The Protector Novel Levi Garrison Chapter 1677 – 1678

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Chapter 1677

“Is the deep sea beast back?”

This is the first thought of most people in the Sea King Palace.

They catch the domesticated deep-sea beasts every time.

“No, no! Very strange energy fluctuations! Not good!”

“Boom boom boom!”

The next moment, a special weapon fired from the deep sea.

It exploded in the sea.


“Crack, click!”


In an instant, this area was bombarded with coverage.

again and again.

Soon, it became a sea of ​​flames.

There were screams everywhere.

Too many ships were blown up.

Under the bombardment of this kind of weapon, no one can stop it except the supreme-level powerhouse.

In addition, the naval forces that dominate the Alliance are too close.

Under this intensity, the casualties were heavy.

Even many supreme-level powerhouses have suffered a lot of skin trauma.

“Hit, hit!”

Levi came here from the rear, and everyone cheered.

“Wang, you are so amazing!”

Everyone looked at Levi with admiration.

It turned out that Levi had just launched deep-sea submarines with delayed weapons.

Mainly because the supreme powerhouse is too alert.

The speed of weapon launch is indeed super super fast.

But they can sense it.

Usually when the bombing comes, they can avoid it.

Even all precision-guided weapons can’t kill them.

This is the reason why modern weapons are helpless to super warriors.

For example, a supreme-level powerhouse, can he really hold nuclear weapons physically?

The answer is unsustainable.

But it is very difficult for you to beat the supreme-level powerhouse.

Their speed and response are all too fast.

Can avoid it completely.

Even if they were bombarded by nuclear weapons.

They could definitely escape from the core explosion area, and the other surrounding areas exploded and the remaining power that radiated out naturally could not hurt them.

Therefore, the supreme-level powerhouse is not afraid of nuclear weapons.

If it really hits, then they can’t hold it.

If you want to kill the supreme-level powerhouse, first of all, you have to hit.

Wood Zhengjie’s killer weapon uses this point.

Once locked, the supreme-level powerhouse cannot escape.

So one kill is accurate.

Levi is based on this.

Let deep-sea submarines use time-lapse weapons.

In this way, the movement is small, and the possibility of the other party’s discovery is minimized.

Sure enough, a miraculous effect!


The bombing on the sea just ended.

Suddenly, a fighter plane appeared in mid-air.

The bombing of this area was carried out in turn.

Even if they were a group of supreme-level powerhouses, they didn’t react.

Suffered from the frenzied bombardment of thousands of fighters.

“Boom boom boom…”

Not only that, but after a long distance, warships began to show off.

A missile cannonball locks and attacks the target area.

Levi controlled all the three strongest armies in Morendam.

Possess the most advanced weapons, the largest number.

All weapons launched Weilai.

Simply unstoppable.

The naval forces that dominate the Alliance suffered heavy damage.

This wave almost wiped out all the warriors who were not supreme-level powerhouses.

The most annoying thing is that these supreme-level powerhouses have no hand to fight back at all.

Can’t find where the opponent is?

The only fighter that can be seen is also several kilometers in the air.

Levi led the team, and in just one large-scale attack, two-thirds of the opponent’s strength was killed.

“Evacuate! Evacuate first!”

Haiwangdian hurriedly ordered.

They retreated.

If you don’t know the situation, you will suffer a big loss.

“Want to escape? Is it possible?”

A sneer crossed the corner of Levi’s mouth.

Chapter 1678

Levi is the battlefield commander.

This situation is common.

Everything is in his plan.

They want to escape?



Sealed up early!

“Offensive! Squeeze over! Everyone has their weapons!”

Levi ordered a chase.

Not only that.

The team he secretly trained and the Lords of the Four Gate Valves are also actively acting, showing a momentum of encirclement.

“I’ll go, it’s so fierce!”

“Sure enough, hundreds of thousands of people are fighting together, so shocking!”

“Death to death is so intense, I have never seen it before!”

Because Levi ordered all signals to be blocked.

So Long Hanzhou didn’t know what happened ahead.

Only the scene is intense.

“Let’s get ready! Levi and the others are really here to buy us time!”

“Yeah, these 400,000 people have to carry at least one day and one night, right?”

Long Hanzhou said with a smile.

the other side.

Haiwangdian led the major forces to retreat in a hurry.

It’s not that they are incapable.

Mainly in panic.

Even the enemy can’t see where it is.

“Modern weapons are so powerful? We have all lost two-thirds of our people!”

Everyone was stunned.

This is something they have never encountered before.

“Are modern weapons so powerful? The first time I knew that modern weapons can hurt me?”

Many supreme-level powerhouses are injured.

This time they are too dense.

They were hit by weapons one after another.

“Evacuate first, and then discuss the long-term plan!”

“Contact the headquarters immediately!”

When everyone wanted to contact the Domination Alliance headquarters, they found that the signal was out of order.

Everyone realized that something was wrong.

At this moment, the Lord in front of the alliance was suddenly attacked.

In an instant, there were countless casualties.

The sea is soaked with blood.

“No, I’m a supreme powerhouse, there are many!”

The Sea King Palace found that there were many powerful auras ahead.

The Lords of these attacks are the special team that Levi trained secretly.

There are not many people, but each is a supreme powerhouse.

What’s more, Levi taught them powerful combat skills.

They had been waiting for them on the escape route that dominated the Alliance army.

Suddenly attacked and killed the opponent by surprise.

Suddenly, the loss of the army dominating the alliance increased.

They dare not move forward…

After the attack, Levi’s secret team quickly evacuated, not in the slightest.

“Boom boom boom…”

At this moment, the Sea King Palace and the others were attacked by artillery fire again.

No less than the artillery fire just now.

This time Levi was also free.

All the assets of the three armies were taken out.

Covered bombing again and again.

Fighting the Sea King Palace and other forces are all dumbfounded.

They don’t know where to hide.


Finally, under the harassment of artillery bombardment and various attacks.

The remaining forces that dominate the alliance’s maritime forces are forced into a specific area.

Of course it was for Levi.

All they have to do now is to cut off their retreat and push them into this area.

Then catch it all in one go.

At present, the remaining forces are the strongest, and they are basically the supreme-level powerhouses.

Conventional weapons can only slightly injure them, but cannot kill them.

What Levi has to do now is to gather them in a designated area.

Then use a special weapon to destroy them all at once!

This weapon is as powerful as nuclear weapons!

Just to kill the supreme-level powerhouse!

“Wang, do you immediately release the destructive weapons No. 1, No. 2, and No. 3!”


Levi gave the order.

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