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Chapter 1595

After Colin got the news.

Immediately issued an order: “Let people take Levi away immediately! Protect his safety! He has paid too much for Morendam!”

“Then, order the Nine Heavenly Kings to lead their troops to the Nanjing No. 1 Prison immediately!”

Nanjing No. 1 Prison.

Levi was locked here.

It’s dark.

life imprisonment.

At this moment, the warden hurried over with a group of people.

“Mr. Garrison, you can withdraw quickly! It’s dangerous!”


This made Levi stunned.

what happens?

“An order from Colin, let us escort you out of here immediately, and ensure your safety at all costs!”

“A group of very powerful beings are coming to kill you! The 80,000 troops sent by Colin didn’t stop them!”

The warden told Levi what had happened.

“You are finally here!”

A cold light flashed in Levi’s eyes.

“Mr. Garrison, please withdraw quickly, I have arranged someone to send you away!”

The warden urged.

Levi shook his head: “I won’t withdraw, I happen to be waiting for them!”

“Mr. Garrison are you crazy?? You are just an ordinary person, how do you fight them?”

“They have supreme-level powerhouses, although I don’t know what the supreme-level powerhouses are! Anyway, you should withdraw quickly! Colin wants you to live!”

The warden and others pushed Levi to leave.

Levi smiled: “If you can wake up, it shows that I didn’t do all this in vain!”

“Furthermore, they came at me. If I leave, I don’t know how many people will die!”

The warden was anxious: “Mr. Garrison, we understand, but you are an ordinary person now. Besides, the enemy doesn’t know how much stronger than the Northern Devil! You go quickly!”


At this moment, there was a shaking movement in the Nanjing No. 1 Prison.

Everyone was stunned.

“It’s over, they’re here! I can’t leave now!”

The warden looked anxious.

Outside the Nanjing No. 1 Prison.

Three thousand black-clothed troops came and surrounded this place impenetrably.

Prison No. 1 quickly closed the gate and raised a high wall.

Used to stop the enemy.

Generally, the walls or gates of this special prison are extremely hard.

Even the missile can’t be fired.

Outsiders can’t break into it at all.

“Mr. Garrison, don’t worry! The walls and gates of the prison are impenetrable! They can’t open it! Unless there are weapons such as nuclear weapons…”

The warden couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief when he saw that the protection was in place.

Also gave Levi a proud introduction.


Only the next moment, a tearing sound was made.

The prison gates and walls were torn apart forcibly…

Something that the missile couldn’t open was torn apart by manpower.

The two elder brothers of Heilong were the ones who did it.

Two supreme-level powerhouses.

This is the difference between the Supreme and GrandLord!


Looking at the openings around the prison.

The warden was dumbfounded.

“They are stronger than imagined!”


Soon, three thousand troops came over.

“Where is Levi? Come out and die!”

A loud shout came.

It’s like the sound of the sky is rolling.

The tremor caused many people’s ears to bleed and fell to the ground and rolled in pain.

The warden was completely stunned when he saw that the prison guards were basically injured by this shock.


too strong!

This enemy is unprecedentedly powerful…

Levi smiled: “I have been waiting for you for a long time!”

Chapter 1596


“That’s right, you must have trouble sleeping and eating when you kill my son! You have long thought of the day of death!”

Black Dragon’s father laughed.

Heilong’s two older brothers couldn’t help it.

“Kill our third brother, you take your life!”

“Presumptuous! With us, who dares to move our Lord?”

Just at the very moment.

A voice broke through the air.



A fighter plane, a tank, and a war horse.

Surrounded from all sides to prison number one.

In front of the huge team, three thousand people seemed too few and too few.

The nine heavenly kings are here!

This is the first time that the nine heavenly kings have joined forces after they were born.

“Where is the evildoer, dare to run wild on the Morendam site? Looking for death!”

King Shu looked arrogant.

The other eight people are also full of conceit.

Except for their own strength.

Levi’s tailored combined attack technique for them is even more terrifying!

In order to deal with the emergence of such extreme terror.

The nine heavenly kings came to Levi one by one, kneeling and saying, “See Lord!”


Levi nodded.

“Lord, rest assured, no one can hurt you with us!”

The nine heavenly kings are full of confidence.

“You leave, this is my grievance with them! Don’t interfere!”

Levi said.

“Lord, if it were you before, we would definitely leave without saying anything! But now you are an ordinary person, how can you fight these people!”

“Leave everything to us!”

Heavenly King Shu stood with the other eight heavenly kings.

Looking at Heilong’s father and others, he said coldly: “Take it!!!”

In an instant, the army of the Nine Heavenly Kings swept 3,000 people.

“Kill Levi!”

Heilong’s father and his brothers went directly to Levi to kill.

The two sides fought together.

Regardless of the number and weapon superiority of the nine heavenly kings.

They have a number of dozens of times stronger than each other, as well as various advanced weapons.

The 3,000 people on the other side only have cold weapons.

Most of them are long swords, long swords and the like.

But once we fight, the situation is quite different.

Three thousand people are invincible, and these thermal weapons can’t hurt them at all.

Instead, the original weapons in their hands caused fatal damage.

Three thousand people actually beat hundreds of thousands of people.

They were defeated steadily!

The nine heavenly kings fought with the two brothers of Heilong.

In the beginning, the nine kings were able to fight against each other.

But the two supreme-level powerhouses showed their power.

The nine are already invincible!

“Let’s perform the combined attack together!!!”

The nine heavenly kings immediately used Levi’s combined attack technique for them!

“Boom boom boom…”

The two sides broke apart.

It is estimated that the two supreme-level powerhouses did not expect that the nine heavenly kings’ combined attack technique was opened.

I was able to touch them in a short time.

This shocked the world.

Levi is so great!

The combined attack technique he created is actually capable of opposing the supreme-level powerhouse?

No one thought of this!

Heilong’s father was dumbfounded.

Isn’t it?

Morendam still has the ability to rival the Supreme-level powerhouse?

This this this…

“Levi is really an amazing talent! Can he create such a combined attack?”

“If Levi’s martial arts is not abolished and his martial art is not destroyed, how strong is he now?”


Regret again!

Everyone in Colin is about to cry!

Why do you always do stupid things!

What if Levi’s current martial art hasn’t been abolished?

How good is he to have the strength?

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