The Protector Novel Levi Garrison Chapter 1633

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Chapter 1633


After landing, Yuder hit a deep hole directly.



The power spread out, smashing all the thick trees around.


Completely dumbfounded!

Wisen was completely stunned.

Can you beat a supreme powerhouse like this with one punch?

This this this…

He is not an ordinary person at all!!!


Wisen just wanted to remind.

Levi took a sudden step and stepped tens of meters to appear in front of him.


A punch came, and the black was quickly enlarged and enveloped on the retina.

Wisen didn’t even have a chance to react.


His face was smashed by the punch.

A jet of blood in the mouth.




Next, Levi’s fist head hit Wisen at the rate of a machine gun.

Wisen’s body was smashed and deformed.

But the strength of his Supreme Grade Triple Heaven was unable to display at all.

He was crushed and beaten by an “ordinary person”…


Levi stopped when Wisen was dying.

“Boom boom…”

He greeted the two people with his fists.

The two supreme-level powerhouses couldn’t do anything, so they could only watch Levi beating them.


The outstanding person among the younger generation of Worenden was hammered on the ground by Levi.

There is nothing to fight back!

“You, you, you… you are the sixth supreme level… the sixth heaven…”

Wisen’s mouth trembled, and he stammered, his eyes looking at Levi were full of fear.

Judging from Levi’s momentum and strength just now, it far surpassed their Lord Jero.

Then Levi must be a powerhouse of the Supreme Grade Sixth Heaven…

At least in his judgment, Levi was at this level.

In fact, Levi himself didn’t know how strong he was, but he abused the powerhouse of the Supreme Grade Sixth Heaven.

“What? Supreme Grade Sixth Heaven?”

The other three were so scared that they almost urinated.

This is too scary…


Suddenly Wisen’s eyes flickered, and his eyes were about to fly out.

Aubrey was saved by Levi!

He destroyed the Black God Sect!

It turns out that everything he said is true.

Otherwise, how could he know that they had leaked the secret.

Now it seems that he learned from the head of the Black God Sect.

What sh!t the old town owner!

How could it be possible to save people without showing up!

The truth is revealed!

It turned out that he had stepped down on the Black God Sect!

No wonder he said before that Worenden was not qualified to guide his daughter.

It turned out to be really ineligible!

He also said that his daughter was wronged, so he smashed Worenden.

Everyone thought it was a joke.

Didn’t expect it to be true.

If he wants to, he can level Worenden at any time.



Thinking of this, everyone vomits blood even worse.

What kind of existence did they offend?

The most important thing is-he was not bound by God’s covenant before!

“I will not k!ll you today, but you have to roll over and tell everyone the truth! Otherwise, I will really destroy you! The Black God Sect is an example!”

Levi said so.

Why don’t you agree?

The four immediately rolled back to Worenden.

“Back! Look, they are back!”

Someone shouted.

The anxious Sarah immediately leaned over.

“What??? This…”

When seeing the four people covered in blood and embarrassed appearance, everyone was dumbfounded.

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