killing intent flashing in their eyes.

“Quite your anger!”

“The supreme-level powerhouse is here, and the world will be completely messed up!”

“People still have to kill! We must never think of another way!”

Others persuaded.

“Then think about it! If I can’t figure it out, I will kill Levi myself!”

Levi naturally knew that he was missed.

But he doesn’t care.

Kill as many as you come.

He is still the same as usual.

In addition to life, in the leisure is to train Junjun and them.

Soon, he discovered that Sarah and Regina both had extremely high talents.

It is even more talented than the students of Ian Project.

They are improving too fast.

Second only to Junjun.

But Sarah didn’t know it at all.

Just to keep fit.

Little did they know that Levi turned them into peerless Lords!

Next, it seemed to be cultivating crazy everywhere.

In the Ian Project base.

After Shao Xingtian and others forced Levi away, everyone was extremely excited.

Put more energy into training.

In order to beat Levi’s face.

But after more than three days, they suddenly discovered a problem.

Everyone doesn’t seem to be making much progress?

Mingming Jin Fengtian and other three instructors have completed their training.

But the signs of progress are gone!

It can’t be compared with the rapid progress of the first stage!

In the beginning, everyone didn’t take it seriously.

But five days later, there is still no progress.

Everyone started to panic.

No improvement in seven days.

No progress in ten days.

Half a month has passed. Although everyone has made progress, they can basically be ignored.

It seems that their potential has been exploited to the maximum.

Can’t be developed anymore.

The students began to panic.

The instructors and the person in charge of Colin were also anxious.

Basically stand still?


The training plan followed the procedure without any problems.

The students are no problem.

So what’s the problem?

The main reason is the rapid progress in the first stage, which is beyond imagination.

But in the second stage, after kicking out Levi, why was the fire suddenly dumb?

“What’s the matter with instructor Jin? If this continues, we will be laughed at by Levi!”

Shao Xingtian and others were anxious like ants on a hot pot.

“It should be our training program. You have developed it to the extreme. We have to change to another training program!”

Jin Fengtiandao.


The other two instructors also agreed.

They changed another set of training programs.

Continue to start the training program…

“I don’t believe it!”

Everyone refused to admit defeat.

Little did they know that their lack of progress has nothing to do with the training program at all.

It only has something to do with Levi’s withdrawal.

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