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Chapter 1659

The boundary line of the southern border of Morendam.

The endless sea was calm and calm.

The sky is still gray.

The warriors in charge of border defense are patrolling.

“It seems something is wrong! Look ahead!”

A warrior suddenly exclaimed.

In the sea ahead, there are great fluctuations.

It’s still a large area.

It’s as if something is sliding fast in the sea.

“Danger, danger, danger approach!”

The warrior shouted.


The next moment, the cruise boat they were riding in was overturned directly.

Soon, a bloody color appeared on the surface of the sea…


Soon, a signal bomb exploded in the air.

The maritime coalition led by the southern ruler invaded.

Among them, the powerful Sea King Palace was the forward, and the first to penetrate the waters of the southern border of Great Xia.

With an unstoppable offensive, they swept the Morendam Warriors who were guarding the sea area.

Especially the Sea King Palace Lord Sea King was shocked and no one could stop him.

A supreme-level Sixth Heavenly Powerhouse, it’s terrible!

Morendam’s southern border waters were caught in the flames of war.

Not only that.

Dominate the Alliance army, and invade other places in the southern border.

There are many strong men, and the great summer warriors retreat steadily with a devastating offensive.

Mainly, they suddenly launched an attack, which caught everyone by surprise.

So the first defensive line of the southern border fell quickly…

The northernmost part of the northern border is full of endless snow-capped mountains.

The cold wind howled, the sky was cold and the ground was freezing.

Especially the highest point is even more terrifying, the biting cold wind, even the martial artist will be able to withstand it.

Colin was still alert.

Some time ago, defense was added to each line of defense.

Many warriors were sent here to defend.

The endless snow-capped mountains in the north are a natural barrier.

It is easy to defend and difficult to attack here.

Especially defend the fortress Xuelong Pass.

Just holding here is equivalent to holding the entire snow-capped mountain line of defense.


Suddenly a signal bomb exploded in the sky.

It was originally white and snowy, but black figures appeared.

“The enemy, there are enemies! Danger, danger!!!”

The warriors discovered the danger for the first time.


In the next second, the Daxue Mountain on both sides of Xuelong Pass suddenly experienced an earth-shattering avalanche.

The heavy snow accumulated over the years collapsed for a while, and horribly pressed towards Xuelong Pass.


Soon, Xuelong Pass was submerged by an avalanche.

The warriors who guarded the Xuelong Pass were killed and wounded countless.


The Xuelong Pass fell, and the army that dominated the Alliance attacked.

At the same time, several major bases in the northern desert also suffered unprecedented attacks.

This is far more terrifying than the North Demon’s attack.

Among them, many of them are supreme-level powerhouses, and each one is better than the North Demon.

They rushed in frantically, and the warriors of Morendam couldn’t stop it at all.

The first line of defense in the northern desert was quickly defeated, and many bases fell…

In the east, all the major forces from the east island invaded.

The first line of defense was broken without holding it for half an hour.

The East Territory is the more powerful side that dominates the Alliance Army.

Led by the Eastern Ruler, it is composed of major forces such as the East Island and the Star Country.

Even Wood Zhengjie’s weapons were carried by this team.

Their combat effectiveness is unprecedentedly strong.

It is the strongest side that dominates the alliance that has broken into the West.

The windbreaker men and the western forces they contacted are all in this team.

They attacked the first line of defense in the west with a thunderous momentum…

Almost Morendam was surrounded by wars…

Chapter 1660

“Offense! Offense!”

“Fast attack! Don’t give Morendam any time to react!”

Their speed is too fast.

It didn’t take more than an hour before and after the first line of defense was captured.

It’s worthy of a blitzkrieg.

They are too strong, too fast, and too oppressive.

It didn’t give Morendam’s warriors any chance of breathing.

It almost gave Morendam no chance to send news of an enemy attack to the country.

Until half an hour after dominating the Alliance army’s offensive.

The first message for help was sent out.


In the Colin base.

Suddenly the sirens rang loudly.

“Northern Xuelong Pass for help! Enemy attack! Enemy attack!”

“The eighth base in the north, for help! Danger! Enemy attack!”

“The seventh sea area of ​​the southern border for help! The enemy is strong! The enemy is strong!”

“Western Territory for help! The first line of defense in the eight major regions has completely fallen!”

“Eastern for help! The first line of defense was defeated and the entire army was wiped out! The opponents are all Supreme Powers! There are Supreme Sixth Heaven Powers!”

“The enemy is still oppressing, they are too fast! Ask for support!!!”

“Morendam is in danger! Request support! Request support!!!”

The Colin base fryed for a while.

In one minute, they received more than a thousand messages for help!!!

And the information for help is still increasing.

On the largest screen in the main control room, countless red dots circled the map of Morendam, approaching quickly.

There is also a red line, showing their offensive line.

The black dots and green dots on the map are gradually disappearing and turning red.

Shows that these bases are falling.


It was too shocking!

These red dots are densely packed, surrounding the map of Morendam in a circle.

Prove that the enemy has many, many people.

They are shrinking fast and want to swallow Morendam in one bite.


Completely confused!

Colin, and even Da Xia had never experienced such a scene.

In the past, large and small wars relied on aircraft and artillery, and relied on modern style of play.

But the times are different now.

Those hidden warriors all came out.

Especially the supreme-level powerhouses have the means to destroy the world.

Aircraft cannon may not be able to block it.

Morendam has never been so embarrassed.


The sirens have been loud, and countless distress signals have been sent.

“Help! The second line of defense in the northern desert is in desperate resistance. It is very likely to fall. Ask for support!”

“Help! Seven bases in the north have all been attacked, please help!!!”

“One-third of the second line of defense in the East has already fallen, and the remaining two-thirds will also fall, please help!”

“The second line of defense in the southern border has been forced by the enemy, and the sea has fallen halfway! Help!!!”

“The second line of defense in the West has completely fallen, and the enemy is about to come to the third line of defense! Help! The West can’t hold it!”

Before Colin could respond, another distress message came.

The speed of the enemy is faster than everyone thought.

Blitz is to catch you by surprise.

“Go crazy! Go crazy!”

“We don’t even know who the enemy is. The second line of defense is about to fall?”

“Horrible! Terrible!”

“Immediately call everyone for a meeting! Arrange the deployment as quickly as possible! The most critical moment of Morendam has arrived! Hurry up!!!”

Soon, all the high-level Colin gathered together.

They are about to send all their forces to fight the enemy.

“Hurry up, hurry up, gather all our strength to support! Hurry up! Hurry up!!!”

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