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Chapter 1589

After all, Levi was a lot of trouble.

Or it’s very big.

Punish him for anything!

“Are you here to reward me?”

Levi asked.

“You…you are really stubborn!!!”

Everyone is going to explode.

Killing people, ruining the Ian Project, and still wanting rewards?

Is this crazy?

Levi, are you really not sure what you are doing?

Levi was stunned.

I did such a great deed for Morendam.

Even if you don’t praise, why should you blame yourself?

“Very angry, everyone is angry!”

“To tell you the truth, this is a big mess!”

“Even exaggeratedly said, you are breaking my Morendam national fortune!”

Several people stared at Levi angrily.

“I repeat, I killed the wicked and helped Da Xia…”

Levi was interrupted when he was halfway through.

“Stop talking, we don’t want to hear the reason! We only know that you killed someone, and you have to be punished if you kill someone!”

“Okay, let me see how you can punish me?”

Levi smiled.

“It stands to reason that you have a dead end! But everyone considers your contribution to Morendam. So give you a chance!”

“As long as you publicly admit this matter and apologize! Declare to the world that you are wrong! Give up this matter!”

A smile crossed the corner of Levi’s mouth: “What if I don’t?”

“Then you will be in prison, life imprisonment!”

“Levi, we will give you three days to consider, as long as you admit your mistake and apologize, this matter will be over!”

“I hope you won’t be stubborn!”

Levi smiled suddenly: “Hahaha… what a stubborn stubbornness!”

“This is the second time, right?”

“For the first time, you believe in the culprits and lock me up! Ask me to admit my mistakes! It hurts my heart!”

“This time, you believe in the culprits again! You want me to admit my mistake again! Hahaha… it’s exactly the same!”

Levi’s smile was a little sad.

Everyone was taken aback.

It seems like Levi said.

But this time is different.

That time the four little dragons lied!

But this time Levi killed people and ruined Ian Project.

“Levi is not the same thing at all! You say that, is there evidence?”

Everyone asked.

“Go back and check Shao Xingtian and they will know!”

“Humph! We will come to you in three days! Hope not to put you in jail!”

After reminding, everyone left.

As for investigating Shao Xingtian, they won’t take it to heart.

They thought that Levi was wrong.

Even if there is evidence, they will not look for it themselves.

Only believe in what you see and hear.

Levi didn’t treat this as the same thing either.

He admits wrong?

What is wrong with him?

Let him go to jail?

How can it be?

Who has this strength?

I killed someone!

what’s happenin?

I killed the wicked!

I see who dares to lock me up?

In the Ian Project base.

Shao Xingtian and other trainees immediately changed their instructors and continued their training.

But the effect is obviously gone.

When they were with Jin Bongtian, it was a farewell to each other!

Everyone was very angry, and everyone wanted to avenge Levi’s death.

“This punishment is too light for him? Just apologize and it can be resolved? I’m not convinced!”

Shao Xingtian and others are strongly dissatisfied.

At this time.

The mutation happened.

Suddenly, Shao Xingtian’s face was pale, his cold sweat broke out, and he collapsed, unable to stand still.

Other people also have this situation one after another…

The side effects of Jin Fengtian’s medicine broke out.

Chapter 1590

“what happened?”

At this moment, Shao Xingtian felt the terrible changes in his body.

He clearly felt that his body was exhausting and old…

The most intuitive is the loss of life essence…

“Cough cough cough…”

Everyone started coughing up blood.

The blood is extraordinary.

It is the most essential blood of the human body.

It is equivalent to fate.

Nothing is gone.

“What’s going on here?”

For a while, everyone was dumbfounded.

“What’s wrong with my body? I don’t want to die, I don’t want to die!!!”

Shao Xingtian felt the horrible changes in his body and kept shouting.

The best geniuses at the training base came to inspect their bodies immediately.

“Not good, the situation is not ideal! The training program should be improper!”

The genius doctor frowned.

“Then resume coach Jin Fengtian’s training program to see?”

Someone suggested.

“Okay, try it!”

Finally, the trainees resumed using Jin Fengtian’s training program.

This training program also includes medicine or something.

Jin Fengtian’s medicine is left.

After everyone took it, something magical happened.

All the strange situation on everyone just disappeared.

Shao Xingtian and others did not feel any discomfort.

On the contrary, it feels stronger!

“It has to be Coach Jin Fengtian! His training plan is really useful as soon as it is used!”

“Continue to use the training plan of the Golden Instructor!”

This time, it was the first time that the side effects appeared after stopping the medicine.

So the performance is not strong and obvious.

But the subsequent attacks must be more and more intense.

Only temporarily blinded them.

“Look, even if Instructor Jin is dead, what he left behind will allow everyone to move on. His faith is still protecting Morendam’s Ian Plan!”

“This kind of talent is someone respected by everyone, understand?”

Jin Fengtian was instantly tall and majestic in everyone’s minds.

“He can kill such instructor Jin, but he is still alive?”

“Levi is not dead, I am upset!”

Shao Xingtian made a mournful sound.

While they were blaming Levi, Heilong’s father was also staring at Levi.

“What’s going on? A pseudo-Supreme-level powerhouse disappeared when he went to explore the way?”

“It doesn’t necessarily disappear, wait a minute, I believe he will come back!”

“I still can’t think of anyone in Morendam who can target a supreme powerhouse?”

It’s just that two days have passed. I didn’t come back without saying anything, and there was no news at all.

“Do you have any excuses now? He is definitely in trouble!”

Black Dragon’s father said angrily.

“Let’s consider the long-term plan? The false supreme-level powerhouses have disappeared! It shows that the problem is a bit tricky!”

This is the unanimous opinion given by everyone.

“Well, listen to you!”

Heilong’s father agreed on the surface.

But privately, he called his two sons together.

“Your third brother has been dead for so long, and the enemy is still alive. I can’t swallow this breath!”

The black dragon father roared.

“Father, we can’t help it! The third brother must not die in vain!”

The two were also murderous.

“So I don’t care, I must avenge your third brother!”

Black Dragon’s father was impatient. .

“What did the father say?”

The two brothers looked at their father.

“We don’t care about other people, my own power is enough!”

“I decided to go out of the mountain myself and take people to take revenge!”

Black Dragon’s father said this crazy plan.

“Isn’t my father trying to break the covenant of the gods?”

The two brothers were surprised.

“Then I shall be the first sinner to break the covenant of the gods!”

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