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Chapter 1661

“At present, the strongest is the enemy in the west! Next, in the east, the north and south are slightly weaker, but they are also extremely powerful!”

“The enemies in the southern waters seem to be able to control the sea, and the enemies in the snow-capped mountains in the north seem to be able to control ice and snow!”

“They have too many supreme-level powerhouses! They are all over the world, they can’t stop them at all!”

“They have different skin colors, they are not from a certain country, but from all regions of the world! It seems to be a coalition formed by the supreme powerhouses!”

Colin also moved quickly and quickly found out the general information of the enemy.

“Listen to everyone, Morendam is facing an unprecedented crisis! It can even be said to be an epic disaster!”

“The strength of the enemy is too great! The gap is too big! We don’t even know who the enemy is!”

“But now the enemy is near the city! The second line of defense is about to be broken, and the third line of defense is also in danger!”

“But Morendam never admits defeat! Even if the enemy is strong, we must use our sword! We must use all our strength to stop the enemy! Don’t let Morendam fall into dire straits!”

Everyone present was ignited.

“We are bound to do our best to protect Morendam!!!”

“Send an order, Xiao Feng and other Ian plan a hundred people and Zhentian Temple, as well as the nine heavenly kings and their armies to go to the east immediately! By the way, send another guardian deity to go!”

“Order the medical king family to lead half of the supreme powerhouses under Colin to the west to stop the enemy!”

“The rest are divided into two armies, and the two great protectors of the country, Dai Lin, will go to the north and south to support! Then all the weapons and equipment at hand will be sent out to support the four major war zones!”

For a time, all the forces stored by the Bass Guard attacked and supported.

An unprecedented battle is about to unfold.

“Today is the wedding of the young Lord of the medical king family, can it work?”

“Now the eyebrows are burning, what kind of wedding? Let the medical king family join the battle!”

In the wedding car.

There was a smile on Wang Qingyu’s mouth.

He finally got Xiao Qin.

Xiao Qin met all his requirements.

The key Xiao Qin can also help him improve his strength.

Xiao Qin felt Wang Qingyu’s hot gaze, and she was very bored and disgusted.

But considering Levi’s safety, Xiao Qin still gritted her teeth and clenched her fists tightly.

“Xiao Qin you will be the young lady of the medical king’s family from now on! I will treat you well!”

A touch of greed flashed in Wang Qingyu’s eyes.

Soon, everyone came to the wedding venue.

All the senior members of the medical king family gathered together, and many of them came to join in.

The status of the medical king family is very high.

The scene is very lively.

Levi and others also attended the wedding as a family member.

The family of medical kings performed in the way of ancient weddings.

Xiao Qin and Wang Qingyu want to worship heaven and earth and Gaotang and so on.

Although Xiao Qin was reluctant in every possible way, but for Levi’s safety, he could only worship Wang Qingyu.

The wedding takes place.


The moment when Xiao Qin and Wang Qingyu stood together, they were about to kneel down.

Xiao Qin’s heart was dead.

As long as she kneels, she has no hope.

She is equivalent to marrying Wang Qingyu, a husband and wife.

For brother-in-law!


Xiao Qin slowly bent down and knelt…


Just at the very moment.

There was a sudden noise.

“It’s not good, the big thing is not good! Morendam is in crisis and is under attack from all directions! Morendam’s biggest disaster is here!”

Chapter 1662

One person hurriedly ran over, telling everyone the news with his throat.

The language is not surprising and endless.

The words came out.

The expressions of everyone in the room changed drastically.

“Click, click!”

The cup of tea in the hands of the Lord of the medical king family fell to the ground.

Xiao Qin and Wang Qingyu also stopped abruptly.


Levi was shocked.

Although he expected it, he didn’t expect it to be today.

On the day of Xiao Qin’s wedding, they launched an attack.

Sarah and many of his maidens looked at Levi in surprise.

He really got it right.

Today is indeed not a good day.

Such a big thing happened!

Morendam was attacked? Stuck in the biggest dilemma?

“This, this…what the hell is going on? Who is so bold to attack Morendam!”

Everyone feels about to split.

“I don’t know who the enemy is yet? I only know that there are enemies in all directions, and they are especially strong. Countless supreme-level powerhouses are attacking Morendam dead!”

“It is estimated that the whole world will know about it soon!”

The person who reported the news said helplessly.

At this time, a helicopter came outside.

Several people came from Colin.

“The medical king is not good! Now Morendam’s peripheral enemies are attacking wildly! Please also ask the medical king family and seniors to preside over the overall situation! The Colin has already made arrangements, and the medical king family and the seniors and half of Colin’s subordinates Those who can go to the Western Territory Theater for support!”

“This order is urgent! I hope the Doctor King will leave immediately!”

“One second late, Morendam will be a minute more dangerous!”

Colin didn’t dare to directly order the medical king family.

Instead, use a negotiating tone.

After Colin conveyed the order, he left immediately.

They have other tasks.

But the wedding scene was deadly silent.

Especially Wang Qingyu was dumbfounded.

Such a thing happened at his wedding.

“Grandpa, let’s just leave it alone? Let’s have the wedding first!”

Wang Qingyu pleaded.

The same is true of most people in the medical king’s family.

After all, they are a cooperative relationship with Colin.

They don’t do this desperate thing to die.

After thinking about it for a moment, the medical king shook his head: “No! The medical king family and its affiliates must join the war! It’s about the safety of the Great Xia, and it’s also about our medical king family!”

Nowadays, the family of medical kings and Colin are a community of interests.

If Morendam is in distress, the current status and resources of the medical king family will no longer have.

If they want to keep what they have now, they have to go to war.

“Hey! This thing!”

Although Wang Qingyu and others were unhappy, they could only participate in the war.

“The marriage is over, we’ll talk about it when we come back!”

“I am still one of Daxiafeng’s four great protectors of the country, and I must personally take people there!”

“The medical king family immediately prepared, and follow Colin’s instructions!”

After the marriage ended, he went directly to the battlefield.

Xiao Qin was surprised and delighted.

However, after Xiao Qin glanced at Levi, he asked Qin Beishan: “Lord, I also want to go to the battlefield! My dream is to be a military doctor!”

“go Go!”

Qin Beishan smiled.

Had he not been a little older, he would have gone.

About a few hours later.

The news of Morendam being attacked by foreign enemies spread.

The streets and alleys are all news of Morendam’s disaster.

News from newspapers and major websites is flying all over the sky.

“Morendam has suffered a catastrophe that has not been seen in hundreds of years!”

“National disasters are at stake, and everyone needs to unite to resist foreign enemies! Morendam will win!”

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