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Chapter 1591

Heilong’s father’s eyes were full of madness.

The brothers smiled bitterly.

Once the covenant of the gods is broken, the world can be messed up.

Not only Morendam, there will be chaos all over the world.

“Don’t worry, even if I don’t break the covenant of the gods, someone will break it! I just did what they all wanted to do but didn’t dare to do it!”

“That’s true!”

“Ma sent my order to go down, gather all our staff quietly, ready to go anytime!”

“At that time there may be a big battle, Bass Dragon Guard dares to stop it, and then Bass Dragon Guard will be destroyed!”

Black Dragon father ordered.

the other side.

Levi didn’t take Colin’s warning at all.

Three days will arrive in a blink of an eye.

The person in charge of the Ian Project base brought a large group of people menacingly.

“Don’t you want to admit your mistakes?”

“Up until now, do you still think what you are doing is right?”

Levi nodded: “Yes, that’s right.”

“Then we can only put you in jail! After all, what you have done is too big!”

“Whatever, come and catch! But I will convince you! Let you know that you made the same mistake again!”

Levi laughed.

Originally, he couldn’t ignore these people, after all, no one could be taken to prison.

But he wanted to convince Colin to lose.

In the end, Levi was imprisoned in a special prison.

The current sentence is life imprisonment.

It depends on his specific performance to reduce the sentence.

Time passed day by day.

Shao Xingtian and other trainees continued to train in accordance with Jin Fengtian’s training plan, and their progress became more and more rapid.

It’s just that Jin Fengtian’s medicine ran out.

Everyone didn’t treat it as the same thing.

In everyone’s opinion, medicine is not of much use.

The other side.

In the northeast of Morendam, a deep mountain buried by heavy snow in Fengtian City.

This night, a group of men in black suddenly appeared.

They are like ghosts walking through the snowy mountains.

No traces were left, including footprints.

If anyone sees them, they will probably be regarded as monsters…

This team traveled very fast, and soon became one with the dark night.

Darkness is coming to this world…

The covenant of the gods is about to be broken.

Levi was not idle in the prison, he was also cultivating.

The old man passed him too much.

It is impossible to digest in a short time.

“It is estimated that the person behind the black dragon will really show up!”

Levi actually had a foreboding of the appearance of Heilong’s father.

“It’s not good, according to the report of the seventh team of the Dragon Group, I saw a group of mysterious people appearing near Fengtian City in the northeast!”

“Does the seventh team ask for instructions to stop it?”

Such news came from the base of Colin in Beijing.

“Block! Must be blocked! Check their identities! If necessary, catch them!”

“Immediately send additional manpower to the seventh team!”

Soon, the army gathered on a road south of Fengtian City.

The assembly of 80,000 soldiers is complete.

Just to stop the mysterious person.

The mysterious man is of course the black dragon father and the group.

They did not deliberately conceal their whereabouts.

Instead, he swaggered south.

It seems to be to tell the world that they are here.

Soon, they encountered an army of eighty thousand.

“This road is nowhere!”

“Come on, all squat down and accept our interrogation!”

Eighty thousand troops gave them enough oppression.

“If you don’t want to die, get out of the way!!!”

No one knows that Black Dragon’s father is extremely tough on this side.

Then a great war began.

Eighty thousand people were crushed.

The supreme-level powerhouse turned out.

Morendam was shocked.

The world is shocked.

Chapter 1592

For a while, all parts of the world were ready to move.

“The covenant of the gods is broken!”

“The covenant of the gods is broken!”

“We can be born!!!”

An unprecedented darkness is about to envelop the whole world.

Morendam’s battle.

No one thought of it.

There are more than one or two Supreme Powers.

It has disappeared for a long time, or the supreme powerhouse that has been erased from the data has come…

In fact, the supreme powerhouses have always existed, but the information and rumors about them have been truncated and erased from the source by various countries, creating a blank.

99.9% of people don’t know.

Even if most Colin people hadn’t read the information that day, they wouldn’t know.

“Sure enough! The supreme-level powerhouse has appeared!”

Everyone’s faces were extremely pale.

The cold sweat was rustling.

“Don’t look at them as having only three thousand people, the fighting power of these three thousand people is simply terrifying! Three hundred thousand people can’t stop it!”

“Hey, supreme-level powerhouses appear, the number is useless!”

“Unless they are brought together, nuclear bombing will be effective!”

“But it’s difficult, it’s impossible for someone to stand and let you fight!”

The entire Bass Guard was dead silent.

“I just heard news that they broke the covenant of the gods! Now the whole world will be in chaos!”

According to senior officials.

“What is the covenant of the gods?”

Everyone is at a loss.

“I don’t know for the time being, it’s still being verified. It’s probably an agreement originally made to restrain the supreme-level powerhouses!”

“By the way, have you found out where this group is going?”

“I have been heading south, and I am now close to Jiangbei and Jianghai!”

In the Jiangbei Ian Project Base.

Shao Xingtian and others are still training.

This is the first day they stopped the special potion of Fengtian.

The body has not felt any discomfort yet.


At this moment, suddenly a roar of thunder blasted over the base.

“Enemy attack!”

The base’s alarm sounded at the same time.

Everyone in the entire base immediately gathered together.

Looking straight ahead.


A terrible breath spread.

It’s like Mount Tai is pressing on the top.

Everyone was overwhelmed with breath.

That seems to be the scene of the real end.

Before this unprecedented pressure, Shao Xingtian and other practitioners began to change their bodies.

The side effects of their medicine are about to happen…

Abruptly was urged out by this majestic pressure.






When Heilong’s father led the army to suppress, the entire Ian Plan base was silent.

What kind of existence is this?

What are they doing here?



“Cough cough cough…”


At this time, Shao Xingtian and all of them reacted physically.

This time the side effects are too great.

Not to mention everyone coughing up blood and falling to the ground, their organs are shrinking and failing, and even their appearance is becoming extremely old.

Life energy is losing…

For the first time, Shao Xingtian felt that he dragged the body of a hundred-year-old man.

“I don’t want it! I don’t want it!”

“Stop it!”

The students went crazy.

Upon seeing this, Black Dragon’s father sneered and said, “This is Colin? Use medicine that burns human vitality to forcibly increase strength?”

“Look now, the side effects are coming, none of these people can survive!”

When Heilong’s father reminded, everyone thought of one person-Levi.

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