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Chapter 1621

How fast is Levi?

As soon as the Black God Sect Lord who had captured Jun Jun arrived at the Black God Sect lair, Levi arrived on his back foot.

Of course, Junjun’s distress signal was sent in time.

When threatened, the first time a distress signal is issued.

The Black God Sect is eerie and terrifying.

The floor is full of skeletons, humans and animals.

The whole area was shrouded in a gloomy atmosphere.

The Lair of the Black God Sect is deep in the mountains, and it looks like hell from a distance.

Black God in the lair.

Hundreds of people stood.

There was a person sitting on it, wearing a black robe, surrounded by black mist.

A pair of eyes are blue and quiet…

He is the leader of the Black God Sect-Black God.

The Supreme Level Five Heavens, no, it should be a Supreme Grade powerhouse close to the Six Heavens!

It is also the existence that casts a shadow on Fu Qiufeng.

Compared with the prosperity of Wushuang City, Black God Sect appears very calm.

There are about 800 people in total.

Although it is a wicked way, the Black God Sect’s cultivation methods and magic techniques are extremely harsh.

Not everyone can practice.

There are many who blew themselves up during the cultivation process.

But all the elites are left behind.

Each is brutal and terrifying.

There are two Supreme Level Fifth Heavenly Powers, and there are 17 Supreme Supreme Level Four Heavenly Powers…

This is unmatched by Wushuang City.

It is also the reason why others are afraid.

Maybe one hundred thousand warriors dare not provoke these hundreds of people.

After Jun Jun was robbed, everyone in the Black God Sect gathered.

Even the leader Hei Shane also came.

He looked at Junjun up and down carefully, and his mouth made a husky, uncomfortable voice like a blade across the glass: “That kid didn’t lie to me, it really is a unique talent! He is the strongest talent I have ever seen!”

Everyone began to cheer.

“Lord, what are you going to do?”

“Cultivated with such a high talent, he is definitely an invincible powerhouse!”

“The future can impact the Supreme Grade Seventh Heaven…”

Someone asked.

Black God shook his head: “No, no, no.”

“First, training is too time-consuming.”

“Second, we can’t control her after she is strong.”

The Black God glanced at Jun Jun greedily: “Only being strong is the most important thing! If I dig out her martial veins, and then eat her flesh and blood! I can become a supreme level six heaven powerhouse in one fell swoop , It is not impossible to aspire to the Supreme Grade Seventh Heaven!”

The Black God Sect began to look forward to it.

If Black God really breaks through to the Supreme Level Sixth Heaven, then Black God Sect will really be rampant.

Because the supreme six-fold naive is really too rare.

Even before the covenant of the gods, there were very few, and they existed in legends.

The black god stroked Xia Junjun’s head: “Go to sleep with peace of mind, there is no pain!”

He wants to practice evil arts through Junjun to make him stronger.

“Lord, you said that Wushuang City should be fine, right? This child is a future that Wushuang City has devoted all its resources to nurturing! It was just eaten by you, isn’t it…”

Some people are worried that Wushuang City will rob people.

The black god snorted coldly: “I gave Fu Qiufeng a hundred courage and he dare not come! The defeated man!”

“That’s true! How many people come from Wushuang City, then we will kill as many people! If Fu Qiufeng dares to come, we will kill Fu Qiufeng!”

“Don’t worry, no one will save this child! My promotion to the Supreme Sixth Heaven is finalized!”

Just at the moment when the black mythical voice just fell.

A sound like the roar of the Thunder God blasted around the Black God Sect.


“Who said no one will come to rescue?”

Chapter 1622

With this sound of thunder rolling.

Let the Black God Sect’s Lair sway around, flying sand and rocks.

All the members of the Black God Sect’s Eight Hundred Churches were frightened.


Even more frightening was the huge stone gate of the Black God Sect that was ten meters high was smashed with one foot.

A figure supporting the blue sky appeared.

The Eight Hundred Cultists of the Black God Sect looked stupidly.

“Is it Fu Qiufeng?”

“Did Wushuang City attacked?”

Everyone thought that the Wushuang City army had arrived.

Just watched for a long time, there was only one person.

“No, it’s not Fu Qiufeng!”

When I see this figure clearly.

Everyone is puzzled.

Strange faces.

But the hostility in him is overwhelming.

It is even more terrifying than all of them Black God teaches everyone!

This man seems to be from hell.

“Where is my daughter?”

Levi walked step by step with a cold face.

Every time he took a step, the Black God Sect had to tremble.

“It turned out to be the father of this girl! Killed!”

“Then I will eat your daughter again, and even strip out her martial arts for my use!”

The black god made a hoarse voice.

Black God gave an order.

More than a dozen Lords of the Black God Sect came to Levi.

“From the moment you hit my daughter’s idea, you all have to die!!!”


Looking at the black god cultists coming oncoming.

Levi moved to kill.

Today, he wants to flatten the Black God Sect.




When more than a dozen members of the Black God Sect were torn to pieces, the audience fell silent.

“Go! This person is unusual!”

Everyone found something wrong.

Hundreds of people rushed up immediately.

Among them, there is no lack of supreme-level powerhouses, and they have also begun to rush to come.

Levi walked step by step.

Relying on his double fists, he smashed a powerful person of the supreme level.

In an instant, blood was gurgling all over the floor.

Broken meat, broken bones are splashing everywhere…

“Kill kill kill!”

Levi roared, like death descending, harvesting life.

The Black God Cult is cruel and ruthless, but Levi is more cruel and devil than them.

Ripped their bodies and blasted their heads…

With a breathing exercise, all six hundred people taught by the Black God fell to the ground.

None of them are alive!

“kill him!”

“kill him!”

Next, the powerhouses of the Supreme Grade Double Heaven and Supreme Grade Triple Heaven began to punish Levi.

But in Levi’s hands, they are no different from the weak ones in front.

Soon hundreds of people fell to the ground.

Most people were broken into pieces by Levi.


Seventeen four-day supreme-level powerhouses all came.

Everyone has the level of the four elders of Wushuang City.

Seventeen people showed off their most powerful killer moves.

It was all flattened here.

The bombing has been constant.

This is absolutely comparable to the scene where hundreds of thousands of soldiers go to war.

But Levi is too strong!



He definitely blows up someone’s body when he shoots.

The four heavenly supreme-level powerhouses fell one by one.


With Levi’s punch, one person was beaten into blood mist.

The seventeen four-day supreme-level powerhouses have all fallen.

More than 800 people of the huge Black God Sect were killed.

There are only two people left.

The leader and deputy leader.

Two five heavenly supreme level powerhouses!

The two were dumbfounded.

With just a few blinks of an eye, did the Black God teach everyone else to die?

What’s the origin of this person?

How can it be so strong?

“You… who are you?”

Neither the black god nor the deputy leader could sit still.

“I am the father of the child, you shouldn’t take her idea!”

Levi’s voice was cold and gloomy.

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